looking for the best Android identical to Siri? right here are numerous Siri alternatives that are simply as good, if not better.

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long gone space the work that us would just use ours phones come call and also text people. Now we need our phones day-to-day to wake united state up in the morning v an alarm, collection reminders on our calendars, look at up arbitrarily questions, and so much more. And also having a virtual assistant choose Siri provides those jobs so much easier to lug out. However is over there a Siri because that Android?

Siri may have been the an initial digital assistant to come to be mainstream, yet she"s certainly not the only one now. Also iPhone users have sometimes turned far from Siri in donate of a different virtual assistant app, few of which room surely top top this list.

so while there is no Android version of Siri, below are seven great alternatives that are just as good---if not better.

google assistant app voice complement settings
google assistant app prompt come say something
google assistant app setup a timer for two minutes
If you just want a practical Siri identical that likely came with your phone, then look no further.

Google Assistant developed from Google Now and comes together a pre-installed part of many Android phones. You can accessibility it by stop the home button or, on part devices, squeezing her phone by its sides. And also instead of "Hey Siri" you can launch it by saying "Hey Google" instead.

together you might expect, Assistant deserve to make calendar appointments and answer questions. But with it, Google is make the efforts to broaden our idea that what digital personal assistants can do, like location calls and make bookings on her behalf.

Download: Google Assistant (Free)

hound app home screen
Hound is a yes, really awesome different to Siri and also the bigger virtual aides like Google Assistant and also Amazon Alexa. Hound can aid you execute all the usual assistant work like setting alarms and timers, informing you the news or the weather, and calling and texting contacts.

however Hound deserve to also help you v really advanced requests, like searching for barbecue restaurants rated only 4 stars or more near you. Hound additionally helps you find for songs you need to understand the surname of, look up arbitrarily questions, and also can even publication an Uber for you.

Amazon has actually taken the human being by storm and Alexa is shining in ~ the forefront. Alexa has become a family assistant, for this reason why not use her on your phone together well? If you have an Amazon Echo speak or other household devices that support Alexa, then downloading and install Alexa together your personal assistant is a no-brainer.

Alexa will incorporate right into your life super easily if you"ve currently been using her somewhere else in your home. Once you open the Alexa app, you log into your Amazon account to attach everything together and also you"re good to go.

Alexa can assist you collection timers and also alarms, tell friend the weather, answer her questions, and so lot more. Friend can also use Alexa together a an individual trainer.

As stated before, Alexa will work with other household gadgets that support her too. So if you have actually an air fryer or coffee machine that works through Alexa, she can aid you set timers particularly for those devices.

Download: Amazon Alexa (Free)

Robin is a an excellent personal assistant choice if you"re not so interested in share your information with bigger companies favor Google or Amazon. If Robin may not be able to answer your burning questions like Siri can, she have the right to still execute so much for you.

Robin shines once you"re driving. Therefore if that"s when you find yourself needing a online assistant the most to aid you out, download Robin.

She have the right to play different playlists, send texts for you, set reminders and also alarms, aid you get directions, and more. Think of Robin as a friend riding shotgun doing work for girlfriend while your hands are on the wheel.

If privacy is crucial to you, the Extreme an individual assistant app has you covered. All of your conversations and questions to too much are never ever seen or mutual with anyone besides you. Plus, if you ever before decide come uninstall the app, every the data you"ve ever shared with too much is deleted.

You have the right to ask extreme questions, have it take a selfie of you, or usage it in more practical methods like finding directions or setup timers and alarms. Yet you would generally use a an individual assistant app, excessive can do it for you securely.

The only in-app purchase is to remove ads.

Download: excessive (Free, in-app purchases available)

If you"ve viewed Iron Man and you know the name Jarvis, climate you"ve more than likely wanted a virtual assistant named Jarvis. This application gives it come you!

although you have the right to rename Jarvis to whatever you"d like, why would certainly you want to? Jarvis have the right to make calls for you, open up apps at your command, review messages aloud to you, pat music, and more. For any type of easy personal assistant tasks, Jarvis is your guy.

There"s a Pro version of this app that comes with no ads and allows you to speak v Jarvis from any type of screen or window. Through the cost-free version, you"ll always see an overlay that tells girlfriend to open the applications to continue the company (pictured above).

Download: Jarvis (Free, premium variation available)

back DataBot is a personal assistant, it"s an ext of a replacement because that Siri"s fun, witty side. ~ above the much more useful end, DataBot can assist you customize multimedia presentations, answer certain questions with Google searches, and also act together your secretary.

yet where the app really takes off is every the fun methods you can communicate with DataBot. You have the right to ask DataBot because that your day-to-day horoscope, providing you provide the app your birthday. DataBot deserve to tell jokes, offer you quotes, play mind games v you, and puzzle you with riddles.

Download: DataBot (Free, in-app to buy available)

The finest Android Voice Assistants

us each have actually our very own preferences and also needs. The end of the box, Google Assistant works pretty well. And also Amazon"s Alexa integrates so well through other gadgets that assistance her. Yet some human being aren"t together comfortable share even an ext data with these big companies.

Those of united state who aren"t comfortable with giving these companies an ext information may uncover Robin, Extreme, or another smaller app worth considering. If you have a Samsung device, you can also shot using Bixby, i m sorry is sort of prefer Samsung"s own built-in Google Assistant.

4 means to use Bixby on her Samsung Phone If you have a Samsung phone, inspect out whatever Bixby deserve to do. Here"s a look in ~ its most advantageous features, like Bixby Home.

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