Country Crock® tree Butter believes unique occasions choose birthdays deserve to be celebrated, also in complicated times. Throughout the month of April through June 2020, we partnered through 10 wonderful bakeries throughout the U.S. To bake and also deliver birthday cakes for safe and happy date of birth celebrations at home. We lent support to this beloved hometown bakeries and their staff so they can keep doing what they execute best….putting smiles on deals with with your delicious small treats.

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Cooks, bakes and also tastes like butter*

Substitute nation Crock® plant Butter for dairy butter one-for-one in her favorite recipes. Dairy-free, gluten-free, and certified tree Based through the tree Based foods Association, country Crock® plant Butter sticks cook, bake and also taste choose butter.*

*Tested and when provided with country Crock®Plant Butter sticks.

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At country Crock®Plant Butter, we room passionate around plant-based eating and being kind to animals.So, together with Country Crock® tree Butter brand fan Antoni Porowski, we checked out vegan icon and also cupcake-lover Esther the Wonder Pig at she home, the Happily ever Esther farm Sanctuary. Us baked Esther’s favorite vegan cupcake cooking recipes made with nation Crock® plant Butter and also learned around the connection between eating plant-based and kindness to animals. In October 2020, we partnered with Cute together a Cupcake bakery in celebration of World animal Day to make a limited-edition vegan Vanilla Cutie Esther the Wonder Pig cupcake in a jug that directly benefitted animal sanctuaries, including Esther’s home, the Happily ever before Esther farm yard Sanctuary, The tenderness Barn, and also Woodstock Sanctuary.

Better for your household – and also the planet

Hear why few of the many hardcore butter lover in the civilization are selecting Plant Butter over dairy butter.


Loved by Antoni Porowski, celebrity chef

Antoni is a television personality and chef who freshly discovered nation Crock® plant Butter. Now he’s dazzling to surprise fans and also fellow butter lovers by using nation Crock® tree Butter for dairy-free, plant-based cooking and also baking– taking classic recipes and also evolving them through a plant-based alternate that tastes prefer butter.

Loved through Lynn Rupley-Smith, Baking champion

Lynn is a champion baker who has won 229 blue ribbons in ~ state fairs. She has always loved the taste of dairy butter in her award-winning dishes. However, because making the move to country Crock® plant Butter, her winning streak has continued – win blue ribbons in ~ the state same baking competition through both she strawberry rhubarb and also shoofly pies!

Loved through Cammie, butter noodle connoisseur

Cammie is an professional on the one thing she’ll eat – buttered noodles. However to acquire this five-year-old come eat a little bit better, the household recently converted to nation Crock® plant Butter. Currently she loves who things: buttered noodles and plant buttered noodles.

Loved through Timothy Pakron, vegetables chef and also blogger

Timothy is a vegetables chef, recipe developer and food blogger recognized as The Mississippi Vegan. As a long-time vegan, he hasn’t eaten traditional dairy butter in end 10 years. With country Crock® plant Butter, he’s excited to be producing delicious southern comfort foods that are fully dairy-free without compromising top top flavor.

Loved by Nisha Vora, vegetable chef and blogger

Nisha is a vegetable chef, cookbook author, and also food blogger. Nisha is the creator the Rainbow tree Life, a renowned vegan Instagram account, YouTube channel, and blog. She seamlessly marries vegetables and fruits through dairy-free alternatives to develop mouthwatering, also indulgent dishes that please plant-eaters and omnivores alike. Through Plant Butter, Nisha is excited to develop delicious, buttery desserts that space 100% vegan however don"t sacrifice on texture or flavor.

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Try our delicious Plant-Based recipes!

Country Crock® tree Butter sticks have the right to be supplied one-for-one because that dairy butter in her favorite recipes. Check out our country Crock® tree Butter recipes for some inspiration!

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