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A gif represents graphics interchange format and also is a bitmap image style file. It’s not a video file, think of it as a moving snapshot file. Gifs are a good way to respond to people and can regularly be puzzled with a meme.

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I usage gifs every THE TIME and figured that was around time to perform a rapid tutorial top top how you can use gifs too.

Previously on on facebook to screen a gif in a comment you had actually to walk to a site prefer giphy or tenor, search for your gif or develop one, copy the connect or save it to your computer as a .gif file and then upload it come Facebook.

It would often make me feel choose this:

Thankfully Facebook saved us those steps and also now you can click the gif symbol within a comment on Facebook, role or find for the gif girlfriend want and also comment v a gif. Yay!


How come comment with a gif via the facebook mobile app:

How to short article a gif on a new post on on facebook via giphy:


How to create a fast screencast utilizing recordit.co:

Go to recordit.co and also download the software, follow the directions to develop a quick screencast.


How to create your own gifs quickly using recordit:

1. After ~ recording her screencast, click the gif button on the bottom appropriate corner.

2. ~ the gif is saved, hold down manage while click to appropriate click or right click on your pc, select “Save image as…”, name your gif file, conserve it together a gif.

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So there you have actually it, a quick means to comment with gifs top top Facebook.

Hopefully this article was helpful for you!

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