Following guidance indigenous the Centers for condition Control and also Prevention (CDC) and also to help protect the health and also safety that the areas we serve, associates are compelled to stay CDC-compliant facial coverings inside locations. Unless otherwise compelled by ar or regional mandates, vaccinated guests might visit ours pet treatment centers there is no a facial spanning if desired. For the safety and health of ours associates and also other guests, however, us strongly encourage anyone to undertake a CDC-compliant facial covering.

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A keep in mind from"s CEO, Ron Coughlin:

We recognize Coronavirus/COVID-19 is a concerning topic for world everywhere, including pet parents. As your companion in caring because that the all at once health and wellness of her pets, we want to for sure you have actually the details you require to treatment for your entire family – fur, fins and scales, alike. We"ve tapped right into our Pet health Council, an elevation coalition that leading experts in pet health and veterinary science, to provide perspective on the most crucial things you should know. We"re right here for you and also your pets. Always. We"ll proceed to store you updated as the situation evolves.


Ron Coughlin, CEO

Your health and wellness is our top priority

We’ve bring away proactive, precautionary steps to help ensure your safety inside our locations.


Facial coverings required for every associates and strongly recommended for unvaccinated guests, unless otherwise required by local mandates



We’re here to help

To learn about our company safety precautions, visit the FAQ ar at the bottom the this page.

NYC COVID-19 pet Hotline

The NYC pets Hotline is one information, planning, referral and service coordination hub for brand-new York City inhabitants who need support for their pets during the COVID-19 pandemic. Pet Hotline operators have the right to be reached straight at 877-204-8821, indigenous 8 to be to 8 pm daily.

Frequently inquiry Questions

This is a swiftly evolving situation. This section was last updated on June 15th, 2021.

As news and information about Coronavirus/COVID-19 continues to evolve, us are very closely monitoring the situation and taking proactive, precautionary procedures to protect our partners, guests, the pet in our care and our in its entirety business as it progresses. The health and safety that pets and their households is always our peak priority and also we room following and reinforcing all guidance and resources accessible from the world Health Organization and also U.S. Centers for an illness Control and Prevention

Here space some details steps we room taking:

We"re encouraging all partners to follow proper preventative actions to assist prevent the spread of respiratory diseases, including staying home if they are feeling okay or think they may be at risk.In enhancement to our partners" established sick time and paid time off, we"re giving up to five days the pay especially designed to further support those directly impacted by COVID-19 – whether by a shown case, required or spontaneous self-quarantine because of being high-risk, living through or caring because that someone in ~ high-risk, or due to the fact that they feeling ill or face related dependent care challenges.We have actually awarded $13 million in additional compensation because that our pet treatment center and field partners, including 5 cycles the COVID-19 evaluation bonuses, in recognition of the courageous way they space serving pets and their family members in these uncertain times.All pet treatment centers are cleaned and sanitized daily as part of our normal business operations. In irradiate of COVID-19, we"re enhancing the frequency and extent the those cleanings and also taking proactive measures to ensure every areas (including pet care centers and also our distribution and also support centers) have actually ample hygiene and sanitation supplies available.Based ~ above guidance indigenous the CDC and also other public health and wellness experts, together of might 21, 2021 facial coverings space optional for fully-vaccinated guests in our pet care centers, uneven mandated by state or regional government.Out of an abundance of caution, we"ve do disposable gloves face coverings easily accessible to every partners and have mounted register lane acrylic safety in pet care centers nationwide.We"ve made hand sanitizer available to partners and customers with dispenser stations located throughout our pet treatment centers, consisting of high-traffic locations such as checkout counters and grooming salons.To aid protect the health and safety of ours employees and the broader communities we serve, we conduct health and wellness screenings because that employees, vendors and also volunteer staff in every locations. Upon arrival to our pet care centers, their body temperature is evaluated making use of non-contact thermometers. If they have actually a fever, they’re sent house to remainder out of an abundance of caution. Making use of in-store signage, we’re encouraging client to assist us store our communities safe by maintaining at least six feet of distance from others and also following other recommended precautions.Throughout the pandemic, us have minimal travel across the company, including seller travel and visits to locations, and also cancelled attendance at big meetings and gatherings. As vaccination prices increase and COVID-19 cases decline across the country, us will continue to monitor CDC guidance for travel and big gatherings.Support centers (corporate offices) partners room working from home when possible.

