Cherries are an exceptional fruit that has actually lots that nutrients but eating too lot of that isn’t a good idea either, together proven by this 32-year-old lady in Chongqing, China.

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According to Sina, the lady surnamed Wang to be preparing to go to Wuhan because that the Chinese new Year celebrations once she received two boxes of new cherries from she relatives and friends. Since there would be nobody home during the holidays, she decided to to wash the cherries and put castle in two big bags so that she could eat them during her journey to Wuhan.


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A few days later, Wang experienced major stomach discomfort after she obtained off the airplane and rushed come the toilet in the hotel. She was shocked as soon as she uncovered that her poop looked “bloody” and also red in colour. she diarrhoea continued and she had to go to the toilet for much more than 20 time in one night. At one point, it acquired so bad that she also fainted in the bathroom!

Her household was worried about her and sent her to the hospital the next morning whereby the doctor quickly ran part tests on her stools. However, when the outcomes came back, the doctor was surprised to see that there were no big issues with her stools.


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The doctor suspected the the “bloody stools” that increased the alarm could actually be led to by red pigments in the food the Wang had actually eaten and also began to inquiry her.

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It was then the Wang recalled she had eaten 3kg of new cherries for five days straight and also before she got off the aircraft to Wuhan, she had actually eaten about 50 cherries in one go. That’s a lot! 

She to be diagnosed v acute gastroenteritis because she had eaten too countless cherries that additionally caused she to poop an ext than 20 time in one night. The medical professional advised the public not come eat an ext than 20 cherries in one sitting and also to drink an ext water ~ that. In fact, the recommended daily fruit entry is only 400 grams every day, Healthline reports.


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Since Wang had exceeded the encourage amount that fruits, the wasn’t unexplained that she would feel unwell. Fitness Republic claims that eat too many cherries can reason bloating, flatulence, uncomfortable stomach, inflammation or even respiratory problems. That course, if you don’t overeat, cherries are great for her body so do keep that in mind!

Take note guys, and don’t overconsume fruits as it can be negative for you!

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