Bacon is by far one that the most well-known items civilization like to chef on their level top grill/griddle. Even if it is you prefer your bacon chewy or crisp, thick-cut or thin, we’ll show you exactly how to chef bacon top top a griddle to perfection.

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This is an obvious breakfast staple, yet you’ll find yourself making bacon more and more on your griddle come accompany other dishes prefer bacon smash burgers, bacon jalapeno poppers, and also bacon-wrapped scallops. Let’s take a watch at everything you must know about cooking bacon on a griddle.

Making Griddle Bacon

Gas griddles are perfect for food preparation bacon due to the fact that you can chef a lot at one time, and it’s basic to eliminate excess grease together your cooking.

When cooking up a big batch that bacon on your Blackstone or one more brand the gas griddle, there’s some essential steps and also tips to follow, so the comes out just just how you prefer it. Let’s review every little thing you need to recognize for perfectly cooked bacon.

Tips because that Making Perfect Bacon

Take your bacon out of the refrigerator 20-30 minutes prior to cooking, so it’s room temperature. This will help it cook better.Each bacon pack is unique and may chef faster or slower, so be flexible v the food preparation time.

Griddle Temperature for Bacon

What’s the ideal griddle temp for bacon? It’s 325-350 degrees and here’s why. If you chef the bacon at as well high a temperature, it’s an ext likely to cook unevenly and also burn. You want it to cook at a nice also temperature that enables the bacon’s fat to render slowly.


Another benefit of a bacon push is that it can assist cook the bacon native the top and also the bottom at the same time. You deserve to place the press on the griddle and allow it to heat up. 

Once nice and hot, you location it on peak of the bacon, therefore the bacon is cooking on both sides. This likewise cooks the bacon an ext quickly, so the shortens the time needed to do it.

Using a griddle press is certainly not a requirement but can aid in the process, so selecting whether to use one or not is as much as you.

How to cook Bacon top top a Griddle

We’ve extended the points you’ll must be aware of when food preparation bacon on her griddle, but now we’ll to walk you v the food preparation process. Here’s what you’ll need.

What You’ll Need:

BaconTongsPaper towelsPlateBacon press (optional)

Step 1

Take her bacon the end of the refrigerator 20-30 minutes prior to cooking, so it comes warmth up to room temperature. This helps the bacon cook better. Fire up your griddle and set it to tool heat. If you have actually an infrared thermometer, aim for 325-350 degrees.

If utilizing a bacon press, ar this ~ above the cooktop currently so it can heat up. When the griddle has reached the proper temperature, begin to ar the bacon strips top top the cooktop. Make certain the strips space not touching and also have some an are between them.

Step 2

Allow the bacon to begin cooking. That will chef for about 5-8 minute on the an initial side, depending upon the bacon cut’s thickness. Grease will start to accumulate, so use a spatula or coffee to push any type of excess into the grease trap.

Once the bacon has cooked for between 5-8 minutes, usage your tongs to very closely flip each item and enable it to proceed cooking for an additional 5-8 minutes.

If making use of a bacon press, ar it on top of the bacon right after placing the on the griddle. The bacon should chef in around 4-6 minutes, relying on the thickness the the bacon. There’s no have to flip the bacon if using a press.

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Step 3

Once the bacon has actually reached your preferred level that crispiness, carefully remove the from the griddle using a clean pair that tongs and also place the on a plate with file towels. When all the bacon is removed, ar additional file towels on height of the bacon to absorb the extra bacon grease.