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Are you trying to find an reliable tool to publish off Android messages? Don't worry. Many world have the same problem with you. In this page, number of easy ways will be introduced for girlfriend to publish out message messages native Android cell phone phone.

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Method 1. Print Android messages via Android messages Backup

According come user reviews, some people have published messages by acquisition screenshots one by one. In fact, that is also troublesome. Here it is said to transfer text messages to PC, and then publish off Android messages via printer. As you know, messages space usually conserved on the phone storage or sim card, so in order to effectively print out text messages from Android phone, you'd far better turn to a third-party software. Climate this Coolmuster Android Messages back-up is the referral by plenty of users.

What have the right to Android Messages backup Do for You?

By functioning this program, you room able come copy every detail of her text post conversations to computer or Mac, consisting of the contents of text messages, contact names, call numbers, received/sent date and time and more, so that you can fully print the end them via printer without any loss and also create a backup for your necessary messages. If needed, you can also restore or import SMS from computer into your Android phone, create a new message and send the to her friends on computer system or turned off unwanted message messages from Android on computer systematically.

By the way, girlfriend can additionally manage the various other Android data, such as contacts, speak to logs, photos, videos, apps, books and also more. And practically all Android phones or tablets room supported, consisting of Samsung, LG, HTC, Sony, Huawei, ZTE, Motorola, etc. In addition, this software is pretty easy to use, girlfriend can attain your goal of conserving SMS to PC and print off them in ~ minutes.

Here space two free trial execution (Windows & Mac), please download the right one depending on your computer system.

steps to Extract SMS native Android because that Printing:

Step 1. Operate This regimen on pc

First that all, download and also install this software application on her computer. Then open it and connect her Android mobile call to computer via a USB cable.

Step 2. Get Android phone Detected

After effectively linking her Android phone to computer, friend will get a menu as shown. Please follow the procedures to permit USB debugging on your phone, so that this software will be able to detect your phone immediately.


As shortly as the detects her Android phone, it will begin to install USB driver on her computer. ~ that, it can immediately scan her phone data thoroughly. After a while, girlfriend can obtain an user interface as follows. Currently you can preview the entirety data on your Android phone in ~ will.


Step 3. Copy message to Computer

Enter the "SMS" folder to preview the totality text blog post conversations on her Android cabinet phone. Select the message you desire to print, then hit the "Export" button and also choose an output layout like TEXT, CSV, or XML because that printing, all messages will be saved to your computer system within seconds.


Step 4. Print Exported Android message on pc

After getting the backup record of your messages on computer, you can print off them via printer with one click. Simply open the Android message in *.csv/*.text/*.xml style with Microsoft Excel, click "File" > "Print" and confirm it. The is very an easy to operate, right?


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Method 2. Publish Android SMS by acquisition Screenshot

As mentioned above, you can additionally take a screenshot to publish out post conversation indigenous Android phone, even though that is more troublesome and hard to kind through the pictures. You have actually to catch the display of all message messages you desire on her Android phone, and also use some devices to have actually all those screenshot printed. If needed, you have the right to refer come the adhering to steps to make this task done.

Step 1. Take screenshots of messages on Android

Launch the Messages app on her Android phone, and also open a conversation the you want to print. Then you might start to take it a screenshot the the article conversation one by one because that printing. To catch a display screen on Android, friend can inspect 3 ways to take screenshot on Android through screenshot shortcut, screenshot mix or Android Screenshot Assistant (recommended).


Step 2. Save and also Print the Pictures

Then please save the recorded photos in her Photos application with a folder, and use a printer like Google Cloud publish to publish out the photos one by one. Also, you have the right to transfer the images from Android come PC and also then publish them out with technique 1.


Tip: Lost the screenshot you want to print? you re welcome learn exactly how to recover lost screenshots ~ above Android phone.

Method 3. Print Android message Messages by Emailing Them

As lengthy as you deserve to export message messages native Android to computer, there is always a way to print out messages from Android top top computer. Therefore it can be an choice to publish Android messages by emailing Android messages to PC and downloading the attached documents on computer and them printing them. However, please make certain that her Message application comes through the email feature. Now, you re welcome follow the actions as below and also give that a try.


Step 1. Email Android message to Your email Account

Open SMS app on her Android phone, then find and also tap "Backup SMS" option. Later please select the desired conversations and send them to your email account by clicking "OK". If prompted, please get in your email deal with and password.

Step 2. Download and also Print Android Messages

Once your email has been sent, you deserve to sign into your email account on her PC, then download the attach files. After downloading and install the messages, just open the papers with Microsoft Excel, one click "File" > "Print" to print them out like method 1.

Method 4. Print Out Android messages via part Apps

There room some apps that deserve to also aid you print out text post conversation native Android. You deserve to search one of them listed below from Google Play store to transport messages from Android to Gmail, computer or various other storage services and also then print them out.

1. SMS Backup+

SMS Backup+ is well-known in Google pat Store, which enables you to back up SMS, MMS and also call history using separate tags in Gmail and Google Calendar. Therefore you have the right to use it to move messages from Android come Gmail, then download the documents from Gmail and also print them. Besides, the software application is free, so girlfriend can finish the procedure at no cost.


2. SMS come Text

SMS to text is an SMS backup and also recovery application that enables you to export SMS messages and also convert lock to level Text and CSV document formats. Except the cost-free version, SMS to text also enables you to export SMS messages, transform them come Excel and HTML document formats, and also send them to your email as attachments! ~ that, you have the right to download the files and also print them through ease.


3. Message to Email

Text to email is a backup tool because that converting text/messages to Text/PDF/CSV and/or as email body for later use. After you supplied this app to have actually your Android messages on email, you can download them files or copy the documents to word because that printing through ease.

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Words in the End:

Up come now, you have 4 different solutions to publish out text messages from Android phone. What's your favorite one? as a issue of fact, this Coolmuster Android Messages back-up has many more features. Just download one to have actually a try, it will never ever let you down.