Creatine is so well-known these days the it sometimes seems choose you need it to build muscle. Almost everywhere you look, specifically online, world are advertise creatine together a need for lifters and athletes, however it is actually necessary for building strength and also muscle?

You nothing need creatine to construct muscle. Creatine helps offer your muscles more energy, which help you lift much more weight, but it’s completely possible to develop muscle and also strength without it.

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While friend can construct muscle without acquisition creatine, or any kind of supplement in ~ all, lifters and athletes who carry out take it see much far better increases in performance. The basic answer was that you can develop muscle there is no creatine, but the full answer go much more in-depth.

I’ve poured over scientific studies to find the true answers, and also below, I’ll go over all the various factors and caveats the you have to know about creatine and building muscle.

You nothing Need Creatine to build Muscle


I’ll placed it merely again; girlfriend don’t require creatine to build muscle. This gift said, yes sir no way around the data; lifters and athletes who take creatine perform see significantly more gains than those who don’t take it it.

So what does every this mean? all the data from countless studies display that lifters who take creatine watch 8% greater strength increases than the participants the don’t (more ~ above this later).

This being said, the teams in the researches that didn’t take it creatine, quiet saw increases in strength. If the goals of these research studies were to prove the creatine helps construct strength, they finished up additionally proving that you can construct strength without it too.

While the definitely possible to develop strength and muscle without creatine, you’re at a disadvantage as a lifter. Particularly if you’re a competitive lifter, if you’re no taking creatine, the human being you’re competing against are potentially acquiring 8% an ext strength 보다 you, also if you’re act the same routine or lifting the same amount that weight.

If you’re looking for the creatine it is most reliable for structure muscle, check the end my article on my favorite one. I’ve used creatine for years now, and this is the only one I continue to use. Ns even added a discount code in there, for this reason be certain to take a look!

Although lifters who take creatine watch 8% better gains, this is one average number. The actual performance increases ranged from 16% to 43%. So, while the creatine group of lifters observed 8% higher increases in strength, their actual enhancements ranged pretty widely.

This just method that anyone responds differently to creatine, and everyone responds in different ways to exercise. If it’s basic for you to construct muscle, even without creatine, you would still see better performance gains contrasted to someone that is acquisition creatine if they don’t respond fine to it.

This 8% number is an average, and also created from a large group that people. In 1 on 1 situations against another lifter, it’s anyone’s game.

Again, it’s totally possible to construct muscle without creatine. ~ all, human beings have developed muscle without creatine, or any supplements at every for that matter, for countless years.

In fact, you obtain a many creatine just from a typical diet. Meat, fish, and also even part vegetables, beans, and nuts save creatine. Her body produces few of its own creatine, but you do require some coming in together well.

Creatine isn’t simply a supplement, it’s additionally important for your metabolic system and mind function, making that a vital nutrient for your body.

On optimal of all that, it’s likewise a an excellent supplement. That not necessary to construct muscle, however it can offer you a rise in strength and muscle the you might need to enhance your physique, or come the end on height in your following competition.


Lifters that Take Creatine watch 8% greater Increases in strength (On Average)


In the key study that i went over, one team of entrants were put through a creatine loading phase for one week. After ~ this, they were given a maintain dose every day, because that the remainder the the study.

Another team was provided a placebo for the study, which method that they thought they were acquisition creatine, however they to be actually acquisition something else that has actually no result on muscle growth.

At the end of the study, the team that took creatine all at once saw 20% gains in strength, contrasted to their strength at the start of the study. The team that take it the placebo saw 12% gains compared to their toughness at the start of the study.

On peak of this, participants that were previously untrained saw huge gains in strength compared to those who trained prior to the study (31% vs 14%).

All that this way that world who take creatine, on average, view 8% more gains in strength than world who don’t take it creatine. Because the creatine team in the research saw 20% rises in strength, the apparent only systems is the creatine does work for structure muscle.

Although, this doesn’t typical that world that don’t take it creatine nothing build any kind of muscle, together the placebo group additionally increased 12% in strength.

At the finish of the day, friend can construct creatine through or without creatine. You can build muscle and strength simply fine without creatine, but those who do take it watch larger boosts in strength over time.

