One that the most nostalgic elements of going to McDonald’s together a son was obtaining the Happy Meal and receiving a cool toy.

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If you’ve been wondering have the right to you purchase McDonald’s toys, we have actually that price plus other relevant concerns related come McDonald’s playthings keep reading to find out!

Can girlfriend Buy McDonald’s toys In 2021?

Customers do have actually the choice to purchase McDonald’s toys, even if you don’t purchase a Happy Meal. A lot of adults still go to McDonald’s come purchase certain toys, return discretion lies v the manager on even if it is or no to permit such purchases. Additionally, McDonald’s playthings can also be purchased online from eBay and similar marketplaces.

Read on come learn an ext details about how you can purchase a McDonald’s toy and what the price is for the purchase, and also much more!

Can friend Buy McDonald’s playthings Without a Happy Meal?

You’re may be to purchase the McDonald’s toys without the Happy Meal, return you’re commonly only permitted to acquisition a certain number of toys.

Further, you cannot go into McDonald’s and also ask come purchase whole box or situation of toys as that’s not allowed, but buying a few of them no an issue.

However, there is constantly a possibility that the keep manager or owner denies the request, together there is no set company policy that calls for stores to sell the toys independently if asked.

What do McDonald’s toys Cost?

McDonald’s toys if purchased there is no a Happy enjoy the meal in the store will cost you approximately $1.69 although the price deserve to be a small lower or higher as it can be together low together $1.59.

However, if did you do it purchased a Happy Meal, the price of the McDonald’s toy goes under to $.79, which can be a better way to gain the toy in details situations.

Can you Ask for a specific McDonald’s Happy meal Toy?

Most of the time, you can ask because that a particular McDonald’s toy and the worker or manager will gain you the toy you after.

In enhancement to that, if you received a toy and you desire a different toy, you have the right to ask for it to it is in exchanged for one more one in the box, but it’s ideal to carry out that immediately.

However, if the toy is a an extremely special restricted edition collection, the staff might not be willing or may not be permitted to exchange toys or provide you the toy you’re asking for.

Can girlfriend Buy McDonald’s playthings Online?


You cannot purchase McDonald’s playthings online indigenous McDonald’s itself, but you have the right to purchase the playthings online from several various other online retail websites.

Additionally, Amazon, eBay, on facebook Marketplace, and also other web page are locations to watch if you’d favor to buy McDonald’s playthings online.

However, a many the toys sold online are older toys and more collectible, however you have the right to still find recent McDonald’s toys online if her timing is right and someone is offering them.

What space the Most an important McDonald’s Toys?

McDonald’s started marketing Happy Meals ago in 1979, and also throughout the time there have actually been numerous kinds the toys offered out with few of them gift worth large money this days.

Full collection of TY Teenie Beanie Boos

Back in 2000, TY released Teenie Beanie Boos together a McDonald’s Happy enjoy the meal toy, and also if you have the whole collection you deserve to get approximately $400 because that them!

However, if you only have actually one or two of these cute tiny cousins that the Beanie Baby, you won’t get much more than $40 each for them.

Underwater Monsters

If you have actually a repertoire of Underwater Monsters, friend can conveniently get $400 for the collection!

Furthermore, also though these toys were released back in 1979, no one has identified what these creatures are, however they are one of the most beneficial of every the toys.

Robots through Diener Keshi

Another relax from 1979, Robots through Diener Keshi deserve to individually sell for $400, even though people still haven’t figured out exactly what these robots are or what castle do.

Mighty Morphin’ power Rangers

A complete set of Mighty Morphin’ power Rangers through vehicles still sells for $350 and it’s a classic McDonald’s toy that brings earlier the nostalgia from 1994!

Inspector Gadget

Who no remember the old cartoon on television that youngsters loved and also wanted to emulate?

Additionally, the movie introduced in 1995, i beg your pardon is once the Inspector device toy hit McDonald’s, and it deserve to earn girlfriend a cool $350 just for one toy!

Fraggle Rock

Fraggle absent McDonald’s playthings launched earlier in 1992, and these toys were released based on the year of success the the muppet present for children.

These playthings have end up being such a rare item that they’re easily sold online for $300 or more!

Is McDonald’s preventing Happy meal Toys?

While McDonald’s isn’t totally stopping Happy enjoy the meal toys, the agency just announced it would certainly be obtaining rid that the plastic toys and moving come a an ext sustainable toy by 2025.

The new versions the toys room going to it is in made from more recycled products or plant-based materials.

In addition to that, details toys, such as movie personalities are walking to be a 3-D cutout as opposed come a plastic toy depiction of the character.

Furthermore, Mcdonald’s is going come be transforming their packaging from plastic to using plant-based packaging to become more environmentally friendly.

If you room looking to learn much more about McDonald’s, you can additionally read our articles on whether or not McDonald’s selling cake, wherein does McDonald’s gets their meat, and also if McDonald’s fries room gluten-free.


It’s quick and also easy to purchase McDonald’s toys and also it’s possible to purchase the playthings without having actually to likewise buy the Happy Meal.

Furthermore, you can go to websites such together Amazon or eBay and also purchase assorted McDonald’s toys, i m sorry is good if she a collector of these products!

Moreover, there room McDonald’s playthings that room worth hundreds of dollars if you have actually one in mint or like-new condition because some toys are virtually impossible to find.

However, McDonald’s playthings are gaining a makeover and will be made from an ext sustainable materials by 2025.

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Additionally, this readjust could change the costs of the toys, back no additional details have been released around the price after the transition.