Our licensed pharmacists have the right to now prescribe and fill birth manage without you having actually to walk to the doctor.*


There is an annual consultation fees of $39 i beg your pardon covers the cost of the pharmacist consultation, the pharmacist composing the prescription for hormonal birth control and unlimited consultations up to one complete year. There may additionally be secondary cost because that the medication the pharmacist prescribes. If ~ the consultation the pharmacist identify you are not eligible to get a prescription, there would not be a consultation fee fee to you.

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Pharmacists can prescribe numerous different species of hormone contraception, such as the pill, the transdermal patch and also the vaginal ring. Upon her consultation, the pharmacist will recognize if a mix product (one that has estrogen and also progestin) or a progestin-only product is ideal suited for you. The pharmacist will talk come you about your options and prescribe a medication the works ideal for you and your lifestyle.

No, a former doctor's visit or prescription is not compelled to take part in this service. During your consultation, the pharmacist may recognize a visit with your physician is recommended based upon your specific needs. It is, however, strong recommended that you monitor up v your physician on a constant basis come ensure girlfriend are gaining the appropriate preventative health and wellness screenings completed. Your pharmacist will talk about this with you during your consultation and also will also carry out you with a website connect where you can discover a neighborhood doctor if you perform not at this time have one.

No, in order for a znjke.com Pharmacist to have the ability to write your prescription, you’ll have to be in human being for your visit to fill the end a brief survey and have your blood pressure taken. This will help the pharmacist introduce the best birth regulate option because that you.

For any type of refills, you deserve to take advantage of ours convenient solutions such as Rx delivery.

Who is eligible for a consultation and also prescription for birth control prescribed by a znjke.com pharmacist?

Every patient that is 18 and older is eligible because that a consultation through a znjke.com pharmacist. Only certain patients will certainly be default to obtain a prescription and that will be figured out by the health and wellness screening kind filled out by the patient.

When you get in the pharmacy, walk right up to the consultation window and permit the pharmacist recognize you would choose a birth regulate consultation. You will then finish a brief health screening form. If you have actually a cell phone device, you have the right to scan a QR code at the counter to complete the wellness screening. If friend don't have one, the pharmacist will provide you v a document version that the screening. You will certainly then take a chair in the waiting area to finish the screening and also then have your blood press taken. Next, the pharmacist will comment on the outcomes of your health screening with you and also determine if you space eligible to obtain birth control at the pharmacy. If so, the pharmacist will review different birth control options with you.

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Running out? We're below for you.

Whether you require a brand-new script or room just gaining started on birth control, we're here to help.*

We're cursed to your health and also safety.Hand-sanitizer stations and disinfecting wipes are available at the keep entrance.Colleagues undertake gloves and also face coverings.New safety panels are secured at checkout and pharmacy.Find a store

*FOR birth CONTROL: Prescriptions accessible only for hormonal birth manage contraception. Consultation compelled and accessible only when a license is granted pharmacist is ~ above duty. Patients must be 18 years or older. Some patients may not it is in eligible based on current or past health and wellness conditions. Part patients might need come consult with their primary treatment physician or other health care provider to obtain a prescription for birth control. $39 consultation fee is a one-time yearly fee and includes endless consultations v a znjke.com pharmacist, for a period of one year native the date of the initial consultation. $39 fee will certainly be waived if znjke.com is unable to prescribe birth control. Medicaid, Medicare and other government program beneficiaries not eligible. Regime participants may achieve coverage by search these solutions through other enrolled providers, such together their primary care physician. View pharmacist because that details. Does not replace regime visit through your primary treatment physician. It is advised that you educate your primary care physician the you space on a birth control medication. Back