Wireless AirPods are a brand-new trend in the tech world. Back they room convenient come use, some things like just how to skip songs v AirPods agree aren’t glaring for newbies at first.

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In this article, you’ll learn just how to navigate with an Airpod agree system and also skip songs v the headphones.

But prior to we gain to that, let’s jog your memory v the basics.

The AirPod pro is the 3rd generation apologize headphones with energetic noise cancellation.


How come pair her iPhone to your Airpod Pro

First, unbox your device.Then, unlock her iPhone. Open up the instance of your Airpod pro.At the earlier of the Airpod pro case, long-press the ‘setup’ button. This is a one button.Once you perform that, you’ll obtain a prompt on your iPhone the it has actually been paired.On your iPhone, tap top top the ‘connect’ button.

Getty Images: apple Airpods

How come skip songs through AirPods pro

Your playlist won’t always deliver the best songs.

Therefore, knowing exactly how to skip songs stays clear of you from reaching for your phone when songs friend don’t desire to hear come up.

This procedure is pretty straightforward on the first and second-generation AirPods.

For this headphones, the default setting is come double-tap among the Airpods to change a song.

The Airpod Pro allows you to double-tap or long-press one of two people pod to move to another song.

However, you have the right to only change the long-press setup with these headphones.

You deserve to turn turn off double-tap skip on any kind of Airpod anytime girlfriend wish.

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How to control your setups to skip song on the Gen1 and also Gen2 AirPods


Airpod Pro

Head end to the setups of her phone.Navigate to the Bluetooth dashboard on your iPhone. Tap ~ above it. Your AirPods would certainly be easily accessible on the perform of Bluetooth devices.Pick her AirPod indigenous the perform of available Bluetooth devices.Select the pod you’d prefer to activate to allow you to skip songs. You can choose either the left or the right one.The next prompt would give you a few options. Pick the choice that states ‘Next Track.’ Generally, this option should be automatically selected for you. Only choose the ‘Next Track’ choice isn’t the default setting.

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How to regulate your setups to skip song on her Airpod Pro


Business Insider: Airpod pro Settings

Go come the settings of your iOS device.Head end to her Bluetooth.From the perform of available Bluetooth options, pick your AirPods. One more page would certainly pop approximately decide what Airpod would favor to activate the long-press function to skip a song.Select the left or the best pod.Just together you did v the an initial and second-generation AirPods, collection it as ‘Next Track.’

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In conclusion

Unless you’ll quite switch song from her iPhone, knowing how to skip songs v Airpods pro have to prove valuable to you.

To get started, monitor the five easy actions we’ve noted above.

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