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How well carry out you know the deer feeding regulations wherein you hunt? If you’ve never ever taken the time to look them up it have the right to be harder 보다 you think to find and also understand them. Luckily we’ve done the for you. Take a rapid moment to refresh yourself as it is vital to acquire familiarized with your state’s regulation so you don’t operation afoul of the law.

While compiling this perform it was amazing to see the variations in each says treatment of feeding because that deer. Every state has it own searching regulations and also unique quirks that variety from absolute hard bans ~ above the use of any type of deer feed all the means to very lax regulations on that use. Possibly in a future short article we’ll dive into the background of hunting regulations and why they room the method they are.

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Some examples of distinct regulations room the need to eliminate bait a duration of time front to searching or the start of the searching season, only being able come bait throughout hunting season, having actually to save bait the end of vision of hunter, the necessity to store bait a minimum street away from the hunter, or having actually to certain the volume the bait does no exceed a certain amount.

For rapid reference we have actually assembled the complying with table summarizing the regulation in every state. Please keep in mind these are basic guidelines and also typically just refer to personal land regulations. Together a general ascendancy some states permit feeding on exclusive lands while most disallow the on public hunting areas.

Bottom line, always check the regulation in the area you are hunting yourself prior to heading out.

(You can click the state to jump under to check out the regulation.)
Note: these regulations space presumed come be precise as of Summer 2018 yet it is her ultimate and also sole obligation to research and abide through the regulation yourself. Simply know the Feed Bandit takes no responsibility for any kind of trouble or shenanigans you obtain into based upon what is or isn’t debated here.

If you understand of a adjust in the law and also see that us haven’t updated our records, please email us and let united state know. Together you can imagine it’s tough to save up v the ever evolving regulations of 50 states on our own! Thanks.

Alabama department of Conservation and also Natural Resources

As we review this it is legal to feed for deer so lengthy as the is at the very least 100 yards away and also is no in the line of sight of the hunter. The feed needs to be hidden from watch by herbal vegetation or terrain features. An additional quirk is the you might hunt over an area that had actually deer feed however the feed has to have been gotten rid of or spend at least 10 work prior to hunting that area.


220-2-.11 banned Methods and Devices for searching (a) that shall it is in unlawful to concentrate, drive, rally, molest or to hunt, take, record or death or attempt to hunt, take, capture or kill any type of bird or pet from or through the help of:

(7) any area wherein feeding has taken place, until all the feed has been eliminated or consumed because that at the very least 10 days before such hunting.

Definition that bait:

No person at any time chandelier take, catch, kill or effort to take, capture or kill any type of bird or pet protected by regulation or regulation the the State that Alabama by means, help or use, directly or indirectly, of any type of bait such together shelled, shucked or unshucked corn or that wheat or other grain, salt or any type of other feeding whatsoever that has been so deposited, placed, distributed or scattered as to constitute because that such bird or pets a lure, attraction or enticement to, ~ above or over the area wherein such hunter or hunters are attempting to kill or take it them; provided, that such bird or pets may it is in taken under effectively shocked corn and also standing crops of corn, wheat or other grain or feed and also grains scattered solely as a an outcome of normal agricultural harvesting and detailed further, migratory birds might be pursued under the many recent provisions established by the U.S. Fish and also Wildlife service or regulations promulgated by the Commissioner that the room of Conservation and also Natural sources within the limits of the federal regulations.

Alaska department of Fish and also Game

It shows up that the use of deer feeding is illegal in Alaska.


You might NOT take video game by:Intentionally or negligently feeding deer, elk, moose, bear, wolf, coyote, fox, wolverine, sheep, or deleterious exotic wildlife, or intentionally leaving person food, pet food, mineral supplements or rubbish in a manner that attracts these animals, EXCEPT: you might hunt wolves, fox, and also wolverine with game parts that room not compelled to be salvaged.

Arizona Game and also Fish Department

This state is pretty clear. You can not feed because that deer or any other game animal. You deserve to only usage salt or mineral licks.


