NameTypes(s)Location (Encounter Rate)
ZubatPoison/FlyingIn the cavern itself (70%)
Diglett*Ground/SteelIn the cavern itself (30%)
Rattata*Dark/NormalDarting out of dens (100%, Moon only)
YungoosNormalDarting out of dens (100%, sunlight only)

*** suggests Alolan form.**

Here goes! It’s your an initial island trial and the first real test of your capabilities as Pokemon trainer. No press there then.

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As Ilima explains, your task is to loss the three Pokemon hiding in their dens–the tiny little holes along the cavern wall–and climate retrieve the Z-Crystal in the furthest section of the cavern. You will likewise have to confront off versus the cavern’s an effective guardian–the Totem Pokemon.

Warning: rule of the Trial

During the trial, you will certainly be unable to catch any Pokemon, so placed those bag Balls away and also focus top top obliterating your adversaries instead. Furthermore, you cannot quit the trial or leave the area until you’ve to win the trial. Or failed. But hopefully the former.

Alright, enough idling; time to gain started. Native the entrance, friend should notification a TM up ahead and to the left that’s right now out of reach. Because that now, head in a north-easterly direction towards the an initial den, where you observed a Pokemon hiding during Ilima’s explanation.

Get up actual close and press the A switch to take a emergence inside. Well, what perform you know? There’s an angry Pokemon inside! If you’re playing Pokemon Sun, you’ll conference a wild Yungoos, if those that you with Pokemon Moon will discover a wild Rattata instead.

Either way, you shouldn’t rest a sweat if you have actually well-trained Pokemon, particularly a Fighting-type such together Machop, Makuhita or Crabrawler. One down, two an ext to go. Indigenous your present location, head east and also pick increase the Super Potion lurking in the corner.

Next, hurry north in the direction of the boulder gift illuminated through the light from above. Carefully search the south side of that to find a covert Revive . ~ that, go roughly the boulder in the direction of the tiny den just ahead. Before you reach it, the den-dweller will come out and also ambush you!

Again, it’s quiet a Yungoos or Rattata, so nothing come fear. Relocating on, head west native this 2nd den, up the narrow slope and to the greater level. As soon as you reach the component of the floor illuminated by the light, gradually head south. Just prior to the ledge back to the entrance, pick up TM31 Brick Break .


Return to the illuminated floor and, this time, head north. When you with the ledge wall ahead, rotate right and also cautiously overcome the small plank bridge to the various other side that the cavern. You’ll reach one more area illuminated by light. Indigenous here, continue east, then go up the slope at the end.

When you reach the top, press the A button near the little gap in the wall surface to crawl through it come the other side. There, pick up the Super Potion ~ above the floor and also hop over the ledge come the left. You’ll soil right next to the third tiny den; together before, go close to it and also give it a thorough inspection.

Sneaky! The Pokemon dwelling within has currently escaped. Follow it through hopping end the ledge to the south, then continue south to go back to the illuminated component of the floor. ~ that, head north up the slope west indigenous the north den. In ~ the top, you’ll bask in the irradiate from over once more.

Before the Pokemon escapes again, hurry and inspect the 4th den automatically to the right. Five dear, too late again? No problemo. Make your way, towards the exit at this time guarded by a psychological guide. Indigenous his position, bring on south-west, hopping end the ledge follow me the way.

It can be a bit hard to see, yet there’s a tiny den–the last one–along the north-western side of the cavern wall. Just listed below it is a X Defence . After pocketing your find, check out the little den to view if you made the in time. Drat! It’s gone ago to the very first empty den!

Don’t worry, you’re obtaining warmer. Head south and hop over the ledge to return to the part just before crossing the narrow plank bridge. Overcome the bridge versus to get ago to the eastern side. Before you reach the various other side, a pair of no-gooders will concerned mess up your trial.

Team Skull Grunt¶


Same strategy together your previous fight in the Berry Fields. Swap out any type of Fighting-types and use Dark-types if you have actually them. Steel-types (just Magnemite because that now) will certainly fare OK together well.

Having failed to prevent you in a Pokemon battle, the Grunts decide to block off the fourth and also fifth dens. Cave on… doesn’t that mean? prior to the Grunts figure out their idiocy, head east and crawl through the gap at the peak of the slope to go back to the 4th den.

