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It’s frequently one the those points that ends up in your hand once you’re looking the kitchen cupboards searching for something you can rustle increase quickly, so knowing exactly how to chef canned corn and also turn it right into something tasty can be a lifesaver.

These gold nuggets room a lot an ext versatile than you think and, contrary to popular belief, they’re pretty an excellent for you, too, which we’ll explore an ext in this post.

We’ll also take a look at a couple of recipes as well as a few different means to chef canned corn. First, let’s bust a few myths the have end up being attached to these shiny yellow kernels.


Common canned corn mythsHow to cook canned cornMethodsCanned corn recipes

Common canned corn myths

Before we acquire cooking, let’s explode a few myths, chandelier we?

Myth #1: Sweet corn is a grain, for this reason it need to be negative for me?

First off, no all grains room bad. Second, sweet corn isn’t actually a grain, anyway. Well, no all the time.

When harvested early on for human being consumption, it’s concerned as a vegetable because, unlike field corn, it’s picked when immature and also at it’s “milk stage”, fairly than being left to mature and also dry out. Dried kernels harvested for flour production and also suchare considered grains, however.

Myth #2: all corn is gene modified

Actually, it isn’t. Again, the man comes around because of field corn, i beg your pardon is heavily impacted by genetic modification. Sweet corn is mostly GMO-free corn, yet you must still examine your labels together GMO sweet corn does exist.

Buying organic will certainly guarantee that your corn has not been genetically modified as the the USDA prohibits the practice for necessary products. (1)

Myth #3: Sweet corn is complete of street so must be avoided

Sweet corn does have a fair whack of sugar in it otherwise it’s name would certainly be a little misleading, yet should you really stop it? Well, for starters the sugar is natural, therefore it’s far much better than the refined muck (providing you inspect the deserve to to make display those pesky manufacturers haven’t added any).

Second, other foods items we love such together apples, bananas, figs and also dates all have actually lots more sugar in them than sweet corn, but we still chow down on those negative boys.

Myth #4: Canning destroys all of the nutrients

Now, before you acquire all furious with me, allow me say that in no method am ns saying you need to favor canned create over fresh. I’d never ever say that. I’m constantly banging on around the prominence of eating appropriate whole foods that have had actually the ceiling minimum of human interference.

However, crate veggies have the right to be a handy point to have in case of emergencies, however there are comes to over even if it is you are sacrificing nutrient for convenience once using them, for sure.

Thankfully, studies have shown that nutrients levels remain reasonably stable in canned produce, thanks greatly to the absence of oxygen which reasons fresh fruits and veggies to rapidly deteriorate. (2)

In fact, fresh produce may, in some instances, be less nutrient thick than box produce, relying on how it has been stored prior to it hits your plate. Eek!

The essential thing to remember is to ensure you just buy box corn that has actually nothing in the tin various other than corn and also water. No salt, no sugar. Better yet, buy the best pressure canner you deserve to afford and can your own!

Myth #5: box corn has actually zero wellness benefits

Not true. Crate corn has quite a couple of things going for it, actually. One of the standout health and wellness benefits of box corn is the truth that it can aid prevent eye diseases, thanks to its high antioxidant values.

Carotenoids likelutein and zeaxanthin room what offer corn the brilliant yellow coloration, however they have the right to also help reduce the danger of macular degeneration, too.

Sweetcorn is also high in folate, or vitamin B9. This vital vitamin may aid with cardiovascular disease prevention, reducing cholesterol levels, and also could even lower the risk of strokes. (3, 4, 5)

How does corn obtain inside the can?

It’s quite a process, so to conserve time and also give you a more interesting way of detect out around canning corn, here’s a neat video by exactly how It’s Made:

How to cook canned corn

Now we understand a small bit more about canned sweet corn and have dispelled a few of the myths the surround it; it’s time to acquire cooking!


Before we get to the crate corn recipes, let’s go over a couple of basic techniques you have the right to use if you simply want to offer your corn together it is:

Cooking crate corn ~ above a stovetop

Probably the many traditional method of cooking canned corn is ~ above a stovetop, and it couldn’t be simpler:

1. every you must do is open up your can of corn and also tip the materials into a small-to-medium size saucepan.

2. ar your pan on the stovetop over a medium heat and stir commonly to ensure that your corn it s okay cooked evenly.

3. Season through a tiny salt and also pepper come taste.

4. check the corn to ensure that it’s cooked through and you’re seasoning is good.

5. once the corn is warm all the method through, serve.

TIP: come really lug out the golden yellow of the kernels, drizzle and toss v a tiny olive oil prior to serving.

1. First, obtain the deserve to open and also tip the materials into a colander or sieve to drain the liquid from your kernels before rinsing them under to run water in your sink.

