Peanut butter is a very popular sandwich spread out in a couple of countries. And it’s tempting to think the it large forever.

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So, does peanut butter go bad?

We intend the shelf life that peanut butter to be pretty long, and it absolutely is. However can it really go bad?

Similar to many other foods, peanut butter can spoil, but it happens really rarely. It have the right to go poor if it’s been contaminated somehow. If the wasn’t, you need to remember the it loser its taste end time.

Keep in mind that its shelf life (the time once its top quality is best) depends largely on exactly how you save it. If you keep it properly, friend should have the ability to eat or use it prior to it also starts to change its flavor.

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How To save Peanut Butter

Storing peanut butter is easy. The first thing you should remember is the the seasoned of peanut butter should constantly be closed v its lid when not in use. Peanuts (and because of this peanut butter) contain a many oil (fat), for this reason oxygen can transform the nut butter’s taste.

This procedure is referred to as rancidification – oxygen degradation fat’s structure which alters the flavor and also smell that the product. The much longer you expose peanut butter come air, the worse the taste will be.

When it involves unopened store-bought peanut butter, keep it in a cool, dark place, preferably in the pantry.

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Once you’ve opened up the container, you have the right to still keep it in the pantry if you plan to usage the components of the jar in ~ a couple of months. For an extensive storage maintaining the opened up peanut butter in the refrigerator is the much better option.

Opened peanut butter at room temperature gradually loses the flavor. Once you transfer it to the fridge, the process continues, however it is substantially slowed down. The just downside of save on computer peanut butter in the frozen refrigerator is the it becomes much firmer. And also that method it doesn’t spread out quickly and easily anymore.

If you do your very own peanut butter and also you don’t use any kind of stabilizers, the finest bet is to store it refrigerated.

Peanut butter: end of jar

How long Does Peanut Butter Last

Probably all peanut butter jars have a ‘Best By,’ ‘Use By’ or a similar label. That’s just the manufacturer’s details that the product must be of ideal quality because that such a period of time.

It doesn’t average that it’ll go rancid or taste terrible after that time. It rarely does. Unopened peanut butter have the right to last because that months or also years after the “best by” date, relying on how lot preservatives the contains.

Opened peanut butter, if save on computer in the fridge, can stay fine to use for at least a couple of months previous the day on the package.

If you desire to know how long is peanut butter good for after ~ the expiration date, over there isn’t a simple answer. It relies on that is ingredients and also how you save it.

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When it comes to homemade peanut butter, the shelf life relies on the recipe you use. In most recipes, authors point out how lengthy it lasts.

If girlfriend don’t include any perishable ingredients to her homemade peanut butter, it have to last at the very least a month, more than likely much longer. If girlfriend were looking for a fast homemade peanut butter recipe, inspect out this one.

Peanut Butter (Unopened)“Best By” + 6 – 12 months
Peanut Butter (Opened)“Best By”“Best By” + 3 – 6 months
Homemade Peanut Butter1 – 3 months

Please note that the days in the table space approximate. And also often the peanut butter will certainly last also longer.

How to Tell If Peanut Butter Is Bad

Since peanut butter contains a lot of fat and also a minimal quantity of water, bacteria and also fungi don’t have actually much chance to live and grow in peanut butter.

Oxygen seems to it is in the biggest variable that deserve to influence peanut butter (if it hasn’t to be contaminated somehow). And also as stated earlier, the doesn’t do peanut butter go bad, the just transforms its taste.

Please be afflicted with in psychic that as soon as you keep peanut butter for a lengthy time, oil could separate and you’ll see it on optimal of the container’s contents. Specifically the very same happens to almond butter. That’s perfect normal; you deserve to stir the sandwich spread and the peanut butter will be well again.

Word of caution below – if you an alert that peanut butter has actually a strange (or off) odor, its odor is altered drastically, or you just see that it’s miscellaneous wrong v it (besides oil separation), discard it. It’s always far better to it is in safe 보다 sorry.


The separated oil is, as you could imagine, peanut oil. There’s a whole short article on it called “Does peanut oil go bad?“, in situation you’re interested.

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If the peanut butter tastes just not as an excellent as it used to, that doesn’t typical it’s spoiled. If you can’t discover any particular signs of spoilage, opportunities are it’s for sure to consume.

Eating the most likely won’t ache you, yet you might want to discard it as result of its quality. It’s up to you. Some human being don’t mind peanut butter tasting a tiny different 보다 usual, some people do.

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Peanut Butter FAQ

What around natural peanut butter?

In this article, i don’t cite natural peanut butter, and also that’s on purpose.

The hatchet “natural” isn’t plainly defined, so organic peanut butter from every brand has its very own unique set of ingredients. Usually, organic PB contains at least 90% peanuts, however besides that, it’s approximately each brand what else is there. The healthiest PBs out there room those with one or two ingredients: peanuts and salt.

So, just how to store natural peanut butter? The same way you save “normal” peanut butter: in the pantry, strict closed. There’s no have to refrigerate natural peanut butter uneven the producer says so.

Does peanut butter and jelly go bad?

I think it’s for sure to say the everyone knows that a peanut butter and also jelly sandwich will go bad.

If left out, that will probably take a work or two prior to it beginning to thrive mold. If you chuck it into the fridge, it have the right to stay there for fairly a lengthy time (think days) there is no going bad. And also by not spoiling I typical it will certainly still be for sure to eat.

The issue here is the a PB and jelly sandwich will deteriorate in quality much faster. The bread will become soggy or taste stale, and you will most likely prefer to toss it out after a job in the refrigerator.

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Of course, you can experiment v different varieties of bread and amounts of PB and also jelly, and also maybe you can come up v a mix that big a little longer.