A year ago, Hoosiers turned out in huge numbers to celebrate their recently lawful best to to buy carryout alcohol on Sundays. 

Even Gov. Eric Holcomb joined in top top the novelty, picking up a instance of trendy handmade beer together he talked about his decision to authorize the repeal of the state"s Prohibition-era Blue Law.

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But don"t take that as a authorize that state lawmakers will anytime shortly revoke similarly longstanding laws, choose the ones restricting cold beer sales and also Happy Hour.

Far from it, in fact.

Here"s where points stand:

Sunday carryout sales hrs will continue to be limited

Efforts to broaden the hrs of Sunday carryout sales went i do not have anything at the Statehouse this year.

That comes together no surprise. After expanding Sunday sales, lawmakers signaled they"d slow-moving down ~ above softening most alcohol laws to see exactly how things shiver out.

That way liquor stores, grocery store stores, pharmacies and convenience stores v permits can proceed to offer alcohol from noon come 8 p.m. on Sundays. Every various other day that the week, state law permits them come sell alcohol from 7 a.m. To 3 a.m.

Why the difference in hours? Well, adjust comes in smalls measures sometimes. That"s what lawmakers feel comfortable allowing. 

Indiana"s alcohol laws:Everything you should know

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OK, for this reason when have the right to I to buy cold beer at an ext stores?

Efforts to expand cold beer sales to grocery, convenience stores and pharmacies also stalled at the Statehouse.

Insiders believe expanding cold beer sales is inevitable, but the reality is that readjust is likely to take it years.

As it stands now, consumers will need to buy your carryout cold beer indigenous liquor shop or breweries.

That"s largely because of an agreement the liquor keep lobby and also grocery store lobby do a year ago. The liquor stores agreed to drop opposition to Sunday sales, and in return the grocery stores agreed to drop their efforts to offer cold beer.

But what about the convenience stores? They were left out in the cold,so come speak, during this deal.

Convenience stores, which because that the most part operate at gas stations, desire to sell cold beer. But without the grocery store lobby"s backing, that initiative has turned right into a David-and-Goliath situation against the liquor stores. 

And in this scenario Goliath is winning. Everyone is wait to see how long the grocery store stores sit ~ above the sidelines. 

Then we"re acquiring Happy Hour, right?

No one is talking around allowing Indiana bars and restaurants to offer Happy Hour.

Not seriously anyway. Receipt haven"t been filed recently.

The ide of providing discounted drinks by the hour — think margarita specials at 5 p.m. Top top Fridays — is typical in plenty of states. 

Indiana, though, only enables such deals by the day. Hoosiers will have actually to proceed going on holidays to gain hourly drink specials. 

Are any Indiana alcohol rules changing this year? 

Golfers may have reason to celebrate. State lawmakers space considering a bill that would allow any alcoholic beverages to be marketed from a dare on a golf course. 

Currently, golfers deserve to buy malt beverages like beer out on the links. If the invoice becomes legislation in a few months, they can buy alcohol and liquor too. 

Small actions ...

Another bill prior to lawmakers would take problem in the other direction. House Bill 1518 would further regulate alcohol issues, consisting of liquor permits, increasing penalties for minor consumption, and also training grocery store store and also pharmacy clerks.

Here"s a century of changes to Indiana alcohol laws

We have actually a comfortable list:

• 1918: Indiana goes dry as a state.

1920: 18th revised (national prohibition of alcohol) bring away effect.

• 1933: Prohibition is official repealed v the passage of the 21st Amendment.

• 1935: Indiana overcome a liquor manage act that says retail whiskey have the right to be sold only in drugstores but not for drinking ~ above the premises. Beer and wine have the right to be offered in drugstores and restaurants. Sales top top Sundays, holidays and also Election Day space prohibited. Drinking period is 21.

• 1953: Package liquor shop are enabled to sell heat beer.

• 1963: Package liquor shop are enabled to offer cold beer.

• 1971: Sunday sales at wineries are allowed.

• 1973: Sunday sales the alcohol are allowed by the drink in ~ restaurants, bars, hotels and also private clubs.

• 2010: The ban of election Day alcohol sales is repealed. Sunday carryout sales are allowed at microbreweries.

• 2013: Craft artisan distilleries deserve to sell in your ar made hard alcohol such as bourbon or vodka on site. Regulation had permitted only the everyone of difficult alcohol.

• 2014: Wine and beer sales are allowed during the Indiana State Fair. Breweries are permitted to offer growlers at farmers" markets.

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• 2018: Sunday alcohol sales come to be legal in between the hrs of noon and also 8 p.m. At grocery, package liquor, drug and also convenience stores.

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Yes, you deserve to buy alcohol ~ above Christmas day in Indiana. Yes, it is a current change. Yes, you deserve to buy alcohol on election Day in Indiana. Here"s when and why that changed. Here"s how well those "Chill Indiana" cold beer bags actually work Sunday alcohol sales come to Indiana stores because that the first time growth of cold beer sales no on Indiana lawmakers" food selection in 2019