A brand-new state law eliminates the group of "illegal knives," effectively expanding knife owners" freedom to carry blades almost anywhere in the state.

by Emma Platoff Sept. 12, 201712 AM central

Cliff Hill, knife collector and also world champion knife thrower, reflects his collection at the worldwide Knife Throwers hall of reputation in Austin top top July 13, 2017. Credit: Austin Price because that The Texas Tribune

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over there is no such thing as one “illegal knife” in Texas.

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Dirks and also daggers, stilettos and poniards,even machetes and also swords deserve to now legitimate be carried just around anywhere —even “down conference Avenue,” claimed state Rep. John Frullo, R-Lubbock, the writer of home Bill 1935, the regulation that made that so beginningSept. 1.

HB 1935 efficiently eliminates prohibitions on where particular knives can be brought by getting rid the the group of “illegal knives,” a designation critics called ambiguous. Under the new law, a smaller sized subset that newly dubbed “location restricted” knives will certainly be prohibited in places like university buildings and bars.

Previously, velvet with knives longer than five-and-a-half inches, as well as Bowie knives and also a couple of other types, could not be legally lugged outside the home. The new statute expands knife owners’ freedoms, supporters said, and additionally eliminates a an excellent deal that confusion. Bowie knives, for example, to be designated “illegal” under the previous law, however they were not legally defined.

Oversights choose these make it difficult for knife owners to understand whether they to be in compliance v the law, “making criminals of people who had no intentionally of doing anything wrong,” Frullo said.

Todd Rathner,director of legislative affairs for the national organization Knife Rights, claimed the law’s meaning stretches beyondpractical concerns.

“Texans bring all type of knives for all kinds of purposes, even if it is it’s working on a ranch or opening envelopes in an office. So they want to have the ability to know that whatever knife they stick in your pocket or cave on your belt, that it’s legal,” Rathner said. “There’s likewise principle involved: In the United states of America, we have actually the second Amendment best to bear arms—it doesn’t say ‘guns,’ it claims ‘arms.’”

Cliff Hill, the owner of one Austin knife shop, said he appreciates the expanded protections HB 1935 uses knife enthusiasts.

An modification restricting knives in details locations — beyondcollege campuses, particular knives are likewise prohibited from jailsas well as from particular bars and hospitals —was added to the legislation in the wake up of a deadly stabbing this might on the campus of the college of Texas in ~ Austin. Police stated junior biology significant Kendrex White useda “large, Bowie-style hunting knife” to kill one other student, Harrison Brown, and wound three others. HB 1935 happen the house a main after the tragedy.

The measure confronted very small opposition in one of two people chamber.

“The safety worry here to be too good for me to poll favorably on this regulation without much more debate,” claimed state Rep. Ina Minjarez, D-San Antonio, one of only a grasp of legislators that voted versus the bill.

But Frullo stated that the legislation does not increase danger, arguing that knife threats are most most likely to come from individuals who weren’t complying with the legislations anyway.

“Definitely, knives have the right to be supplied as a weapon, but also they have actually a most other valuable purposes,” Frullo said. “The truth of even if it is or no we have actually a law is not going to adjust whether someone is act something bad.”

Rathner stated he intends to press in future sessions for legislation that would eliminate the location constraints entirely.

Cliff Hill, a vain knife thrower and also the owner of an Austin knife-sharpening store, said transforming this regulation doesn"t typical "that you"regoing to see civilization walking roughly with swords hanging off your belt." Instead, he said, it makes it much easier for enthusiasts choose him to seek their hobbies there is no breaking the law.

For example, once Hill takes his repertoire of blades to a knife-throwing vain or come teach a knife-throwing class, he"s to be "driving illegal."

"I think it"s an excellent in the sense," the said. "If I"m ~ above my method toteach a class, just how am I not going to have throwing knives through me, friend know?"

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