One of the concerns I’ve been asked a couple of times is even if it is I’ve heard of any kind of resources for people who require two in different way sized shoes due to two in different ways sized feet.

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I’d heard rumor that Nordstrom will market two various sizes shoes, so ns went investigating. And also guess what? It’s TRUE! and you know what? Birkenstock, L.L. Bean & the healthy Feet store (as well together others) likewise have plans (although they are more focused top top discounting second pair). Many of these places will also help people who only need one shoe because of amputation.

In enhancement to retailers with various sized shoe (“split size”) policies, there are likewise a few other resource that could be helpful. This are largely shoe exchanges, and also reviews it seems ~ mixed about how advantageous these space – but I’ve excellent my ideal to pull with each other all this information for you in one place. Hopefully, v the majority of details you need.

so … let’s get started!

Nordstrom “Split shoes Order” Policy

Nordstrom by much gets the most glowing reviews for it’s “Split shoe Order” policy. I’ve included a connect in the resources to a blog article from a woman that ordered a break-up size pair of shoes in a Nordstrom store – she can’t to speak enough good about them.

As lengthy as the shoe sizes are at least 1 1/2 sizes different, there is NO additional cost for buying two differently sized pair of shoes (same price as to buy a pair the equally size shoes).Buying in store: You deserve to buy a separation size pair in store with the aid of a sales associate.Buying online: For digital purchases, you have to purchase a pair in each size, and also then return the shoes from each pair that you don’t need. Although it’s a problem to return the unneeded shoes after to buy online, there is no price for shipping the shoes ago to the company. Money for went back shoes goes ago onto the credit map you used for the purchase.What sizes? This plan is obtainable for both kids and also adult sizes.What if i only need one shoe? Nordstrom provides a minimal selection on solitary shoes for purchase. See link below.

Resource links for Nordstrom:

Birkenstock’s “Special bespeak for separation Sizes” Policy

Birkenstock provides different alternatives for different species of shoes. Their plans are more limited than Nordstrom’s policies, however may be advantageous to part people.

Sandals v cork footbed (no extra expense for approximately one dimension up/down): Order a pair that sandals in the larger size, however specify which one requirements to be changed to the smaller sized size. However,Birkenstock will only increase/decrease ONE SIZE.Only available ~ above cork footbed styles. (Excludes styles with polyurethane soles.)Closed-toe-shoes & waterproof sandals (discount on second pair): To obtain a closed-toe shoes or a waterproof sandal, order one pair in one size and the various other pair in the other size. You will obtain 40% off the 2nd pair. The firm will donate the shoes you don’t need.When girlfriend only require one shoe (discounted 40%): Purchase any type of regularly-priced pair of shoes from BirkenstockExpress and they will discount the 40%. Birkenstock will donate the shoes you don’t need. However, sell does NOT apply to sale shoes.What sizes? Men’s & Women’s sizes.

Resources for Birkenstock:

To ar an stimulate or come ask Birkenstock questions, contact 1-800-451-1459.

HealthyFeetStore.com “Different sized Feet” Policy

HealthyFeetStore.com offers a distinct discount program, distinctive to their online store, because that those ordering 2 pairs of mismatch sizes. The an excellent news is that the shoes can be exchanged or reverted if lock don’t to the right correctly. The negative news is that they don’t i have announced the discount details, therefore you have actually to contact them come specifically talk about your needs before you understand just how much that a discount they will provide.

Resource links for HealthFeetStore.com:

What sizes? Both kids and also adult sizes are easily accessible for purchase on the site. The plan is vague, therefore I’d call to verify discount amount and also sizes before ordering.

L.L.Bean Discount because that “Split Sizes” 

While i was not able to find any type of information around LLBean’s break-up size plan on their website, a customer company representative evidenced that castle do offer discounts for buying two pairs of the very same shoe come fit mismatched sized feet.

An old version of the policy is here: LLBean allows people to order “split sizes”- the size distinction can be anything native ½ dimension difference, and any width difference, come a women’s size in one shoe and a men’s size in an additional shoe. They charge 1.5 time the price that one shoes (for example, if one pair is $60, you will certainly be charged $90). LL bean ships the two odd sizes to you through no need to return the weird shoes. Both shoes in various sizes should be in stock when the stimulate is placed, due to the fact that they need to compare the pair of shoes to make sure the color match before they delivery the “split size”pair. Please ask to speak with the Product assistance Team when you ar the order by calling (800) 441-5713. Order by phone only: LLBean customer company confirmed you must call 1 (800) 441-5713 to order split sizes.Order online? No – ordering digital not available.Sizes available? Website lists every little thing from infant to adult.

