Have you ever before encountered such awful customer organization from a company that that left you feeling utterly infuriated? So, much so that also after asking “to speak to the manager,” you might still feel yourself getting hot under the collar?

Don’t worry. You’re in good company. We’ve every been there at one point in our lives.

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Before you know it, you’re informing anyone who will listen why they have to avoid that specific establishment like the plague. Yet, that still no enough. You require a bigger audience.

So, you take to social media and post a poor review, and also moments later, it already has 20 views, i m sorry turn right into 50, climate 100. Twenty-four hrs later, your write-up has had actually 1,000+ views. You feeling vindicated. “That have to teach them no to mess v me,” friend mutter under your breath as a victorious smile washes across your face.

The one point you might not realize is the your victory might be short-lived. And, it may come at a expense that can leave girlfriend shedding premium tears. What happens once a an easy bad review turns into a defamation lawsuit?

Can a business sue because that a bad review? here’s what you must know.


Defamation Lawsuit for a bad Review

What many Americans nothing realize is that bad reviews can potentially price them a lot an ext than they bargained for.

With so many online review forums on the internet, and the sheer power social media has to potentially destroy a legit business, the comes together no surprised that a service owner may take exemption to a poor review left through a consumer. They might even end up seeking legit redress by suing for defamation if lock feel that the comments lack merit.

People often confuse the terms defamation, slander, and also libel also though the 3 terms median entirely different things.

Defamation vs Slander

Defamation is defined as a false explain presented together a truth that ends up causing damages or injury come an individual’s or that company reputation. Because that instance, a statement follow me the present of: “XYZ Ltd. Steals from its customers.”

If this declare is not true, and XYZ ends up shedding customers together a result, climate it is taken into consideration defamation. XYZ has the ideal to carry a defamation lawsuit versus the individual that made that statement.

If, however, you saw the XYZ firm premises, demanded to watch the owner and proceed come say come them, “You’re steal from her customers!” the isn’t taken into consideration defamation, because the statement to be uttered in private, and doesn’t damage the company’s call in anyone else’s eyes.

Slander and also libel space essentially varieties of defamation. The difference arises in the method used come defame the entity in question. If you make a false, defamatory explain in writing, climate it is thought about libel. If you make a false, defamatory declare relayed orally via speech, then it is taken into consideration slander.

Elements of Defamation

Keep in mind that before anyone can lug a defamation lawsuit versus you, they should prove four vital elements.

The presentation that false declaration purporting to be factualThe interaction or publication of stated false statements come a 3rd partyFault amounting come negligenceLoss, harm, or injury incurred by the defamed party together a an outcome of the defamatory statement

Keep in mental that different states have various anti-defamation statutes, which might (or may not) call for a greater threshold for proving defamation. As a result, the court in those claims may interpret defamation laws slightly differently.

Defamation the Character

Defamation of character, i m sorry is legally referred to as tort that defamation, is usually classified into two specific species of false statements.

Defamatory every se statements – These space utterances that space so obviously harmful, no evidence of injury is requiredDefamatory per quod statements – The plaintiff needs to prove injury or damages incurred, i m sorry may incorporate the ns of miscellaneous with economic value

The consumer Review same Act (CRFA)

“… company Sues client for negative Review …” Up until 2016, these type of headlines had come to be an day-to-day occurrence.

It had become such a large issue that Congress had actually to intervene by happen the consumer Review same Act of 2016 to defend consumers indigenous unwarranted intimidation and punishment by companies for posting honest reviews.

It paved the way for the government to crack under on providers that usage the danger of a sue to intimidate ethical reviewers into taking down an adverse posts around their businesses.

Some service providers would even go come the extent of utilizing non-disparagement rule in contracts to sue consumers that left negative reviews online or outrightly intimidating lock into providing positive reviews.

If you leave an honest negative review online, the CRFA protects girlfriend from being sued by a company that claims (whether true or not) to have actually a non-disparagement provision. If a firm ends up suing girlfriend on this grounds, report the issue on the FTC website.

Anti-SLAPP Statutes

If girlfriend live in any one the the 29 states that right now have one anti-SLAPP (Strategic Lawsuit versus Public Participation) laws, and are being sue for a bad review, you deserve to petition the court to dismiss the suit on the basis the it lacks merit. Plaintiffs who shed an anti-SLAPP activity may also have to salary penalties as a result.


On the various other hand, says that don’t have actually these laws leave consumers exposed to the wrath that disgruntled company owners. The mean defamation settlement prices vary relying on the loss and damages suffered. These might include:

Actual/compensatory loss for the really lost income resulting indigenous the defamationNon-economic damages for the company’s hurt reputationPunitive damages assessed against the defendantMitigating damages to minimization the ns suffered

In 2018, CBS News reported a story around a new York woman who was fighting a $1 million suit by a local doctor because that posting a negative review online. One more doctor in Tennessee sued a patient for $25,000 for leaving a negative review on Yelp. So, together you deserve to see, defamation lawsuit settlements are all over the spectrum.

Choose your Words Carefully

Can a organization sue you for a negative review? Yes, girlfriend can. Particularly if friend can’t ago it up with facts. The best thing to do when writing one online evaluation is to placed forward a factual assertion and be as in-depth as you probably can. Ensure the you also provide proof to ago up her claims.

That’s the best means to protect yourself against a defamation lawsuit. So, pick your native carefully.

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If girlfriend have any type of legal questions around defamation lawsuits, chat online through a znjke.com lawyer today.