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If you space wondering how to chef canned corn top top the stove, you will be happy to understand that it is super simple to do and can be an extremely tasty too.


Cooking box corn on the range is super easy, however if you’ve never made it before you have the right to be a little unsure on exactly how to make it.

I love having actually canned goods on hand, particularly fruits and vegetables for those liven nights when acquiring something somewhat healthy and balanced on the dinner table is a struggle.

Or, because that those times once you fight the finish of the month and also have a few days come go until payday. You have the right to stock up on crate goods during sales and also then usage it when you need it.

Or, if you’ve ever done a “shop from your pantry” challenge, you might be trying to figure out how specifically to cook all that canned food. And eating box corn together a next dish is a perfect method to use up the crate corn.

We love frozen corn in ours house, yet sometimes ours freezer is bursting in ~ the seams and also I understand we can’t right a parcel of the frozen corn in there, but we can grab a can or 2 of crate corn and stick it in ours cabinet.

Canned Corn Recipe

Here is exactly how we do canned corn. I shot to buy supervisor sweet corn, as that is my an individual favorite, but any kind of canned corn will work.


Open you have the right to (or cans, if you have actually several human being eating).

I drain about fifty percent the liquid the end of the cans. So, if I’m making 2 cans, I drain one can.

Dump the corn into a saucepot. Stick that on the stove and turn the warm to medium.

You’ll desire to row the corn once you an initial stick the on the stove and then periodically after ~ that.

I don’t cook our corn for a long time. We favor our corn to it is in firm and also not mushy. We likewise have a gas stove, therefore our warmth output has tendency to it is in pretty hot.

I wait for the corn to begin boiling. Once it is boiling, I revolve the heat down to about medium-low and let it cook for around 2ish minutes.

Then, take it it turn off the heat and also drain the rest of the fluid from the pan.

Add in around 2 tablespoons the butter. You can include in a bit an ext or less, depending on how lot butter girlfriend like. Stir the in.


Next, season to taste with salt and also pepper. I add in a couple of pinches the salt and big shake of pepper (so the top is sprinkled everywhere with the pepper. I use a Costco pepper container, for this reason a lot has tendency to come out, but we like pepper in my house).


Stir the corn till the butter is melted and also the salt and also pepper is mixed in. That is currently ready to eat.


My kids and husband every LOVE crate corn this way. That doesn’t take any time at every to make and is at sight easy.


Some commonly asked questions around cooking canned corn.

Nope, the corn was cooked before and also it is prepared to eat if you wanted to. The tastes a lot far better if you warmth it up though.

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Our favorite is just adding a small butter, salt, and pepper. Over there are numerous other spices you can include such as paprika, basil, red pepper flakes, sugar, and also seasoning salt.