Resources because that LLBean:

Nike “One shoes Bank” routine (for amputees)

Nike has a tiny inventory of single shoes at your distribution facility in Memphis, TN. Amputees who require only one shoe might cal Nike and tell lock the dimension and form of shoe (running shoe, tennis shoe, etc.) that they need. This company is totally free of charge, and they delivery to almost everywhere in the unified States. However, expect around 3 weeks for delivery.

Resources because that Nike One shoes Bank:

Call 1-800-344-6453 to inquiry a shoeSizes? VariesSplit sized pairs? not as component of this program, and I can not find information on even if it is they have a regime for split sizes.

ASK your save if castle will assist you v odd sized pairs!

Wisdom indigenous Lisa (an capability Hacker friend on Facebook): plenty of stores leaving the selection for whether to offer odd sized pairs up to the store manager or ar manager – so make the your policy to ask if the retailer is ready to sell you an odd sized pair.

At Target stores, it is the plan that the store’s basic manager has actually the discrepancy to market odd size pairs. Lock can choose to damage out the remaining odd shoes. Two of my 5 local Targets permit my daughter to carry out this.Dicks Sporting Goods offers us the soccer cleats in odd sizes. Again it is the district manager discretion.

Thank you because that sharing your endure Lisa! 

Others Rumored to gives discounts for break-up sized pairs:

Shoe Exchange:Children’s Hemiplegia and Stroke association (CHASA)

The CHASA’s shoe Exchange is promoted in a Facebook team that is open up to parental of youngsters with hemiplegia and adults through hemiplegia. The an obstacle is finding a “sole mate” whose shoes sizes are opposite yours – which deserve to be tricky – but it appears worth a shot.

You can article shoe photos on the team page. It’s approximately you to job-related out details that exchange, including whether you’re simply trading shoes, giving them away, or selling them. Remember to comment on how payment of postage will be handled.

Resource web links for CHASA shoe Exchange:

Shoe Exchange:OddShoeFinder.com

OddShoeFinder.com was started in 2007, and also is an online shoe exchange. The site helps people v mismatched sized feet (or amputees) save money by allowing people to sell their own solitary shoes or mismatched pairs. The website has hundreds the listings in different sizes and styles.

To discover / get shoes: produce an virtual account and also browse with the shoes detailed on the exchange. If friend can’t find what you’re looking for, you have the right to register to be notified as quickly as someone short articles shoes in your specific size. Price vary. Some room free!Donating or marketing your unneeded shoes is free. No fees or commissions room charged.

Resource links for OddShoeFinder.com:

Shoe Exchange:National Odd shoe Exchange (N.O.S.E)

The national Odd shoe Exchange (N.O.S.E.) is a nonprofit association that assists civilization who have actually feet that two various sizes, or space an amputee and also need just one shoe. They delivery new, quality footwear to children, adults and seniors throughout the unified States and Canada from your distribution facility in Arizona.

To receive shoes: Send a brief letter concisely stating your sizes and also restrictions. Be certain to incorporate your address. Watch for address in resources section below.If you great to donate shoes: Donations of every sizes space appreciated. The N.O.S.E. Proud accepts financial contributions from corporations, little businesses, and individuals.Donations in-kind encompass footwear (shoes, boots, socks, inserts, laces), office supplies, packaging supplies, promotional items, warehouse equipment and office equipment.Footwear items must be new, unworn and undamaged. They expropriate matched pairs, mismatched pairs, singles and also bulk footwear items. Every styles and also sizes room needed.Please send donations to the resolve listed in the sources section below.What sizes? All size (kids, adults, etc.)Mismatched sized shoes? YesSingle shoes? Yes

Resources because that N.O.S.E:

Address: The nationwide Odd shoes ExchangeP.O. Crate 1120Chandler, AZ 85244-1120Phone: 480/892-3484

Nike’s Reuse-A-Shoe Program

If you have athletic pair of shoes that room too worn-out come donate, Nike emerged the Reuse-A-Shoe routine in the 1990s to collection old, worn-out athletic shoes because that recycling. The idea is to transform the recycled shoes, together with pre-consumer shoe waste, into Nike Grind – a product used to create athletic and playground surfaces and more. Industry-leading sports and also playground surfacing suppliers use Nike Grind to manufacture high-performance strong surfaces such together tennis and basketball courts, to run tracks, strong fields and playgrounds. Additionally, Nike has found innovative provides for Nike Grind in assorted footwear and also apparel products.

You can drop turn off athletic pair of shoes of any type of brand because that recycling. To recycle her shoes with the Nike Reuse-A-Shoe program, bring approximately 10 bag of shoes to any type of Reuse-A-Shoe repertoire location, which have the right to be found at many Nike and also Converse sleeve stores.

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NOTE: Nike cannot accept sandals, flip-flops, dress shoes, or boots. They additionally can’t expropriate shoes containing steel such as cleats or spikes.


Well, that’s what I’ve learned so far. Perform you have actually other retailers or resources you use? you re welcome share them v me!