Was my email read? That’s the question we every wonder after sending an email, and Gmail review receipts room a convenient method to check out if someone has actually read her email—and opened it.

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So, does Gmail have a review receipt option?

Yes, it does. And setup up Gmail check out receipts is a relatively straightforward process.

Gmail check out Receipt choice Not mirroring in Gmail?

First, you should recognize that not all Gmail users have access to read receipts. The function is only obtainable for users v a work or college account; if you a cost-free user there is no a custom domain name, the Gmail review receipt option will not be showing.

If you confused around what counts together a occupational or college account, think about whether you’re using an email address that ends v
gmail.com account, then you most likely don’t have access to allowing Gmail read receipts.

How to collection Up check out Receipts in Gmail together an Admin

1. Authorize in.

First, authorize in to her Google Admin console. You can have a different account with administrative privileges, so make sure you’re using that one.

2. Go to User settings.

From the residence page, monitor this course to get to User settings: Apps > Google Workspace > Gmail > User settings.


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5. Click save.

When she satisfied v your options, click save to finalize and apply the changes.

After you’ve allowed read receipts for your organization, you’ll desire to educate your users exactly how to use them if you want to maximize their email productivity.

How to inquiry a Gmail check out Receipt

Once enabled, requesting a review receipt in Gmail is an easy process:

Click compose, as you generally would come start an e-mail draft.Add participants and draft your message, again, as you typically would.Click “More options,” before girlfriend send the message.Click “Request check out receipt.” Note the you’ll just see this option if check out receipts are permitted in her organization. If girlfriend don’t see it, you won’t have access to it.Send the message. Your recipient might send a read an answer automatically upon opening the message, or may manually send the receipt. One of two people way, when the receipt is sent, you’ll see it in your inbox for each message recipient (with part exceptions, which i cover below).

How to Send a Gmail review Receipt

Depending top top the administrator settings you’ve chosen, her account might send the end a read receipt immediately once you open up the message. Otherwise, if you have to manually give the receipt, you’ll be motivated with two options:

Send receipts allows you to send an immediate read receipt come the sender.Not now allows girlfriend to hold-up sending a receipt. You’ll have the option of sending a receipt the next time you open up the message.

If you don’t check out these options, it means your receipt was already sent, or Gmail check out receipts aren’t allowed in your organization.

When Gmail read Receipts don’t Work

First, you should know that Gmail read receipts no designed as a foolproof way to verify delivery, or the someone has read your message. They work-related as intended across most email systems, yet there space still part exceptions; because that example, you might get a read receipt if her recipient is using an IMAP email client and marks your blog post as “read” there is no really opening it.

You may additionally get no review receipt even after a person has actually read her email, such just like the complying with instances:

Gmail review receipts are restricted in some way. Her administrator has control over who can send and also receive check out receipts, and also when.Your receiver uses an email platform the doesn’t sync in real-time. Because that example, pop clients just sync ~ above demand, and therefore i will not ~ return a review receipt with trustworthy timing.Your recipient has actually the choice of not sending out a receipt, and also has preferred not to send one. It deserve to (and does) happen.

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Gmail read Receipts FAQ

You have the right to only request a Gmail check out receipt if you are using a work-related or institution account (ie, your email deal with cannot include

Compose a new message together normal. Prior to sending, click the three-dots symbol ("More Options"), then click "Request check out receipt."

You will get a notification when the recipient opens up your email, as lengthy as they have permitted return check out receipts. Gmail review receipts work throughout most email systems, consisting of Outlook.

First, sign into your Google Admin console. Next, go to Apps > G Suite > Gmail > User settings. In the Email review receipts area, uncover and enable the alternative "Do not enable read receipts to be sent."