Below, okay go an ext in-depth right into the group that didn’t take it creatine, and explain how fully possible the is to construct muscle without creatine or any type of supplements in ~ all.


Lifters and Athletes Still develop Muscle Without acquisition Creatine


To placed it short, the happens every the time. As popular as creatine might seem, not everyone take away it. In the study I discussed earlier, you can have noticed the while the lifters the took creatine observed 8% more strength increases, the group that didn’t take it creatine still experienced strength increases of 12% end the course of the study.

This means that yes, that completely feasible to develop muscle and also strength there is no taking any creatine.

Realistically speaking, you nothing need to take creatine at every if you’re a lifter or one athlete. Yes, it can be useful for building muscle, and can offer you a competitive advantage, but you nothing truly need that to build muscle.

Think of exactly how far earlier human history goes, and then think of just how long we’ve been using supplements like creatine. Because that the vast, vast bulk of time, we haven’t had any type of supplements at all, and also humans still developed muscle simply fine.

Of course, our bodies did create it naturally, but for countless years civilization have developed muscle and strength without taking creatine.

Again, as popular as creatine seems, i’m guessing the majority of athletes and lifters don’t take it it. Many if not most of my friends, who execute lift, don’t take it creatine, and they build muscle just fine. If the data indigenous the researches didn’t convince you that you don’t require creatine, hopefully that will.

At the end of the day, creatine is just a beneficial tool. You can use the to develop more muscle. You can use the to offer yourself an advantage in competitions, and you deserve to use it to provide yourself an extra rise in strength.

Don’t acquire me wrong, i love creatine. I choose the services of the toughness boost, and also the extra energy in the gym. However is that necessary for structure muscle? The answer is quiet no.

You’re in ~ a Disadvantage If friend Don’t take it Creatine

I mentioned this a little earlier, yet I’ll go more in-depth. No, you don’t need creatine, yet if you don’t take it it, you could actually be at a disadvantage.

If you’re not a competitive lifter, imagine the you are. If you currently are, climate you’re turn off to a good start. Now, if everyone that you’re competing against is taking creatine supplements, yet you no you’re in ~ a huge disadvantage.

To it is in specific, if you’re the just one not taking creatine, yet everyone you’re competing against trained the same method and lifted the same amount the weight, you still at an 8% strength disadvantage. This could not seem like a lot, however it adds up pretty conveniently when we’re talking about hundreds of pounds top top the bar.

To combat this, yes sir a couple of things the you might do. The easy method is to start taking creatine. This puts you on a level playing field with lifters who already take creatine, and also gives you an advantage over those that don’t.

If the easy way isn’t for you, you deserve to do that the difficult way. The hard method is come lift 8% much more weight and also train 8% harder than every lifter you’re completing against.

That sound hard, yet it’s absolutely possible. Lifters outperform each other by 8% all the time, however you need to put in a lot of work. If you begin taking creatine, and also combine it through 8% an ext training 보다 your competitors, you will do it be outperforming nearly everyone.

While you could be at a disadvantage there is no it, creatine isn’t the end all be all to lifting. Even without it, it’s still possible to come out on peak over athletes that space taking it, and also have the same routine as you. Below, I’ll explain why this is possible.

Some civilization think the you must stop acquisition creatine before a competition, yet not everyone. If you desire to understand if you must stop taking creatine before your next competition, check out my article that walk over exactly that!

Creatine affect Every Athlete Differently


Creatine, and also every other supplement, affects anyone differently. On height of this, everyone responds in different way to stamin training. Because that example, for two human being that have actually the exact same routine’s and lift the same amount the weight, among them might build an ext muscle than the other. Let’s go over a couple of different scenarios.

Scenario 1

Imagine that you’re a lifter v pretty great genetics. It’s always been easy for friend to build muscle, also without supplements. Another lifter the you’re competing versus is taking creatine, yet has constantly had a harder time building muscle. In a scenario favor this, it’s totally possible for you come build an ext strength than them, also if they’re taking creatine and also you’re both lifting the same weight with the exact same routines.

