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A keloid establishes when scar tissue builds increase after a skin puncture or wound. That can show up as a firm, raised scar. The keloid bump is frequently larger 보다 the wound that resulted in it to form. It is not uncommon for keloids to show up on the ear after getting an ear piercing.

Keloids may form on any part of the ear, and they differ in size and also shape.

In this article, we comment on the reasons of keloids and also explain the at-home and also medical treatment options.

According to the American Academy of dermatology (AAD), unequal other varieties of elevated scars, keloids are typically larger 보다 the original wound.

The AAD likewise state the keloids can kind on any part of the body however often construct on the ear after a human being gets a piercing. The keloid may occur all over from the earlobe come the cartilage.

Keloids form in various shapes and sizes, largely depending on the place of the scar. On an earlobe, the keloid will most likely be round and also solid.

A keloid might start to build shortly after ~ the wound, however it might be months prior to it becomes apparent. Whether or not a keloid develops at all depends on the individual.

Some world find the they type keloids after minor wounds, such as acne spots, while others will certainly never have them.


Keloids typically appear slowly and take 3–12 month to begin showing.

On the ear, they can:

begin as a raised scar the is pink, red, or purplebe round or oval cause pain and itchingfeel either soft or harddarken in color after some time to become darker 보다 the bordering skin

The AAD state the it is not clear why keloids form.

According to one 2016 article, ear piercing is quickly the most usual reason because that keloids to develop on the ear in those who are predisposed to creating them. The authors suggest that this may be since of the method the wound heals.

Other researchers have actually proposed that a regional inflammatory reaction to the metallic backs of earrings may be responsible because that the constant occurrence of keloids top top the earlobe.

At-home treatment

Keloids have the right to be difficult to treat. However, a human can try the following:

softening the skin with emollient creams or oilsapplying silicone or polyurethane scar-reducing patchesusing silicone gel to promote healingapplying pressure dressings
Medical treatment

In some cases, the operation removal the a keloid may be possible. However, this procedure may reason an also larger keloid scar come develop, as the operation will develop a brand-new wound.

According come the AAD, a dermatologist might use a combination of the adhering to treatment options:

Corticosteroid injections

A series of these injections leads 50–80% of keloids come shrink.

A human being will commonly have these injections when every 3–4 weeks. After the first injection, a human may an alert that the keloid feeling softer.

Keloid surgery

A dermatologist can remove the keloid. However, the AAD state that practically 100% that keloids will certainly return after surgical removal.

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After keloid surgery, dermatologists have the right to inject a corticosteroid or usage cryotherapy to help reduce the possibilities of the keloid returning.

Laser treatment

A dermatologist might use this to help reduce the size and discoloration the the keloid.


This procedure, which commonly works best on smaller keloids, can help reduce the size and also hardness that the keloid. A dermatologist will freeze the keloid native the inside out.

Over current years, researches have discovered the process of cryotherapy to be efficient for recently created keloids.


A dermatologist may recommend using surgical subject to remove the keloid gradually, if that is possible to tie thread about it.