If someone has actually me blocked on their iphone, will the icons such together facetime ~ above my iphone still light up or will they it is in greyed out as soon as you go to their call card top top my iphone phone ?

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So... In various other words, the only way to identify if someone has actually blocked friend is to try and either facetime castle or call them. All icons still light up on their call card also though they may have blocked you.

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If you speak to them and they don"t answer, it can mean you"re blocked. Or, it could mean they have their call off. Or that it"s on carry out Not Disturb. Or, castle left the phone call in one more room.

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Great question. This concern im no to certain of . But im going to say the call card will certainly still be shown, ns hope i answered your concern i did the ideal i could!

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Well the is something thats demands to adjust on to apologize part. If friend block someone or someone block you, the icons in a persons contact card need to be greyed out. This can easily be added to the programming language in a future update. Many thanks for all the input everyone

techguy205 wrote:

Well the is something needs to change. If girlfriend block someone or someone blocks you, the symbols in a persons call card must be greyed out.

You don"t really have any right to understand why who isn"t answering her calls or texts. If i block someone with my carrier"s website, they aren"t notified. If I an easy silence the speak to from mine phone, human being aren"t notified.

There are some very an excellent reasons for not notifying someone that they have been blocked. Usually, human being are blocked since they have actually made a insect of themselves by not listening once someone says, "I don"t desire to talk to you. Don"t call me". Informing those world that they have been blocked could an outcome in an escalation from pest to stalker or worse.

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But, ns wouldn"t intend to check out any adjust in this.

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Feb 25, 2018 7:51 pm

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Question: Q: If someone has you blocked on your iphone, will certainly the facetime symbol on their call card of my phone still irradiate up or will certainly it it is in greyed out ? an ext Less

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