Scenario 2

In this script imagine two lifters. One of them is taking creatine and has good genetics for building muscle. The other one isn’t taking creatine, and has pretty negative muscle genetics. The second lifter has a huge disadvantage when it come to building muscle and also strength.

If you to be the 2nd lifter, wouldn’t you desire every advantage possible? If it’s currently hard because that you to develop muscle due to the fact that of genetics, you need to be acquisition every benefit you can get.

So no, you nothing need creatine to construct muscle, yet if you have actually other disadvantages, you should take advantages of the services from creatine.

In the research studies I discussed earlier, the results from lifters that took creatine differed from 16% come 43%. This is a vast difference, and there are countless factors, yet two the the biggest determinants are just how you reaction to creatine, and how you react to stamin training.

On optimal of various responses to training and also muscle, there room a million other factors. How much sleep you gain each night, exactly how optimized your diet is, also how you’re emotion the day of the competition can all impact the finish results.

On top of all the different variations I’ve currently mentioned, there are additionally many different species of creatine. If you desire to learn around all that them, check out my short article on the 12 different species of creatine!


Creatine Helps construct Muscle, but It no Necessary

So, what you must be acquiring from all this is the yes, creatine can help you construct muscle and also strength, yet you don’t require it. that can provide you a competitive benefit if you use it the best way, or it have the right to be a disadvantage if you choose not to take it it. Whether it’s an advantage or a disadvantage because that you, either means you can develop muscle just fine.

As I stated earlier, you should look at creatine and other supplements as tools. Yes, they’re helpful, however they’re almost never necessary. When you’re taking creatine just remember the it’s a tool. As lot as creatine can give you an advantage, that can’t develop muscle because that you.

Creatine deserve to help, but at the end of the day, the still girlfriend doing the work and also building the muscle. Creatine no magic, and you still need to put over time in the gym to view results.

Don’t get me wrong; creatine is a an excellent supplement, but it won’t build muscle for you every on the own. Even if it is or not you decision to take creatine, emphasis on enhancing your efforts while she lifting. This way, no issue what supplements you taking, you’re virtually guaranteed to construct muscle.

In fact, if you focus on putting job-related in rather of focusing on supplements, friend can obtain an even bigger benefit over lifters that are relying ~ above creatine and also other additionally to build muscle.

On height of that, there space a the majority of other points you can do come increase your stamin without creatine. Below, I’ll go over several of these techniques for building an ext muscle without supplements.

Maximizing performance Without Creatine


By now, you know that you don’t need creatine, yet you deserve to build more muscle if you do take it it. This being said, there are a many things you can do come maximize and optimize your performance there is no creatine or any kind of supplement in ~ all. What room these things?

Optimize your dietMaximize her recoveryOptimize her training and also routine

Whether or not you’re acquisition creatine, there room some “best practices” because that strength and muscle building that you must be following. If you’re no taking creatine, these things are even an ext important for making certain that you’re getting the many out the every lifting session. Below, ok go more in-depth into these things.

Optimize your Diet

Here’s a speak you might have heard before; abs room made in the kitchen, no in the gym. The very same thing uses to strength and also muscle building. If you’re no taking creatine, you muscles require every little of energy that they deserve to get.

This is why it’s an important that girlfriend optimize your diet. It’s necessary to gain every vital nutrient in order come actually build muscle. You have to eat carbs and also fat because that energy, and also you need protein to build muscle.

Without protein, it’s impossible to build muscle or strength, no matter exactly how much you lift in the gym. Once you background weights, it tears under your muscle fibers.

After you done, if you’re recovering, your muscles rebuild themselves more powerful than they were before, mostly thanks to protein. Among the ideal ways come maximize her muscle and also strength profit is come optimize your diet and make sure that you’re obtaining all the important nutrients.

Maximize your Recovery

As I stated above, recovery is once you’re actually building muscle. In one study I found, the an ext sleep participants acquired every night, the more efficiently they developed muscle. Additionally, participants that didn’t get enough sleep had a much harder time structure muscle.

On optimal of getting enough sleep, it’s necessary that friend have enough time between your lifting sessions to recover. Together I mentioned earlier, after you lift, it provides tears in your muscles.