The Centers for disease Control (CDC), the nation"s health and wellness protection agency, defines Coronavirus an illness 2019 (COVID-19) as a respiratory illness that have the right to spread from human being to human being through droplets or little particles, such as those in aerosols, developed when an infected human being coughs, sneezes, sings, talks, or breathes. The virus that causes COVID-19 is a novel coronavirus that was first identified throughout an investigation into an episode in Wuhan, China. Those who have actually tested confident for COVID-19 often tend to endure mild to significant respiratory condition that can incorporate fever, sneeze or shortness the breath. Individuals experiencing this symptoms should see their health care providers as early on as feasible for examination.

The CDC states COVID-19 vaccines are reliable at protecting people from acquiring sick, and also those who have actually been completely vaccinated can begin to resume certain pre-pandemic activities.

The CDC recommends the complying with guidance for unvaccinated people:

Avoid crowds and also poorly ventilated indoor spaces.

Can Coronavirus/COVID-19 spread through commodities or packaging sourced and also shipped around the world or domestically?

According come the CDC, COVID-19 is i can not qualify to be spread out from domestic or international mail, commodities or packaging. Currently there is no evidence to support transmission of COVID-19 connected with shipped or imported or goods. is adhering to CDC guidance. Together news and also information about COVID-19 proceeds to evolve, we’re closely monitoring the situation and continuing to take it proactive, precautionary steps to safeguard pets, pets parents and our own partners.

According come the CDC, based upon the obtainable information come date, the threat of animals spreading COVID-19 to civilization is thought about to be low. View what the CDC claims if you have actually pets for an ext information around pets and also COVID-19.

Public health experts continue to learn about the virus, however it shows up it can spread from people to pets in part situations. The CDC is conscious of a zoo tiger experimentation positive because that COVID-19, as well as a small number of pets in the United claims – mainly after close call with people with COVID-19. If you have actually pets, treat them as you would various other human household members to protect them indigenous a possible COVID-19 infection.

The CDC does not recommend routine experimentation for animals, and under no circumstances have to pet parental take actions that may compromise their pets’ welfare.

If you"re sick v COVID-19 and also your pet likewise becomes sick, call your veterinarian. If her pet tests confident for COVID-19, save the pet in isolation in the residence (away from everyone else, including other pets) until a license is granted veterinarian claims they deserve to be approximately other pets and also people. Execute not wipe or bathe your pet through chemical disinfectants, alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, or other products, such together hand sanitizer, counter-cleaning wipes, or other commercial or surface cleaners.

Since animals can spread out other conditions to people, the CDC constantly recommends washing your hands ~ being roughly animals. For more information, read the CDC"s FAQ ~ above COVID-19 and animals. Girlfriend can additionally learn much more about remaining safe and also healthy around pets including pets, livestock, and also wildlife, through visiting the CDC"s healthy Pets, Healthy people website.

Ferrets are recognized to it is in at threat for catching details coronaviruses, and also some other viruses that can make world sick. Currently, there space no known instances of ferrets ending up being sick or showing positive for COVID-19.

Pet parents should always include pet in your family’s emergency preparedness planning and ensure they have enough food and also product to care for pets as a basic precaution for disaster preparedness.

To administer ongoing support to our much more than 25,000 employees (we speak to them partners) as they confront the impacts of COVID-19 – and also in future time of require – we"ve launched the Partner assistance Fund. This employee relief money received an initial $2 million invest from, plus added donations native the company"s personal equity sponsors at CVC resources Partners, the Pet wellness Council – an elevation coalition of leading professionals in veterinarian science and animal treatment – and personal donations from every member the"s plank of Directors and also executive leadership team, consisting of our CEO Ron Coughlin.