2. Next, grab a microwavable container and place your rinsed corn inside.

3. give your corn a few twists that salt and pepper prior to cooking and drizzle with a tiny olive oil. Not sure just how much salt and pepper you must use? mental the old adage: you have the right to add, however you can’t take it away, so use simply a little to begin with.

4. sheathe the container, however be sure to leaving some type of gap to enable the vapor to escape – us don’t want any kind of explosions!

5. ar inside the microwave and also cook ~ above high because that 2 minutes.

6. remove the container native the microwave, line well, and also check her seasoning. Add much more salt and pepper if desired.

7. Place back inside the microwave and also cook for a more 2 minutes.

8. remove from microwave, stir again, and also serve.

Oven small canned corn

This is a an excellent alternative, and it’s likewise a great option if you’re not as well keen ~ above corn cook in a constant fashion. Roasting the corn transforms the flavor and texture of the kernels, offering you a tasty act perfect because that snacking on:

1. Preheat your cooktop to 450f (230c).

2. open your have the right to of corn, drain in a colander or sieve and rinse under a tap.

3. Pat her corn dry v a kitchen bath towel to remove as much moisture together possible.

4. Toss the kernels in 1tsp of olive oil.

5. Lay your kernels the end on a baking sheet, ensuring that they have actually plenty the room and type a solitary layer.

6. place the baking paper in the height of your range to obtain the maximum lot of heat to lock quickly.

7. cooking times will certainly vary, so store checking them, transforming the kernels each time you carry out so (you have the right to do this through simply providing the baking paper a shake).

8. her baked box corn will be prepared to eat as soon as they rotate a deep golden brown. As soon as done, remove from the oven and also season follow to taste.

9. serve either top top their very own or together a crunchy salad topper. (Get much more salad recipes here!)

Canned corn recipes

Now, the over methods are all fine and great if you want a quick and also simple method to eat her kernels, yet let’s challenge it, when they present you exactly how to chef canned corn they’re a little boring.

So, to add a little bit of excited to her store-cupboard staple, examine out these canned corn recipes from some of my favorite foodies.

Vegan zucchini corn fritters

Melissa Huggins of the ever-brilliant vegan Huggs has actually taken corn fritters come whole brand-new level with this recipe. Melissa recommends either new or frozen corn in her recipe, but I switched them the end for canned corn and the outcomes were amazing. Go make some now!

Vegan lentil chili

Have you acquired that one non-vegan girlfriend who constantly goes on around how vegan food look at gray and also unappetizing? Well, choose up the phone and get them end to re-superstructure this vegan lentil chili from Jenn in ~ Peas and also Crayons…just look at those colors!

The recipemay it is in lengthy, however I promise this is super-easy come make and also you’ll desire to carry out it again and again.

Black bean and also corn vegan quesadilla

Looking because that something quick and easy, yet exceptionally tasty? willow over at create Mindfully has got the perfect recipe because that you. These black color bean and also corn vegetables quesadillas space ridiculously basic to make, however boy do they work! Perfect for as soon as friends come end unexpectedly. Walk take a look!

Summer corn chowder

This is one more recipe that calls because that fresh sweet corn, yet at a pinch crate corn deserve to be substituted in. Keri has some wonderful recipes on fashionable Foods and while not every one of them room vegan, several of them are and also it’s worth digging with her site because there room a couple of real gems for you to make.

Get she summer corn chowder cooking recipes here.

Mexican vegan vegetables stew

Tracy that the wonderfully called Baking Mischief has provided us something rather to smile around with this canned corn recipe. Low in calories, however high in flavor, this is absolutely perfect because that those cold evenings when you’re in require of lull food…regardless of the reason why! go visit her website now and also bookmark this cooking recipes so you’ll never lose it.

One of our favorite people online is Lindsay Cotter the Cotter Crunch. She gluten-free site is a should if you have actually a gluten intolerance and want part kitchen inspiration, yet it’s likewise home come some remarkable vegan recipes, too, as with this one!

Like some of the various other dishes we’ve pointed out here, fresh corn right off the the cob is preferable, however I’ve make this through canned corn and also it’s tho delicious. As ever, simply make sure you buy organic and avoid brands with included salt and sugar if girlfriend can.

Phew! What began out as a “how to chef canned corn”post turned right into something a little longer than I expected. We touched ~ above a couple of of the health benefits associated with these golden kernels, busted a few myths, and even featured few of my favorite go-to box corn recipes, too.

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I hope you took pleasure in reading it as lot as I took pleasure in putting it together for you. If you’d prefer to comment, you re welcome feel complimentary to perform so. I’d love to hear your thoughts.