Marriage Matters exactly how to achieve a marriage License exactly how to Request a Certified Copy the a marriage License Authorization to Celebrate Marriages

Effective July 12, 2021, the marital relationship Bureau will process marriage license applications and also officiant applications remotely and also in person. Click below to check out the an alert from the clerk of Court v details on how to apply.

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The marriage Bureau worries marriage licenses and also certified copies, and also authorizes religious and polite celebrants to perform weddings in the ar of Columbia. Click on the left tabs for an ext information on marriage licenses, civil wedding ceremonies, certified copies, and authorizations come celebrate marriages.

The marriage Bureau is located in the Moultrie Courthouse, JM 690. 

Other responsibilities of the marriage Bureau incorporate the:

Filing, docketing, and file maintenance of all district of Columbia marital relationship records from 1811 come the present, and also assisting the public in their reviewAnswering questions about marriage patent application proceduresAssisting members of the public who wish to correct a marriage record
How to achieve a marriage License

Effective July 12, 2021, the marital relationship Bureau will process marriage license applications and officiant applications remotely and in person. Click here to check out the an alert from the salesperson of Court with details on exactly how to apply.

Note*: all parties — both the next to the wedding and the human being performing the wedding — should be physically existing in the district of Columbia at the moment of the ceremony.

You may apply for a marriage license online.

You will be forced to show proof of period for both parties through among the following documents: 

US valid driver’s license,Government-issued non-driver’s ID, orPassport.

The minimum period for marriage in the district of Columbia is 18, or 16 with the consent the a parental or guardian. 

The marital relationship license application fee is $45.00 ($35 the this fee will be waived if the applicant"s’ initial DC domestic Partnership Certificate and also is gift at the time of application). Every fees need to be payment in cash or credit card or by examine or money order (made payable to: "Clerk, DC superior Court").

Due to Covid-19 and also staff working remotely, it might take up to five company days for your marriage license to it is in issued. As soon as issued, a marriage license does not expire.

Court OfficiantYou may request a civil wedding through a court official - Please see the Civil Wedding Ceremonies section. We will attempt to do the ceremony on or near the date you inquiry (please permit at least ten service days after license is issued).

Other OfficiantsReligious celebrants and judges other than those of the DC Courts must be authorized by the Court and registered by the marital relationship Bureau in stimulate to execute legal marital relationships in the ar of Columbia.The full name the the to plan celebrant have to be offered at the moment of the application. Please watch the Application because that Authorization to Celebrate Marriages

Self OfficiantsA self-officiating awareness occurs when one that the next performs the ceremony. Both parties must attest to the information detailed on the marital relationship application.

Please send the adhering to information to request a copy of your marital relationship license: complete names, maiden names, and also the day of the marital relationship for both parties.

The fee is $10 every copy.

After submitting the request, you will certainly be command to an online payment portal and, ~ payment has been received, her copy will be mailed to you.

If you space not may be to use the online payment portal, you have the right to send your examine or money bespeak (payable to Clerk, DC premium Court) to:

District the Columbia exceptional CourtMarriage office - JM 690500 Indiana Av. NWWashington, DC 20001

As detailed above: To protect against delays and also expedite handling requests, a marriage Bureau representative will administer you through a attach to make payments. Please execute not do payments till being command to execute so.

Pursuant to the "Marriage Officiant Amendment act of 2013" (DC code § 46-406), the adhering to persons or establishments are authorized or are candidates for authorization come perform marital relationships in the ar of Columbia:

A judge or retired referee of any court that recordThe salesperson of the Court of such deputy clerks that the Courts as may, in composing be designated through the Clerk and also approved through the Chief referee of the CourtA minister, priest, rabbi, or authorized person of any spiritual denomination or culture ($35 dues & application required)For any spiritual society i beg your pardon does no by its very own custom require the intervention of a minister for the solemn event of marriages, a marital relationship may be solemnized in the way prescribed and also practiced in that spiritual society, through the patent issued to, and returns to be made by, a human appointed through the religious society for that function ($35 fee & application required)A polite celebrant ($35 dues & application required)A short-lived officiant ($25 dues & application required)Members the the CouncilThe mayor of the ar of Columbia orThe parties to the marital relationship (both parties to the marital relationship must apply in human with a valid government issued identification).

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The Officiant applications or the short-lived Officiant Application may be submitted as needed by sending out to MarriageBureau . In ~ five business days that receiving the application, a clerk will certainly reach out to you v a attach to our payment portal to complete the process.