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Flat tummy Tea is an herbal detox tea that promises to “get that tummy back to flat.” flat Tummy Tea is being advocated by truth stars on their Instagram profiles, yet that doesn’t mean it works or the the celebrities also use the tea. Our significant concern with level Tummy Tea is that you have the right to take the for up to a month. The formula includes a laxative, which have to only be provided for quick periods.

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This issue pushed our research study team into action – they may have discovered a few other inequalities with this “tummy flattening” tea too. Review our summary, below, to check out if this product lives up to its claims.

Flat ship Tea can be purchased with their main Site.

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What is level Tummy Tea?

Flat tummy Tea is a two-stage detox herbal supplement made by FlatTummy.Co. Depending upon which package you decided to purchase, the herbal supplement contains the Activate Tea & clean Tea and also Activate & preserve Tea.

Both 2-week and also 4-week packs will certainly contain the Activate Tea & clean Tea, if the Subscription package consists of the Activate Tea and Maintain Tea.

As of January 2020, maintain Tea is no longer easily accessible on the official flat Tummy Tea website. There are, however, numerous other products including Metabolism support Iced Tea, apple cider vinegar gummies and also weight management shakes.

The basic idea behind flat Tummy Tea is come cleanse and debloat, follow to the main website, but they also talk around speeding increase metabolism. Have the right to the ingredients in this tea carry out such a thing?


Flat tummy Tea Product Warnings

The packaging says that this product could affect contraceptive pill users due to the detoxifying nature, return the website does no have any type of backup information concerning this claim yet. It is likewise not recommended because that pregnant or breastfeeding users even though the product is 100% natural.

Most virtual reviews have additionally indicated the the product does no work and will result in constant toilet trips there is no losing any kind of efficient mass.

Last but not least, this product is because that users over the age of 18 only, and also so underage users must consult your parents before purchasing this product.

Any level Tummy Tea Lawsuits?

There room no lawsuits versus Flat tummy Tea.

Flat tummy Tea Alternatives

Flat tummy Tea options include:

Trim Tea

What Users space Saying

“This tea works yet you have to be consistent and you have actually to readjust your diet. It helped to manage my restroom habits and also the at some point cleansed my body. Ns on mainly one for this reason far. Occasionally I also add a little much more than encourage of the clean one. Be certain to take it in morning and one before bed. It’s essential to monitor this to a t. It’s not a wonder tea. And also shouldn’t be relied on specifically to shed weight. I cut out soda and also starches and it helped a lot. If the isn’t working for you climate you might need a stronger tea. I recommend senna because that those that this tea doesn’t work and you can include peppermint or mint because that bloating.”


“Does not occupational – This is no the cleansing tea I believed it was.”

Amanda Woods

“So I have been drink this tea because that a mainly now and also I check out no outcomes whatsoever. I drink tea daily so this is nothing contrasted to constant tea. I notice that the clean package has senna sheet which is legit and also will make you use the bathroom. Probably put an ext of that product (senna leaves) in the package?! Anyhow didn’t occupational for and yes I know everyone is different. The tea ns buy at walmart (detox, clean ) they occupational wayyyyyyyyyy much better than this flat tummy tea and also they only expense $2-$3. Am simply saying!”

Kae Laster

The Bottom line on level Tummy Tea

Are we impending up a cup right now? Well, we choose the enhancement of green tea, but that’s not sufficient to curb our hesitations. We space uncomfortable offering this one our recommendation since using laxatives and diuretics for weight-loss have the right to lead come nasty next effects, based upon customer reviews and also scientific research.

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