This time, make certain your Pokemon room ready, together there’s nowhere for the den’s resident come run! You’ll confront a wild Gumshoos if playing on Pokemon sunlight or a wild Raticate if play on Pokemon Moon. Back it’s an evolved Pokemon, it’s not particularly tough.

Succeed in defeating the three den dwellers and you’ll it is in allowed access to the inner-most component of the cavern. Jump end the ledge to the south and climb the slope to the left to with the cavern exit, where the trial guide was standing. Strategy him and he’ll step aside.

Totems Den¶

If the wasn’t obvious, this is the lair the Verdant Cavern’s fearsome Totem Pokemon. Native the entrance, run up ahead in the direction of the pedestal comprise the Z-Crystal. As soon as you’re ready, go up close to it and also inspect it. Pull out the Z-Crystal and you’ll it is in thrust into battle.

Totem Pokemon¶


As with the Pokemon uncovered in the little dens, the Totem Pokemon you face differs depending upon which Pokemon game you’re playing. The general mechanics are still the same, although Moon players have it contempt easier.

When the battle starts, the Totem Pokemon will be surrounding by one aura that rises its Defence stat by 1 stage. This obviously means your physical move will do slightly much less damage. Every now and then, as soon as it’s alone, the Totem Pokemon may summon an ally Pokemon.

When this occurs, you’ll need to fight both the Totem Pokemon and the allied Pokemon (Yungoos or Rattata) simultaneously, favor a double Battle but you only have one Pokemon. Needless come say, being ganged increase on isn’t good, because your lone Pokemon will certainly take up to attacks per turn.

To prevent this being a fight of attrition, you should ideally focus on eliminating the Totem Pokemon ASAP. As with the other Pokemon in the cavern, Fighting-type moves room best. Raticate and Rattata in particular will it is in shuddering as they’re 4x weak come Fighting.

Another thing you can do, if you’re making use of the traded Machop is to have the little fella usage Focus power to rise his crucial rate ratio, then let loose a flurry of Karate Chops. Karate Chop already has a high an important rate, i m sorry is additional boosted by focus Energy.

Besides dealing much more damage than usual, an essential hits additionally bypass the opponent’s stat boosts, which consists of the Defence rise from the Totem Pokemon’s aura. By the way, if you loss the Totem and also there’s an ally left, girlfriend still must mop increase the allied to clear the battle.

Triumph versus the Totem Pokemon and also you’ll formally get the Z-Crystal Normalium Z indigenous Captain Ilima. The also way you’ve efficiently passed your an initial island trial. A hearty congratulations is in order!

Note: S.O.S. Battles

From here on, wild Pokemon–not just Totem Pokemon–may contact ally Pokemon to help them. The opportunities of doing for this reason are enhanced when they’re at low health. Once there space two Pokemon present, friend cannot litter Poke Balls so keep that in mind.

If you’re struggling, you deserve to inflict an ailment such together Paralyse or Sleep to protect against the Pokemon from calling an ext allies. Or if her Pokemon is quick enough, you have the right to attempt to flee the battle. Periodically it’s smart to operation away come fight one more day!

Now that the trial is over, you’ll be enabled to capture any type of of the Pokemon in the cavern. In addition, Ilima will kindly hand girlfriend 10 good Balls and also heal her party. By the way, Pokemon will start openly roaming the Verdant Cavern, not just near the dens.

Anyway, to leave the cavern, head southern while keeping to the west. You’ll hop over a bunch that ledges before reaching the entrance. Follow me the way, you’ll most likely bump right into wild Pokemon, including those of the pouncing variety.

Post-Trial Explanations¶


Outside, technique Ilima and also he’ll describe the function of the captains’ barricades that you may have seen earlier. With Ilima’s attempt conquered, the barricade more north will certainly be removed, enabling you to happen to path 3.

While this is happening, Kukui will certainly arrive ~ above the scene and also teach you around Z-Moves. First, you need to offer your Pokemon a Z-Crystal together a held item. However, a Pokemon have the right to only organize a Z-Crystal if it at this time has a move of the same type. For Normalium Z, you need a Normal-type move.

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Then throughout battle, while selecting your Pokemon’s moves, pick or madness the big “Z-Power” symbol along the left that the bottom screen. This will transform every applicable moves into a powerful Z-Move. The stronger the initial move, the stronger the Z-Move.