You will need an app to do that together iOS itself does not have actually any method to do it. Look at in the app store - a pair I have heard of (but have actually no first hand suffer with) are combination VoiceMail and also VoiceMail inbox - however you could also try searching for a generic term favor "vociemail manager" or something like that.

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Alternatively, check you provider"s capacity - some carriers, if you contact your own mobile number and get the voicemail from your carrier account, have the option to send those native the digital phone menu.

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Forwarding of voicemails is a carrier feature, & those carriers that permit forwarding generally will just permit forwarding to another number on their network. If her lawyer is not on the same network together you, friend most likely won"t have the ability to forward this voicemail. You have the right to use this to extract the voicemail & send such making use of email to her lawyer:

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Play your voicemail to one more iphone"s "Voice Memos" (voice memos is a recording feature) after ~ recording your voicemail to one more iphone"s voice memos app, re-publishing it! I execute this all the time! email me if you have any kind of questions or reply! an excellent luck. BTW- combination VoiceMail has actually horrible reviews..

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You, my man, room a genius. I supplied the Voice Memo feature of one more iPhone, then mutual it with a colleague. It functioned perfectly, and the recipient opened up it in iTunes. The only trouble was the I also shared it v myself in ~ my email, and also it wouldn"t download. Walk figure.

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How execute you play the voicemail on one more iphone"s "voice memos" Where carry out I discover voice memos?

Can you you re welcome send me step my step instructions - indigenous what app I require to just how to do it?

Thank you

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As MyWayFlooring said:

Play her voicemail so that a 2nd iPhone deserve to pick it up utilizing "Voice Memos."Then from the second iPhone, forward that videotaped "memo" to someone else as an e-mail or text.The message will present up on the receiver"s machine as an e-mail or message with a link. The attach will take the receiver to iTunes, where he will have the ability to hear the message.

Let me know if the works.

Thank You for the type words PromiseKeeper! We room all geniuses! in ~ least, we were every born a genius, but most of the people de-geniuses us through the things they program in our minds which is in fact an clever computer!!

Best of happy :-)


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Use an auxillary cable, headphone jack ~ above both ends.

Plug 1 end into your iPhone headphone jack

Plug the other finish into her mic jack your "other device," laptop, desktop, digital recorder, etc.

Open her a recording application on her "other device" like desktop Recorder and also click record.

Play your voicemail on your iPhone.


Have you excellent this to assistance what you room claiming? If so, that"s a good Idea! Thx because that sharing! :-)

I just tested GarySHart"s technique and it works as the described!! Awesome!!

I supplied my to win by Dr. Drey"s headphone cable as it has actually two 1/8 headphone jacks on both ends! However, my cable came through a constructed in microphone so, the finish with the mini microphone should obtain plugged into the device that has actually the voicemail and the other end into the recorder/iPad/iphone/iPod etc..

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Good fortune!

(It has to have 3 lines in ~ the end of every 1/8 jack or it will certainly not work) you can obtain it native radio shack! The third line is the mic. IT has to HAVE IT!!

Thank you!! i agree, you room a genius! so simple, however I would"ve never thought that it.

FYI-my job-related phone is one iPhone and my personal cell isn"t. Ns was may be to use the voice recorder top top my personal cell. It didn"t need to be one iPhone. I videotaped the VM from iphone phone onto an individual phone and also texted it earlier to occupational phone.