It was a tiny over a month back when Kylie Jenner's (alleged) pregnancy announcement damaged the Internet and also subsequently left countless a nosy spirit (myself, included) wondering even if it is it would certainly be safe for the 20-year-old beauty beauty mogul to obtain the lip filler she's become synonymous with due to the fact that 2014. Her doctor's response? not a good idea, as he states no one really knows what can happen when injected with fillers while pregnant. (Currently, dermal fillers have yet to be tested — and also approved — for those expecting.)

However, no every doctor is in agreement with Jenner's dermatologist. Take, Mehmet Cengiz Öz (better recognized as Dr. Oz), because that example. In a current episode that Watch What happens Live, Oz stated lip fillers would be "fine come get," after a caller asked even if it is or not Jenner could continue getting lip injections whilst pregnant. "Injections in her mouth space fine to get," stated Oz. "It will certainly not spread from there, it will certainly not be a problem." He additionally recommended that Jenner emphasis on the "baby" quite than cosmetic improvement to she face. (Um, how about not telling a mrs what to do, Oz?)

As a follow-up question, hold Andy Cohen asked Oz if the same goes because that facial injections in pregnant women, and his solution was virtually identical. "Those things are claimed to be inert," that said. Meaning, fillers shouldn't interfere through pregnancy. However, the three physicians I tapped for background top top the topic don't seem to share the exact same sentiment.

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"I personally like not to carry out an elective cosmetics procedure on a pregnant or breastfeeding woman," claims Joshua Zeichner, the manager of cosmetic and clinical study in skiership at mountain Sinai Hospital in new York City. He describes that this is less around the fillers themselves and much more about unexpected side impacts that could occur post-op. "If the patient establishes severe ede or one infection and needs an antibiotic, treatment options may be limited as some can impact a occurring baby," says Zeichner.

Sejal Shah, a brand-new York City dermatologist and also RealSelf contributor, concurs, explaining the she doesn't agree through Oz due to insufficient evidence on the topic, together there's currently tiny to no data that reflects injectable fillers won't negatively affect women expecting. If you desire fillers, Shah says to wait till you're no pregnant to take it the plunge.

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Shari Marchbein, a dermatologist and clinical assistant professor at new York University college of medication in brand-new York City, likewise agrees v the aforementioned logic. She explains that while the danger of filler spreading outside the injected area is an extremely slim — no filler nor Botox has been approved for pregnant women by the Food and also Drug administration — there's no factor to risk. "During pregnancy, we often tend to take it the method of 'if friend absolutely don't must do it, do not perform it,'" she tells Marchbein likewise recommends waiting until after shipment to have actually either administered.

The verdict? While it seems like there's tiny risk in getting lip fillers while pregnant, professionals still it seems ~ wary, as there is no hard proof to prove filler are, indeed, safe while expecting. In this case, it's three versus one saying to wait prior to investing in any cosmetic procedures. (Don't worry, they'll quiet be easily accessible after nine months.)

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