While you’re recovering, castle rebuild themselves far better and stronger than they were before. If you lift again prior to they’re done recovering, it ruins your capability to actually develop muscle.

So, it’s crucial to recoup after working out. Make sure that friend get sufficient sleep every night, and that you offer yourself sufficient time between workouts.

Optimize your Training and also Routine

On optimal of recovery and diet, it’s additionally important the you’re optimizing your lifting the best way. Some world lift there is no any set routine, and do whichever practice they feel choose on the day.

Lifting strategies can get pretty complicated, but one of the most basic ones is come build and stick come a routine. There is no creatine, the going to it is in a little harder to build muscle, therefore it’s even more important the you’re lifting efficiently.

Building a regime helps you store track of her lifts, and also make certain that you’re actually making progress and also improving. In ~ the end of the day, adhering to a program is a an excellent way come make sure that you’re structure muscle efficiently, v or there is no creatine.


Getting Extra Creatine Naturally


I’ve stated this before, but creatine is essential for your body, whether you’re a lifter or not. Her body in reality produces a lot on that own, and on height of that, many common foods save creatine. Creatine is essential even if friend don’t desire to take it it together a supplement, and you can gain it naturally. Here are a couple of natural resources of creatine:

Red meat (beef, lamb)Fish (salmon, tuna)White meat (pork, chicken)

While your body does produce its own creatine, its additionally important to gain it indigenous foods. If creatine isn’t needed to construct muscle, if you a vegan, or don’t eat a many meat, it could make much more sense for you to take it as a supplement. I actually wrote an write-up on why vegans should take creatine, so check that one the end next!

Since humans produce their very own creatine, most animals do too. That method most pet meat has creatine together well. Red meat, white meat, fish, and even other foods items like cranberries all contain creatine naturally.

Without creatine, you’ll acquire tired more easily, and you may be in ~ a greater risk of developing neurological illness like alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease. Creatine is really important for muscle building, as well as functions in the brain and the organs.

If you’re interested in what rather happens as soon as you don’t take creatine, I created an article on everything the happens when you protect against taking creatine, so check that one the end too!

Creatine is important, even if you’re no a lifter. The not necessary to construct muscle, yet it’s vital for necessary functions in our bodies. If you’re not taking it together a supplement, it’s essential to make certain that you getting enough from organic sources.



How Creatine Actually rises Strength

By now, you probably know that you don’t need creatine to develop muscle, however you can not know exactly how it actually attributes in your body, and how it enhances your capability to develop strength. Below, I’ll offer you a rapid rundown on exactly how creatine actually functions to rise your strength.

If you took highschool biology, you’ve more than likely heard the ATP before. ATP is what our body’s usage as energy. More on this in a tiny bit.

Creatine save on computer in reserves in your muscle cells, in the type of “phosphocreatine.” as soon as you take it creatine together a supplement, all you’re really doing is filling up and adding to these reserves.

Creatine is quickly converted right into ATP. Once your muscle need more energy, prefer while she lifting, that can transform its shop of creatine into ATP an extremely easily, which provides you an ext energy.

So, creatine doesn’t directly build muscle. This being said, the does provide you much more energy, which allows you lift an ext weight, or work-related out because that longer, i beg your pardon does construct muscle.

Imagine you’re at the gym, and also you’re on your last collection of a lift. You could start to acquire tired, and you could not be able to do an additional set. If you’re taking creatine, the may offer you the power you need to do one much more set of every lift that you’re doing!

So no, creatine no going to construct your muscles because that you, however it’ll give you the power you should get much more weight lifted, therein building an ext muscle.


The Bottom Line

The bottom heat is the you don’t require creatine to develop muscle. You have the right to build more muscle by acquisition creatine, and also it could give friend an benefit in competitions, yet it’s not necessary.

On height of this, creatine is crucial for an easy functions in your muscles, organs, and brain. Thankfully, even if girlfriend don’t want to supplement with creatine, friend can acquire it normally from almost every type of meat.

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At the finish of the day, creatine is a tool. It’s not necessary for structure muscle, yet it can assist you get to where you want to be.