Attracting Wildlife with Unlawful procedures


Arkansas video game & Fish Commission

It shows up to be totally legal to feed for deer and hunt over that feed on exclusive lands. You simply can’t usage deer scents the contain deer to pee or other biofluids that a deer to attract them.


Feeding and Baiting Wildlife

Baiting is characterized as the direct or indirect placing, exposing, depositing, distributing or scattering of salt, grain or other feed that could serve together a attract or one attraction for wildlife to, top top or over any areas wherein hunters room attempting to take them.

It is legal to feeding wildlife, with these exceptions:

Bears might not be fed or baited for any reason, including photography or viewing, uneven it is 30 days prior to bear season v the finish of bear season on exclusive land in bear zones 1, 2, 5 and also 5A. Baiting is not permitted on wildlife monitoring areas. Deer and also elk may be hunted over bait in the CWD monitoring Zone from Sept. 1-Dec. 31 on exclusive land only. Migratory birds, wild turkeys, waterfowl or crows may not be hunted over bait if the hunter knows, or must reasonably know, the area is baited. one area is thought about baited for 10 work following complete removal the the bait. Alligators might not it is in fed or baited for any reasons, consisting of hunting, photography or viewing

It is illegal to usage deer scents, lures or various other items that contain organic deer urine or various other biofluids taken native deer.

California department of Fish and Wildlife

It appears to be illegal to use deer feed in California.



Knowingly feed huge game mammals. CCR T14-251.3.Take video game birds and mammals within 400 yards of any kind of baited area.This does not apply to the taking of game birds and also mammals top top or end standing crops, croplands, or grains discovered scattered exclusively as the an outcome of normal farming operations or procedures. CCR T14-257.5.Take bear within 400 yards of any kind of garbage dump or bait. CCR T14-365(e).

Colorado Parks & Wildlife

This state is pretty clear. You cannot feed for deer or any kind of other game animal. You might not also use salt or mineral licks. Usually you can’t execute anything. Period.



other than as detailed in subsections (A)(1-4) the this regulation no person shall place, deposit, distribution or scatter grain, hay, minerals, salt, or other foodstuffs so regarding intentionally constitute a lure, attraction or enticement for huge game not lawfully held in captivity. Crops and crop aftermath, including hay, alfalfa and grains, produced, harvested, save or fed to domestic livestock in accordance through normal agricultural practices shall no be topic to this regulation. once the Director identify it important to authorize feeding to prevent damages to personal property. as soon as the Director identify it necessary to authorize feeding to reduce the population loss anticipated by a guess winter mortality that will exceed 30 percent of the adult mrs segment the a large game ungulate population in any type of one video game Management Unit. once the Director determines it appropriate to feed large game together a part of a research or administration program. the shall it is in unlawful to location or deposit mineral or salt in an area so as to constitute a lure or attractant for wildlife. Naught in this regulation chandelier restrict the usage of salt or mineral blocks in normal farming practices. other than as listed in subsections (A)(1-4) of this regulation no person shall place, deposit, distribution or scatter any food or various other substance so regarding intentionally constitute a lure, attraction or enticement because that coyotes or fox in one area wherein the discharge of weapons is precluded by law. This regulation shall not use to any kind of person using any type of bait or other attractants because that the purpose of luring coyotes and fox for take together otherwise authorized by law.

Connecticut room of power & ecological Protection

It shows up that so long as you space in deer monitoring zones 11 and also 12 and also on exclusive lands just that you have the right to use deer feed and salt/mineral licks as well as scent attractants.


Use of Attractants because that Deer Hunting

The following attractants might be offered while hunting deer in Connecticut:

Deer decoys during the early and late archery seasons only.All species of odor attractants (i.e., doe in heat, buck lure, urine, tarsal glands, food smells, exhilaration pole) that carry out no substance for deer to consume.All species of sound attractants (i.e., doe calls, buck calls, antler rattling, electronic calls).Hunting end planted areas where normal farming planting, harvesting, or post-harvest manipulation is used.

In addition to the attractants noted above, the complying with are allowed on exclusive LANDS only while searching deer in DEER monitoring ZONES 11 and 12.

