No matter how numerous periods you’ve had actually or how organized girlfriend are, it’s an ext than likely that you’ve been captured out there is no an extra menstrual product in her bag. If girlfriend wear tampons this can be extra problematic. You know you placed it in as soon as you woke up and you simply need it come last until the finish of the day. However, yes sir no getting away native the truth that the box warns you not to store a tampon in for longer than eight hours. So, what actually happens if you leave a tampon in for as well long? The tales and rumors of civilization who ended up in a hospital bed due to the fact that they didn’t adjust their tampon may have actually made the ring on playgrounds everywhere however there might be something in them.

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Tampons work-related like an absorbent plug. Once you insert them into your vagina castle soak up your menstrual blood and also the muscles in your vagina will organize it in location so that can’t gain lost in her body. Friend shouldn’t be able to feel it when it’s in place.

When it come to changing your tampon, the Food and Drug management (FDA) says it’s ideal to change them after 4 to eight hours. To stay on the for sure side leaving that no much longer than six hrs will reduced your threat of infection. If girlfriend sleep because that no longer than eight hours then the a an excellent option for as soon as you’re ~ above your duration so long as you adjust it as quickly as you wake up.

While that an extremely rare infection, it’s an ext than likely you’ll have heard of toxic shock syndrome. TSS deserve to be caused by a toxic substance that is created by specific kinds that bacteria which can enter the bloodstream v the uterus or vaginal lining if you leaving a tampon in for as well long. Every year, less than 1 the end of every 100,000 civilization contracts toxic shock syndrome and also those situations aren’t all attributed to menstrual products. However, the results can it is in severe.

TSS results from toxins created by Staphylococcus aureus (staph) bacteria, however the condition may also be led to by toxins produced by team A streptococcus (strep) bacteria. Men, premenopausal women and also children deserve to all suffer from it and also it may originally manifest together a fever, vomiting and diarrhoea, a rash, aches and pains, and headaches. Symptoms may then relocate onto seizures and also TSS can cause organ damage, shock and also in some situations death.

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Due come the horrible nature that TSS, there’s tiny surprise regarding why so many people have heard around it. However, if you’ve left a tampon on because that a small over eight hours and you’re not suffering symptoms you don’t need to be alarmed. If girlfriend forget to eliminate your tampon the may end up being compressed at the top of her vagina. In that case, it may be uncomfortable to remove. If she struggling then contact your doctor.

Rather than just settling for tampons through one level of absorbency think about how heavy or irradiate your flow is throughout your cycle and how regularly you readjust your tampon. The FDA recommends utilizing the lowest absorbency tampon you require for your flow and lifestyle.

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Toxic shock syndrome is scary v serious aftermath but that also really rare. If you leaving a tampon in when or twice for a little over the encourage time then it’s likely you may simply experience discomfort acquisition it out and a adjust in discharge. However, it’s vital to follow guidance. To look after your menstrual wellness the ideal you deserve to keep an eye ~ above your period flow and tailor what girlfriend use and also how frequently you adjust your tampon roughly that.


I have actually a specific interest in the changing cultural attitudes approximately periods, endometriosis, contraception, and menopause and also the research that"s being excellent to better

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I have actually a certain interest in the an altering cultural attitudes approximately periods, endometriosis, contraception, and menopause and the study that"s being done to far better the stays of civilization who identify as women. I"m a reporter and also feature writer, mine work has been released in Bustle, Metro, Restless, HuffPost, among others. Native the side impacts of contraception to why girlfriend sweat an ext when you"re on her period, ns think every instance is made better when you talk about it (preferably end a cup the tea.)