As long as a person has actually the right mix of height and also leaping ability, anybody can dunk. This way female basketball football player can absolutely dunk. However, they execute not dunk as frequently as masculine basketball players.

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Men are typically taller and much more athletic than their females counterparts. However that doesn’t mean dunking for female football player is impossible.

In fact, over there have already been numerous dunks tape-recorded in women’s basketball. It uses to both college and professional levels.

7 woman Basketball Dunkers

The first-ever recorded dunk in women’s basketball was back in 1984 in the Women’s nationwide Collegiate strong Association (WNCAA) basketball tournament. Georgeann Wells that West Virginia college (WVU) dunked throughout a basketball game on December 21, 1984(1).

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7 female Basketball Dunkers
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Shortest woman to Dunk in a game
Tallest mrs to Dunk in a video game
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woman basketball players who dunked external the WNBA
perform of mrs basketball football player who have dunked in a university basketball video game
do dunks matter for woman basketball players?

The tallest WNBA player ever before is not on the perform of mrs basketball players that dunked in a basketball game.

Margo Dydek is a polish female basketball player whose career covered 11 seasons and three franchises in the WNBA. Her height is 7 feet, 2 inch tall.

Dydek first played in 1998 for the Utah Starzz. She remained with the club until the franchise relocated to san Antonio in 2004 and was renamed the mountain Antonio silver- Stars.

In 2005, Dydek to be traded to the Connecticut Sun, whereby she would play her next three seasons.

She retired after the 2008 season as soon as she had a year that duty with the Los Angeles Sparks.

Three years after she retirement, Dydek experienced a cardiac arrest while she to be pregnant.

She never regained consciousness afterward. Dydek passed away eight days after that May 27, 2011.

She finished she career as the WNBA’s all-time leader in clogged shots through 877. She also led the organization in block in nine out of her 11 seasons in the WNBA.

Female basketball players who dunked exterior the WNBA

If the an initial dunk taped in women’s basketball happened exterior the WNBA, then it is a certainty the there are other dunks outside the WNBA.

In fact, eight players have actually dunked in college basketball. Four of those players taken place to duplicate the feat in the WNBA(5).

List of female basketball football player who have actually dunked in a university basketball game

Charlotte SmithMichelle eye (also did the in the WNBA)Georgeann WellsSancho LyttleCandace Parker (also did that in the WNBA twice)Sylvia Fowles (also did it in the WNBA)Brittney Griner (also did that in the WNBA 14 times)Francesca Belibi

Do dunks issue for woman basketball players?

Dunks is not the end-all, be-all because that female basketball players. However, dunking transforms the perception of fans towards the sport.

People have actually not bring away women’s basketball seriously enough for the past pair of decades.

Dunks usually symbolize both authority and excitement for most players. The an ext female basketball football player dunk in a game, the much more people would talk about them.

Dunking because that female basketball players close the door the gap in between them and their male counterparts in the NBA. Much more dunks mean an ext reasons to watch women’s basketball.

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Therefore, I appreciate the rise in female dunkers in the WNBA—both in terms of entertainment value and also level of the league and also players.