Say an adversary has their commander out. Ns play Hypnotic Siren through bestowing (enchant creature) on their commander. This enables me come take control of that card (their commander), and give it +1/+1 and also flying. Correct?

There is nothing that claims they deserve to put their commander ago in the command zone (it is not exiled, went back to hand, or sent out to graveyard), or get an additional copy of their commander as long as ns am in control of it. Correct?


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You've acquired some solid answers here, for this reason I'll go ahead and point something else the end too.

When a player is offered the alternative to placed their commander ago into your command zone, that is a CHOICE.

Let's say you actors <> targeting their commander.

This is part 3 mana enchantment the exiles their commander till the charm is destroyed.

They could put it ago into the command zone, and they might not.

If they pick not to, possibly they have removal in hand at the ready, then their commander is in regular exile the same method every various other creature is.

Now let's to speak they damage your Oblivion Ring.

The delayed trigger from O-Ring leaving the battlefield go on the stack, and also then let's speak you actors <

Prepare for a counterspell war, since if the Time prevent resolves, that player won't be able to cast your commander because that the rest of the game.

You see, O-Ring exiled your commander, and they go ahead and also said that's fine.

Then when you exiled the delayed trigger to let your commander go into the battlefield indigenous exile, your commander never actually changed zones, definition it's STILL grounding under O-Ring despite the reality it's no longer there.

Their command is exiled because that good.

The lesson here is that 3 things make a player's commander unique in game, and also only 3:

A player may actors their command from the command zone as though it to be in your hand.

If a player's commander to be to be sent out to that player's hand, library, graveyard, or exile zone, that player may return that to their command ar instead.

If a player's command deals damages to any player (including that is owner), the player obtain both typical damage and also commander damage.

Other 보다 that, a player's commander is simply a normal-ass creature, and can it is in treated as such.

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So take control of it! Enchant it v <>! As lengthy as that doesn't readjust zones, you deserve to do every little thing you want to another player's commander, and also they can do nothing however watch girlfriend laugh at them.