Subway is letting that customers place orders via your mobile phone, prior to they even get to among the fast food chain"s locations.

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The agency has partnered with GoMobo because that the Subway currently program come target brand-new Yorkers, who can text their orders to quick code 466626. Diners get a text ago confirming once their order will be ready.

GoMobo is a remote food-ordering platform. The business lets client order front via the net or through a text post to skip the heat at quick-serve restaurants.

Clients that GoMobo include Subway, Dunkin" Donuts, Papa John"s, Quiznos, Booster Juice, Johnny Rockets and also Krispy Kreme. The company also uses interactive marketing services to clients, permitting them to distribute opt-in promotions and specials to users of the service.

To take part in mobile ordering, Subway client must first register virtual at

Users enter credit card information when they place their first order. The credit transaction card details is securely saved to your account from climate on.

To order, participants are asked come text food selection to 466626 because that a list of Subway sandwiches. The sandwiches are numbered.

Consumers just reply v the variety of the sandwich that they want to order and receive a text confirmation and pickup time.

The credit transaction card account conserved online is billed for each text-message order.

Users the the cost-free service have the right to specify later on pickup time or schedule a distribution at choose stores.

At this point, everyday soup specials and other items that change regularly room not accessible through the program.

To gain the native out, Subway is providing a cost-free $5 foot-long below to customers who place an stimulate for 3 using mobile or online ordering.

American express cardholders obtain a complimentary $5 foot-long sub when placing their first order v the Subway currently program making use of the card.

Additionally, Subway asks consumers to opt-in because that special offers via message message, enabling for the compilation of a database because that future marketing.

The program launched Jan. 5 and also was advocated via signage within new York"s MTA Subway System.

Also, American Express promoted the Subway currently program through direct mail and an email campaign.

This isn"t the first time the Subway has actually dabbled in mobile.

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Last year Subway restaurant franchisees for the Buffalo, new York, area videotaped a redemption price of 5 percent to 6 percent for mobile coupons (see story).

More than 100 Subway restaurants in Buffalo participated in the mine Subway mobile effort and used cell phone coupons to drive retail web traffic with periodic coupons and also last-minute one-of-a-kind offers. Retail media delivery services firm Modiv Media aided the Subway Franchisee Advertising money Trust with this program.