Roku is a line of digital media player i beg your pardon offers access to a wide range of streaming media content from assorted online services with an intuitive User Interface. With its features, you can not just enjoy video services from a number of Internet-based video clip on demand providers, but additionally play streaming music girlfriend love on her Roku devices.

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The impressive feature on Roku is that the Spotify application is ago to the Roku channel store and you will now have the ability to play songs from Spotify and also edit your developed playlists on her Roku devices. There are multiple means to include Spotify on Roku because that listening come Spotify music. In addition, we’ll share other means to beat Spotify on Roku tools when Spotify top top Roku not playing.

Part 1. Exactly how to Download Spotify on Roku TVPart 2. Alternative method to beat Spotify top top Roku

Part 1. How to download Spotify Roku application for Listening

Spotify currently offers its company to Roku streaming player and you have the right to use the Spotify application with Roku OS 8.2 or later. Installing Spotify on your Roku maker or Roku TV is simple. Both Spotify premium and complimentary users can gain Spotify top top Roku devices and then gain their favourite songs or playlists indigenous Spotify. Here’s how to include Spotify come Roku devices.

Option 1: how to include Spotify indigenous the Roku Device

Here’s a tutorial on exactly how to add the Spotify channel indigenous the Roku Channel save using Roku TV remote or Roku device.


1. push the Home switch on her remote to open the main screen and also you will view all the choices visible top top the Roku streaming player.2. scroll down and also select the Streaming networks option to open the Channel store.3. In the Channel keep of Roku, search for the Spotify app, and also then click Spotify to choose add channel to download the Spotify app. 4. After installation the Spotify channel, log right into your Spotify account. Then you deserve to view the entire playlists you produced or select the Search choice to find for the songs you prefer.

Option 2: just how to add Spotify from the Roku App

Except for adding the Spotify channel indigenous the Roku device, friend could likewise use the Roku mobile app to install the Spotify app. Here’s just how to.


1. launch the Roku cell phone app and also tap the Channel save tab.2. on the Channel tab, select the Channel Store option from the optimal menu.3. browse the Channel save or type Spotify on the search box to discover the Spotify app.4. choose the Spotify app, then select the include channel choice to add the Spotify app.5. go into your Roku account pen to sign in and also go come the Roku house page top top the TV to uncover the Spotify application on the channel list. Climate you have the right to enjoy her Spotify playlist via Roku.

Option 3: just how to add Spotify indigenous the Web

You can also include the Spotify channel come Roku tools from the web. You simply need to walk to the residence page the Roku and also then add the channel you great to add.


1. go to the digital channel save at and also login v your Roku account information.2. browser channel category or enter Spotify ~ above the search box to find the Spotify channel.3. Click the include Channel button to add the Spotify channel to her device.

Part 2. Best different to play Spotify Music ~ above Roku

Since a brand-new and improved version the the Spotify application has returned to most Roku devices, you are able to listen to Spotify music making use of Roku streaming player. No issue you are using a complimentary account or premium account, friend can gain Spotify top top Roku TV. Sounds easy? not really though. Numerous users fulfill the problem like Spotify not functioning on Roku. Once you gain into trouble v Spotify Roku app, you could try to download Spotify playlists offline.

Therefore, you’ll need an extra device to accomplish Spotify to Roku. That device we are highly recommended right here is referred to as ViWizard Music Converter because that Spotify. It"s specialized in help you download Spotify songs, playlists and albums offline as MP3, AAC, FLAC and other typical audio formats. It"s maybe to store the initial music quality and permits you collection the output high quality all relying on your very own requirements.


Now you"ll see just how to use ViWizard Music Converter because that Spotify come download Spotify songs and also playlists together MP3 even if you are using the totally free account the Spotify. Climate you can play music indigenous Spotify via Roku media player.

1) guide on just how to download Spotify music as MP3

Step 1Drag Spotify song to ViWizard


After launching ViWizard Spotify Converter, the will pack Spotify application automatically on your computer. Climate log right into your Spotify account and also browse the keep to discover out the song or playlists you want to download. You can pick to traction them to ViWizard interface or copy the connect of Spotify music come the search box on ViWizard interface.

Step 2Set the output audio quality


Once the Spotify songs and also playlists space imported successfully, navigate to food selection > preference > convert where you can pick the output format. It currently supports AAC, M4A, MP3, M4B, FLAC and also WAV together output. You are also enabled to customize the output audio quality, consisting of audio channel, little bit rate, and also sample rate.

Step 3Start downloading Spotify songs


Now click the Convert switch at the bottom right and you will certainly let the program start to download Spotify tracks as you wish. As soon as done, girlfriend can find the converted Spotify song in the converted list by click the convert icon. Girlfriend could also locate come your mentioned downloads folder come browse every the lossless Spotify music files.

2) just how to currently Spotify song to Roku because that Playback


Step 1. Copy and also transfer the download Spotify songs from your computer system folder to her USB drive.Step 2. Insert the USB device into the USB harbor on her Roku device.Step 3. If Roku Media Player is not installed, you will be motivated to install it from the Roku Channel Store. If girlfriend are currently in the Roku Media Player machine selection screen, a USB icon should show up.Step 4.

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open up the folder and also find the contents you wish to play. Then press Select/OK or Play. Come play every the music in the folder together a playlist, just click beat on the folder.