Minerals or chemistry that might be safely spend by deer (i.e., salt licks).Artificial or natural foods placed, scattered, dispersed or deposited (i.e., hay, grains, fruit, nuts and other foodstuffs that may be safely consumed by deer).

Note: the is strong recommended that individuals searching on private lands in zones 11 and 12 consult through landowners before placing attractants on their property.

Florida Fish and Wildlife conservation Commission

This is oddly worded but apparently on personal lands just you deserve to feed because that deer and hunt in the area where feeding is following so lengthy as you have been feeding at least 6 months before the hunt.


Feeding residents gameTaking game on floor or waters top top which corn, wheat, grain, food or various other substances have actually been deposit by method other than normal agricultural harvesting or planting is prohibited, other than as detailed below.Non-migratory video game may be hunted in proximity the year-round game-feeding train station on exclusive lands, detailed the feeding station has actually been kept with feed for at the very least six months prior to taking game.

Wild turkey might not it is in taken if the hunter is much less than 100 yards indigenous a video game feeding station as soon as feed is present.

The intentional location of feeding or garbage in a manner that is most likely to develop or create a public nuisance through attracting foxes, coyotes or raccoons is prohibited. Placing, supplying or allowing the location of feeding or garbage that is likely to produce or create a publicly nuisance by attracting bears is prohibited after receiving written notification from the FWC. The intentional feeding of bears or sandhill cranes is prohibited.

Georgia room of natural Resources Wildlife sources Division

Apparently that is legal come feed because that deer and hunt end the feeding in private lands yet only in specific counties. In the other counties the feed should be at the very least 200 yards away and also out of vision of the hunter. Be sure to inspect on what you have the right to do in the county in which you will do it be hunting.


BAITING Bait: corn, wheat, various other grains, salts, apples, and other feed that has been placed, exposed, deposited, distributed, or scattered so as to constitute a lure, attraction, or enticement come game pets or video game birds.


Hunt any kind of game animal (except as detailed below) or video game bird upon, over, around, or near bait. Hunt any area because that a duration of 10 job following finish removal of all bait. Hunt any huge game or feral hog end bait or place bait on any type of State or Federal managed lands. Ar bait in a manner that will cause hunting ~ above an nearby property to be prohibited.

Taking the any big game over bait is topic to a good of $5,000 and/or imprisonment up to 12 months.


In Harris, Talbot, Taylor, Peach, Houston, Twiggs, Wilkinson, Washington, Jefferson and Burke Counties and all counties southern of these, deer might be pursued over or near any kind of bait on exclusive lands provided the hunter has actually written permission from the landowner. In Troup, Meriwether, Upson, Crawford, Bibb, Jones, Baldwin, Hancock, Glascock, Warren, McDuffie and Richmond Counties and also all counties phibìc of these, that is unlawful to hunt deer in ~ 200 yards or within line of sight of bait.


Feral hogs may be pursued over or close to bait on personal lands year round in every county detailed that the bait is not put within 50 yards of any property property boundary. Put bait because that hogs might make a property (or portion of a property) un-huntable for various other species, such as turkeys. Hunters room urged to interact with others who might hunt other types on or near an area wherein baiting because that deer or hogs is being considered.

Idaho room of Fish and also Game

This state is quite clear that it is illegal to use deer feed and also salt/mineral licks yet you may use fluid scent.


It is unlwaful to:

To hunt any kind of game animal/bird by means of baiting through the exception of applicable rule for black color bear baiting permit and also gray wolf trapping (see black bear and also wolf sections). Bait is identified as any type of substance consisting of grain, salt in any form (liquid or solid), or any other substance placed to entice game animals/birds, other than liquid scent for deer, elk, moose, bighorn sheep and also mountain goat.

Illinois room of natural Resources

It shows up that the is illegal to use deer feed in Illinois.


