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Photo courtesy las Vegas News Bureau.

Getting married in las Vegas is both easy and also inexpensive, so it have to come as no surprised that this mecca because that excess and kitsch has come to be the Marriage capital of the World. In fact, close to 100,000 couples flock to Sin City come tie the node each year.

While ceremonies officiated through Elvis in the wee hours of the morning are definitely still popular, most couples watch to las Vegas once it’s time come tie the knot because of the countless possibilities the city offers. Joni Moss, a go-to wedding planner in the area with an ext than 20 years experience and also owner the LV Wedding connection says, “We’ll carry out anything as long as the legal.” In other words: the sky is the limit as soon as it concerns planning a wedding in ras Vegas. Obtain married within of a slot device at the Casino Wedding Chapel, on board the Titanic, a 25,000-square-foot exhibit at the Luxor, atop a 50-story replica that the Eiffel Tower in ~ Paris ras Vegas or in a Maverick helicopter enroute come the cool Canyon. Because that a much more traditional experience tie the knot at Aria’s calm onsite wedding chapel, i m sorry is outfitted v cameras therefore you can live-stream her nuptials.

Here we’ll give you every the truth you should know about destination weddings in ras Vegas, native the laws and also customs come the best time to arrangement a wedding and also the costs involved with law so.

The best time to go: Fall and spring are normally the ideal months to arrangement a las Vegas wedding due to the fact that temperatures often tend to be mild (rather than cool or sweltering). That said, April v June and September v the finish of October are additionally considered top season in the city therefore look to November to protect against the crowds while scoring more reasonable hotel rates.

The flight: Westjet and Air Canada both at this time operate direct flights in between Las Vegas and Toronto, Calgary and also Vancouver. Air Canada also offers a direct flight from Montreal if Westjet offers additional direct flights indigenous Winnipeg and also Edmonton. Flights indigenous Alberta and B.C. Take about three hrs while the trip from Montreal and Toronto is around five hours.

The legal paperwork: The Clark nation Court house is open 365 job a year and also typically worries same-day marital relationship licenses within 20 minutes because that a expense of $60. To acquire your marital relationship license, both next must show up in person before a clerk at a Clark County marriage Bureau location. Identification to prove your name and also age is required. Anyone performs your marriage ceremony has, by law, ten job to send documentation come the Clark ar Recorder’s Office because that your marriage to be recorded. When recorded, you can order a certified marital relationship certificate digital from the Recorder’s Office website. There is no waiting period to get married after the marriage license has actually been issued. Marriage licenses are good for one year from date of issue.

The neighborhood customs: there is nothing much more classically Vegas than a wedding ceremony officiated by The King. Whether you pick the top Graceland Wedding Chapel or a more contemporary hotel venue, there room a number of ordained Elvi ready and willing to aid you tie the knot. Joni Moss recommends one Elvis impersonator over all others: Jesse Garon. This king of emperors (who was given the vital to the city in 2011) will even pick you up in a pink 1955 Cadillac that offered to belong come Lucille Ball!

The budget: ras Vegas weddings can variety anywhere indigenous a few hundred dollars (for a simple private ceremony in your hotel suite) to tens of hundreds of dollars for bigger celebration at a hotel or personal mansion. Straightforward wedding packages at hotels such together Aria, Wynn and Paris las Vegas begin at approximately $1,700.

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The venue: with a costume shop on-site and also a chapel finish with fog machines and also entryway huge enough to drive a Cadillac with — yes, you can actually be propelled partway under the aisle — Viva ras Vegas is specifically popular an option for themed celebrations. Because that a much more refined garden party celebration us recommend the Wynn’s idyllic Primrose Courtyard, the only private courtyard top top The Strip.