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A freshly released report suggests Amazon‘s marketplace continues to be inundated through offensive assets related to dislike groups and racism. Oddly, the only items specifically banned indigenous Amazon because that being offensive room Confederate flag merchandise, and even that ban isn’t enforced.

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Here’s a couple of item you can still buy as of today:




We got to out to Amazon come ask if there to be a details policy extending Nazi merchandise, and also were told by a representative that the policy “most relevant” to this story to be its offensive products policy. It claims “Products the promote or glorify hatred, violence, racial, sexual or religious intolerance or promote institutions with such views” may be gotten rid of at the that company discretion.

Either Amazon doesn’t uncover Nazi and Kekistan goods in violation that its policy, or it just isn’t interested in – or, perhaps, qualified of – enforcing rules against such items.

No matter how you feel about the historical significance that the flag of the Confederacy, its banning top top Amazon is fully strange in light of other products available. So exactly how did we gain here?

Amazon‘s plan on Confederate flags have the right to be found on the “Other limited items” page. It’s unclear why Amazon decided one certain symbol of dislike out of numerous others to ban, yet it may have actually something to do with the company’s history of knee-jerk reactions to media coverage.

A tiny over 3 years ago Dylann Roof walked into a church in southern Carolina and murdered nine world in a racially urged crime. Less than a week later retailers throughout the country, consisting of Wal-Mart, Sears, Ebay, and also Amazon, decided to stop selling merchandise depicting the united state Confederate flag, deeming the a price of dislike after investigators revealed Roof’s social media and forum accounts consisted of dozens of pictures of him wearing and also wielding one.

Yet, just last week a team of polite rights and also consumer advocates published a examine indicating Amazon still sells items connected with hate groups. It further pointed the end that Amazon internet Services hosts racist content, the Kindle marketplace is flooded through racist manifestos and books, and Amazon Music hosts and streams countless musicians and also bands who content consists of overtly racist messages. Come the finest of our knowledge very tiny of it has actually been gotten rid of so far.

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Amazon‘s wishy-washy policy on what is and isn’t acceptable to offer muddies waters that, in 2018, must be clearer 보다 ever. If it’s not acceptable to sell a Confederate flag because it to represent hate, climate it definitely seems prefer it shouldn’t be okay to offer actual or replica Nazi material, anti-Muslim infant clothing, or neo-nazi flags.