Feeding Wildlife

It is unlawful come make available food, salt, mineral blocks or other assets for sloop down by wild deer or various other wildlife in areas where wild deer are current at any kind of time. Except:

elevated bird/squirrel feeders offering seed, grain, fruit, worms or suet for birds or squirrels situated within 100 feet the a dwelling committed to person occupancy. incidental feeding of wildlife within energetic livestock operations. feeding of wild animals, various other than wild deer, through hand as lengthy as a reasonable attempt is made to clean increase unconsumed food. Feeders for wildlife various other than deer so long as deer space excluded from the feeding in and around the feeder by fencing or other barriers. standing plants planted and also left standing as food plots because that wildlife. grain or other feed scattered or distributed solely together a result of common agricultural, gardening or soil stabilization practices. standing, flooded or manipulated natural vegetation or food/seed deposit by herbal vegetation. grain or various other feed spread or scattered solely as the result of manipulation the an farming crop or various other feed on the land whereby grown, for purposes of dove hunting. food material inserted for recording or death wildlife pursuant come 520 ILCS 5/2.37, 2.30, and also 1.3. scientific permits issued pursuant to 17 Ill. Adm. Password 520 that enable food to tempt wildlife. any type of other patent issued through DNR that need the attraction of wildlife for objectives of management, research study or control.

Indiana department of organic Resources

It shows up that it is legal to usage deer feed in Indiana approximately 10 days prior to hunting one area.


Fair follow It is illegal to use bait, salt, snares, dogs or other domesticated pets to take deer. Bait is considered any type of product that is transported right into a searching area and placed there for animal consumption. Baits can be in the type of salt, mineral blocks, all set solid or liquid, or piles of apologize or various other food that is intended for the animal to eat. An area is taken into consideration to be baited because that 10 work after the removal of the bait and any influenced soil. Dogs may be offered while ~ above a leash only to track or follow wounded deer. Artificial deer decoys space legal because that deer hunting.

Iowa department of herbal Resources

It appears that that is illegal to usage deer feed in Iowa.



You may not usage dogs, residential animals, bait, radios, handguns, rifles and also crossbows (except as described below), automobiles, aircraft, electronic calls or any type of mechanical conveyance or device to hunting deer. Paraplegics and single- or double-leg amputees might hunt from any kind of stationary motor driven conveyance. “Paraplegic” means an separation, personal, instance afflicted through paralysis the the lower half of the body with the authorized of both legs, normally due to disease or injury come the spinal cord. “Bait” way grain, fruit, vegetables, nuts, hay, salt, mineral blocks, or any type of other organic food materials, commercial products containing herbal food materials, or byproducts of such materials transported to or inserted in one area because that the purpose of attracting wildlife. Bait go not include livestock feed placed throughout normal farming activities.

Kentucky department of Fish & Wildlife Resources

It appears that using deer feed is legit in Kentucky on personal lands.


Baiting is prohibited on all WMAs, big South Fork nationwide River and Recreation Area, Daniel Boone national Forest, Jefferson national Forest, Land in between The Lakes and also state parks open to hunting. Wild turkey or bears shall not be hunted by the aid of bait, no one shall areas be pursued where bait is present. This has private floor baited because that deer. One area is thought about baited for 30 days after all bait has been removed. A baited area is any type of place where feed, seed or various other substances capable of luring wild turkeys or bears have been placed. One area whereby grains or other feeds exist together the an outcome of legitimate farming practices, or as the result of growing or manipulating a crop for wildlife management is legal for hunting.

Maine department of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife

It appears that utilizing deer feeding is illegal in Maine.


Placement the bait for hunting purposes:

As supplied in this section, “bait” way an animal, plant, or component thereof provided to attract wild animals for the objective of hunting.

A person Placing Bait for hunting Purposes Must:

Obtain oral or created permission indigenous the landowner or landowner’s agent.Plainly label the bait with a 2-inch by 4-inch tags containing the surname and resolve of the baiter.Clean increase the bait site automatically upon landowner request; or if not requested, in ~ 20 work of the critical day the website is hunted.

A human May Not:

Hunt over another person’s bait site without the baiter’s permission.Place any medicinal, poisonous, or stupefying substance to entice any animal.

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Species-specific Baiting Laws:

Baiting deer is prohibited.Baiting moose and turkey is banned September come December 15.Baiting turkey is prohibited during the spring wild turkey season.Further restrictions apply to bear baiting, see Bear Bait.