In our latest question and also answer, the pharmacist discusses even if it is Ambien deserve to be reduced in half and if half-dosages are effective for treating insomnia.

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Suzie asked

52 yr old white female. Taking 10 mg the ambien critical year and a half. Prescribed by obgyn. Reg doc says thats too high of a dose. Ns seem to wake up up a couple hours after ~ sleeping and also act drunk. I eventually go back to bed and sleep the remainder of the night. Reg doc said I cut pills in half. I have done this because that 3 nights now. Not sleeping. Will the dosage eventually work itself out so the 5mg will work? just how long will certainly this take?


Ambien (zolpidem) can safely it is in cut/split in half.

However, that is crucial to note that Ambien likewise comes in prolonged release formulation, Ambien CR. Ambien CR need to notbe split, together this may result in the whole dose of the medication being released at once, significantly increasing the danger of next effects.

In addition, if you have actually been acquisition one tablet of Ambien 10mg for an extended period of time and also are spring to separation the tablet computer to obtain a sheep of 5mg, you may experience rebound insomnia for a couple of days/weeks.

Safe Ambien Doses

The usual beginning dose because that adults, especially females, is 5mg as soon as at night,at least 7 to 8 hrs remaining before the planned time that awakening to alleviate the risk of next day sedation.Higher doses (e.g. 10mg) is much more likely to reason next-day impairment and the side effects you discussed in your inquiry (acting drunk).

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It is not uncommon for reduced doses, such as 5mg, to no work almost as fine if you have been taking higher doses. Ambien has been well-known to cause dependency and withdrawal reactions in some individuals. Immediately stopping or lowering the dosage also much, as well quickly, can cause:

InsomniaNervousnessShakingSweatingFast heart rate

It sounds as though you might be having actually rebound insomnia. This will usually resolve after 1 come 2 weeks, however if friend are having actually continued an obstacle falling asleep, be sure to reach the end to your physician for treatment options. They might decide to gradually taper your dose down from 10mg or lock may shot alternative drugs such together Ambien CR, Lunesta or Sonata for example.