Traveling v airports and also flying can currently be a stressful suffer for plenty of people. Yet flying when you recognize you have a warrant out for her arrest have the right to elevate that tension to a various level.

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Many civilization wonder if lock can obtain through TSA with impressive warrants and also what the dangers are. In this article, I’ll failure everything you should know about whether or not TSA checks because that warrants and what your danger level is for getting arrested.

Does TSA check for warrants?

TSA go not examine for exceptional warrants but that go not mean that the is always a great idea come fly when you have a warrant.

Below, you’ll uncover out the the hazard of flying through a warrant is no so much around breaking the regulation by traveling but it is more about every one of the methods that arise permitting you to be uncovered with superb warrant.

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Why you might get arrested as soon as flying through a warrant

There space a few situations that could reason you to gain arrested at the airport if friend have an exceptional warrant. Basically, any type of close conference you have with regulation enforcement might mean them to run a database find on your name and also discovering that you have an exceptional warrant.

Verifying identification

If you for some factor forget to carry your ID and also you have to go through the to know verification procedure there is a great chance the it will certainly be uncovered that friend have superb warrant. If the happens then you can be referred to law-enforcement and also arrested.

Caught up in a dispute

If you gain yourself right into some kind of altercation such together a conflict with a staff member at check-in or some sort of regrettably scuffle v a fellow passenger, the police may acquire involved.

Also, if you room (majorly) holding increase the security line or refusing to go v the protection checkpoint you might be inviting an conference with law enforcement officers.

It’s worth noting the while TSA does not have actually power come arrest you, they can detain friend while they wait because that law-enforcement to come in situations like this.

In some situations you can just it is in a bystander however the police may request for you to provide a statement and also that could be how you obtain involved.

Banned items

If friend get recorded trying to bring prohibited items through airport security such as a firearm, spicy object, or explosive then it is very feasible that you will certainly be ad to legislation enforcement.

If girlfriend are caught with illegal medicine authorities might be dubbed on you together well. However, it is pretty rarely for authorities come be referred to as on girlfriend for tiny quantities of medicine that space not dangerous.


Sometimes TSA agents are given a “Be top top the Lookout” (BOLO) notice and if you fit the summary of what they were looking for, they could stop friend to investigate — police might follow.

There is likewise a possibility that someone might be mindful of your travel plans and decide to guideline off the law concerning your whereabouts. If the police deem that worth your time they could be wait for you in ~ the airport.

Bad luck

If because that some reason your name is ran versus a database where you have an excellent warrant climate you can run right into trouble. For short level residential offenses this seems to be an extremely rare.

The factor is that it would certainly take an incredible amount of sources for airline staff members to operation every passengers name versus a database because that a background check.

There would be a sizable team of world who have actually outstanding warrants over things choose parking tickets and also trying come arrest every one of those people would most likely interfere too lot with airplane logistics to make it precious it.

So this outcome would certainly be incredibly rare yet if you are traveling with an airport with a warrant ns think girlfriend should constantly be all set for the possibility of acquiring arrested even if the is rare.

Serious offenses

If you have an outstanding warrant because that a federal offense or a major state offense then there is a much higher likelihood that you can be arrested when you display up in ~ the airport.

It’s feasible that a detective could be tracking down your movements and also that lock will just be wait for you in ~ the airport when you depart or as soon as you arrive.

International travel

When you room traveling worldwide you must expect your name to be checked versus databases because that at hazard individuals consisting of those with exceptional warrants.

Your name could be flagged before you also arrive in ~ the airport since in many cases you need to use for a visa to gain to your destination. The visa application process will commonly involve a background inspect which could pick increase on your superior warrant.

In other instances if you have actually been charged with significant offenses her passport may have been revoked which obviously boundaries your capacity to leave the country.

Situations wherein you may be refuse a passport include:

international medicine traffickerssubjected come a federal arrestforbidden by probation, parole, or a court order to leaving the countryowning some money in child support (for example in the us if you owe $2,500)imprisoned or under a looked after release regime for felony drug charges relating come distributing a controlled substance.

Your name could also be confirm at the time that you room departing the nation or it can be confirm whenever you come earlier through Customs and Border protection (CBP). The agents at immigration are various from TSA agents in the they have the authority to arrest you.

Will you be extradited?

It’s one thing to it is in detained and also quite one more matter to be arrested and also extradited.

Getting extradited is a pretty complicated process because it varies based on the procedure and rules of the jurisdiction v the arrest warrant.

Many arrest warrants are never ever reported to the FBI’s nationwide Criminal Information center (NCIC), which means that a many arrest warrants space never also detected by agencies outside of the state or region where the warrant exists. (According come theFBI, about 60 percent ofallwarrants have actually anFBIidentification number.)

If one arrest warrant is reported to the NCIC and detected by the state you are in, the state hold the arrest warrant may not want to extradite folks from every state.

So that is feasible that your arrest warrant could somehow get detected but you room released since there is no extradition procedure in location from the state you are in. This could still cause you to be detained and go v a quite painful and also long procedure though for this reason be conscious of that.

On the other hand, some says will extradite girlfriend from an additional state, often when the state you’re in is adjacent or bordering the state with the warrant. This could result in you acquiring transported in the earlier of a police valve while being shackled up even if her warrant is for a young offense.

What about ID scans?

TSA agents frequently do not scan her ID.

Usually, they scan her boarding pass which will pull up info such as if you have TSA Pre-Check, or if you space subject come something like magnified security screening likewise known as SSSS (these markers are already visible on your boarding pass).

When lock ask for her ID what they room doing is verifying the your name matches the name on the boarding pass, that your identification is not fake or expired, and that girlfriend look choose the human being on her ID.

They might also be scanning your ID with an ultraviolet light to look at for any kind of phony identification facets found on your ID however that depends on the kind of ID you have.

So they are not tapping right into some database for exceptional warrants once you handover your boarding pass and also ID.

However, it’s worth noting that there are new devices being used such as the credential authentication modern technology (CAT) in certain airports where they carry out scan your ID.

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According come Bart Johnson, TSA’s Federal protection Director for Upstate brand-new York:

“The an innovation enhances detection capabilities because that identifying fraudulent documents such together driver’s licenses and also passports at checkpoints and also increases performance by immediately verifying passenger identification.”

There isn’t any type of mention around checking your name against the database for superior warrants however it’s worth noting the ID scans might be much more prevalent in the future.