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Serving your nation in the U.S. Armed forces has many benefits. Not only do you protect the understand of U.S. Citizens, however it can additionally be an way for experienced growth.

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Another advantage is the serving in the U.S. Armed forces can aid fast-track your citizenship application. The Immigration and also Nationality act (INA) enables people born in other nations to gain U.S. Citizenship through military service.

In some cases, you can gain citizenship there is no going v the normal preliminary action of gaining a U.S. Green card first. In various other cases, being part of the U.S. Military business can decrease the moment you need to wait between getting your green card and applying because that citizenship.

The specific legal needs depend on even if it is you served throughout peace or wartime.

If you ever before served in the U.S. Military, review on to discover out how to get citizenship through military service.

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What Counts as organization in the U.S. Military?

The U.S. Military has six branches that service: the Army, Navy, wait Force, shore Guard, marine Corps, and space Force.

Military members from any type of of this branches have the right to take procedures towards citizenship.

If you offered in a national Guard unit, friend might additionally be standard to gain citizenship. Your citizenship claim would depend on whether her unit was federally known as a reserve ingredient of the U.S. Equipped Forces when you were serving.



The Immigration and also Nationality plot (INA) develops eligibility needs for citizenship. These requirements use to non-citizen organization members and particular veterans.

Section 328 the the INA defines eligibility for world who served throughout periods that “peacetime”. Ar 329 that the INA specifies eligibility for civilization who served throughout periods of “hostilities”.

Both INA part 328 and 329 call for military organization members or veterans applying for citizenship come demonstrate:

good moral characterknowledge the the English languageknowledge that U.S. Federal government and history (“civics”)

If you meet every one of the demands of either section 328 or 329 that the INA, you may apply for citizen by filing type N-400 under the ar that applies to you.

As a member or veteran the the U.S. Military, particular other citizen requirements may not apply to you. If you space currently active duty, you may not need to reside in or be physically existing in the U.S. Before you apply for citizenship.

There are two courses for just how to acquire citizenship through military company – the peacetime route and the durations of hostility route. This are defined in an ext detail below.

One Year that Military company During Peacetime

If you offered honorably in the U.S. Armed forces for at least one year throughout a period of peacetime, you might be default to use for citizenship.

During peacetime, you still need to acquire your eco-friendly card to show that you space a lawful irreversible U.S. Resident. ~ that, if you have actually served at least one year in the U.S. Military, friend can apply for citizenship.

The advantage is that instead of waiting until you’ve held your environment-friendly card for five years before applying for citizenship, friend can apply one year after receiving the green card.

During her citizenship application, girlfriend will need to present that:

You have served in the U.S. Army for a period or durations totaling at the very least one yearYou have an excellent moral character. This is normally done through character witnesses or other proofs of great moral characterYou deserve to pass the citizenship test. This contains the capacity to read, write and also speak English, understanding of U.S. History and government, and also a demonstrate of your attachment come the values of the U.S. Constitution.

If you have currently been discharged from the armed forces after serving throughout peacetime, two further problems apply:

Your discharge must have actually been honorable. You have actually to apply for citizenship within six months of her discharge. If girlfriend only use six month or an ext after her discharge, you will certainly be back to having to finish five years together a environment-friendly card holder prior to being able to apply for citizenship – just like other civilian applicants.

Service during Periods that Hostility.

If friend enlist in the U.S. Equipped forces throughout wartime, girlfriend can apply for U.S. Citizenship as at an early stage as your first day of service.

The citizenship requirements under section 329 the the INA are the same as any other applicant because that citizenship. These incorporate being able come read, write, and speak English, having good moral character, being able to pass a test on American history and government, and swearing an attachment to the U.S. Constitution.

However, if you room currently energetic duty, the irreversible resident requirements might not use to you. You execute not have to reside in or be physically current in the U.S. Before you apply for citizenship. Girlfriend can use for citizenship under this ar while you are overseas.

Section 329 that the INA applies to all present military service members or veterans who offered honorably in one active-duty status. It likewise applies come all current military service members or veterans in the Selected reserve of the ready Reserve. 

The complying with times room designated periods of equipped conflict:

Sept. 1, 1939 – Dec. 31, 1946June 25, 1950 – July 1, 1955Feb. 28, 1961 – Oct. 15, 1978Aug. 2, 1990 – April 11, 1991Sept. 11, 2001 – present.

Applying because that Naturalization

Many armed forces installations have actually a designated USCIS liaison to help you with the citizenship applications process. Lock will aid you collection up your N-400 submission and schedule the citizenship interview and also test. Friend will additionally need come ask her chain that command come certify her honorable army service.

You have the right to start the process of applying for citizenship you yourself by sending an N-400, application for Naturalization, come USCIS, adhering to the indict on the USCIS website.

If you have already separated indigenous the U.S. Military, you might submit one uncertified form N-426 through a photocopy of your Certificate of release or Discharge from active Duty or national Guard Report the Separation and also Record of company for the applicable periods of service.

Your biometrics deserve to be excellent at an application assistance center before you document your form N-400. If stationed abroad, you may submit two correctly completed FD-258 fingerprint cards and two passport-style photos take away by the military police or officials with the department of homeland Security, U.S. Embassy, or U.S. Consulate.

Similarly, her USCIS interview will either take place domestically as scheduled, or a USCIS ar officer will certainly be assigned come you. You can request one interview at a particular office in a sheathe letter attached to your applications if desired.


Serving in the U.S. Army can help fast-track her citizenship application. The Immigration and also Nationality act (I.N.A.) enables people born in other countries to acquire U.S. Citizenship through army service.

In part cases, you can gain citizenship there is no going through the normal preliminary action of gaining a U.S. Environment-friendly card i m sorry proves your status as a lawful irreversible U.S. Resident. In various other cases, being part of the U.S. Military business can decrease the time between getting your environment-friendly card and applying because that citizenship.

The specific legal requirements depend on whether you served during peace or wartime.

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If you ever served in the U.S. Military, do your research to uncover out just how to obtain citizenship through army service.