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If you have actually an Alexa-enabled device, you’re not alone in an emergency situation. In addition to Alexa’s laundry perform of concierge services, favor sharing neighborhood news or weather updates, that can additionally request assist in the event of an emergency.

In the occasion of an emergency, Alexa’s Emergency help feature is a godsend because that those who have limited mobility or can’t reach your phones because of injury. Today’s immediate connectivity options, like having actually a mobile phone on hand or an emergency bracelet, could breakdown or just be forget in the moment. Return authorities have to be contacted before emergency contacts in the occasion of a significant emergency, look to Alexa’s Emergency aid feature as second safeguard at any time life throws an unexpected obstacle your way.

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You’ll require to collection Alexa up through emergency contact ahead of time to do the function useful. After that, phone call for aid is simple, together you’ll find out below.

How to collection Up Alexa to Get help in an Emergency

To usage Alexa’s Emergency aid feature for the first time, download the Amazon Alexa app from Apple’s app Store for iPhone or indigenous the Google Play save for Android. 

From there, open up the app and also tap ~ above “Communicate” top top the bottom menu bar.


Tap the group silhouette “Contacts” icon in the upper-right corner.


To add a brand-new contact together your emergency contact, tap ~ above the blue “Add New” + icon, and also tap “Add Contact.”


Type in the person’s first name, critical name, nickname, partnership to you, and mobile call number. You additionally have the alternative of including a second or third phone number. Once all of this information has been entered, tap “Save.”

On the following screen, scroll down under “Permissions” and also choose “Add together Emergency Contact.” This will prompt a dialog crate that asks friend to confirm that Alexa is yes sir to attempt to call and message the contact for help. Madness “OK.”


To include an existing contact as one emergency contact, visit the contact page, search for or select any kind of contact, walk to “Permissions,” and tap “Add together Emergency Contact.”


In one of two people case, Alexa will certainly send the call a text to confirm them together an emergency contact. This permits them to call and also message you v Alexa on one Alexa-enabled or non-Alexa-enabled device.

For a perform of every Amazon Echo and Alexa-enabled devices, visit Amazon Echo and also Alexa-enabled devices.

How execute I usage Alexa’s Emergency aid Feature?

To contact for emergency help, just use the wake phrase “Alexa, call for help.” This wake phrase automatically dials your emergency call on any Alexa-enabled devices, including the Switch, Echo Show, and Echo Dot.

Can Alexa call 911?

Due come emergency access communications rules and also for technical reasons, Alexa can’t call 911 directly. These rules require that any an equipment calling 911 have accessibility to a registered address, adhere come a monthly 911 service charge, and also others. To get roughly this, you deserve to pair Alexa v a third-party dialing business like Ooma’s Telo smart house phone service.

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Hopefully, you’ll never have to use the emergency assist feature. However, that wouldn’t it is in the first time that Alexa has actually saved someone’s life.

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