Cooking the perfect steak have the right to actually it is in a difficult challenge. It"s often a guess to gain the steak come the temperature girlfriend desire, and it"s regularly overcooked or undercooked due to the fact that you either acquire too conservative with the food preparation time or cook it too lengthy to ensure the it"s cooked through.

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However, these males may have just figured out the perfect hack to cook a juicy, medium-rare steak. And it doesn"t call for using a stovetop at all.

YouTube comedians Rhett and also Link attempted to cook steaks using different household appliances ~ above their daily talk show "Good Mythical Morning." castle experimented through an iron, a toaster, and also even a dishwasher. The results of each experiment were pretty interesting, to say the least.

I"m walking to emphasis on the iron and also toaster because that now, since I wasn"t impressed through the dishwasher results. The takes two hours, needs a vacuum sealer, and... Well...


Cooking the steak through an iron surprised me, together it actually looked extremely impressive. We"ve viewed EpicMealTime usage an steel to do a an easy grilled cheese, but I never imagined the you could make a medium rare steak with an iron.


Not just does it acquire an superior charon the outside, but it cooks through in 13 minutes - around the exact same amount the time it would take because that a similar steak to cook through ~ above the stove. Girlfriend can likewise use the spray/steam duty of the iron to marinate and steam the meat, making it even more tender.

While Rhett and also Link provided two irons to halve the food preparation time, simply turning the steak after six and also a fifty percent minutes gets the job done if friend don"t have two irons top top hand.


This could be the can be fried hotel meal hack, due to the fact that most hotel rooms have actually irons in them at the very least. If friend don"t want to go spend a ton the money at a restaurant when traveling, simply pick up a steak and also cook the on her iron. Ns might try that the following time I"m top top a trip simply to view for myself.


Rhett and also Link also made new York Strips in a toaster, whichsounds crazy. That"s a high-quality item of meat, and something like a toaster is usually meant for... Well, bread. However, it is simply high heat on a contact surface, an interpretation that you could get good color and temperature top top the beef.


The toaster-cooked steaks actually turned out exceptionally well, request just 4 cycles top top high heat to gain them to a medium rare. They acquired a nice color and looked pretty tasty.

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If you"re looking to make steak quick, not need to worry about using a pan or grill, and also want to get it come a specific temperature, maybe using an iron or toaster is the means to go.