The partner Assistance money is administered by E4E Relief and open for donations. Every contributions directly support partner in need. partner can use for assistance as of march 22, 2020. This new fund is in enhancement to other actions we’ve bring away to support our partners together we navigate COVID-19, including providing pay specifically designed to more support those directly influenced by COVID-19. For an ext information ~ above the companion Assistance money or to do a donation, visit

Our team is working non-stop to fulfill the needs of pet parents throughout this swiftly evolving situation. In enhancement to our physical pet treatment centers, we"re also ready to offer you in any of the adhering to ways.

By phone – call 833-893-0111 to location orders and also have pet food and other essentials yielded to your home.Curbside pickup – the bulk of our locations now offer curbside pickup to administer pet parental who space self-isolating with tranquility of mind learning their pets" essentials have the right to be carried directly to your car.

In addition to boosting the frequency and also extent of daily pet care center cleanings, we"re continuing to administer the pets in ours pet treatment centers with ideal care and also habitat maintenance. As part of our industry-leading animal care standards, we have plans in ar to protect and also care for the pet in our pet care centers in the event of emergencies or pet care centers closures, and also the current COVID-19 instance is no exception. If any type of pet care center demands to close, we will certainly follow our emergency animal care protocol, including transferring animals to different safe places if necessary. Love is working v local pet welfare institutions to ensure each of your adoptable pets right now housed at pet treatment centers is gift cared for appropriately.

We’re proud to it is in the grocery store store, pharmacy and doctor’s office for plenty of four-legged love ones. We’re open and continuing to offer the demands of pets and their households – including our in-store vet care, grooming and dog training services – however we’ve take away the complying with proactive, precautionary actions to defend everyone in the wider family.

Based on guidance from the CDC and other public wellness experts, together of may 21, 2021 facial coverings space optional for fully-vaccinated guests in our pet care centers, unless mandated by state or neighborhood government. To aid our groomers and pet parents keep a safe distance from every other, we"ve restructured our grooming schedules. We ask that just the pet receiving services and one pet parental visit our check-in desk. Pet parents space being asked to preserve a safe distance in between themselves and also others through waiting outside of the salon if an additional pet is being confirm in and, once possible, we"re scheduling pick-up time to border the number of pet parents waiting for their newly-groomed dogs. We properly clean and also disinfect the occupational area (counters, stations, and equipment) before welcoming the following pet.

In the areas where it’s for sure to do so, Love is working carefully with local animal welfare institutions to ar adoptable cat in the adoption stations situated inside pet treatment centers. Additionally, when and where safe to execute so, Love and also local animal welfare organizations may resume weekend fostering events in select pet care centers. To properly regulate social gatherings, pets parents, ar members and partners are being inquiry to keep a safe distance in between themselves and also others, and also adhere to every in-store health and also safety guidelines. Love is likewise working closely with our pet welfare partner to encourage and also support pet adoption, and foster treatment approaches that limit person interaction. Pets currently in pet care center adoption habitats will stay cared for and accessible for adoption.

As animal shelters brace because that the long-term financial impacts of COVID-19, Love set off the Pledge to conserve Pet resides by distributing $1 million in product and cash donations, and also putting the end a national speak to to implore pet lovers to help save pet lives. This was spread as a equivalent grant to twin donations and help increase regional shelters" ability to assist pet parental in need. This commitment follows Love’s circulation of much more than $13 million to pet welfare institutions nationwide, consisting of a donation together with Blue Buffalo and Royal Canin to local food financial institutions operated through the ASPCA to aid pet parents in need. Love is in close interaction with organizations across the country to support emerging needs. They"re likewise working closely with the pet shelter coronavirus collaborative group, i beg your pardon supports several of the largest shelters in the country by sharing information and bringing professionals together to build resources and recommendations. This contains a national effort to encourage pet fostering to conserve lives.

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Welcoming a shelter pet into your home have the right to save a life – find an adoptable pet close to you. If you can"t foster or adopt, yet want come help, do a donation to Love (formerly the Foundation), an live independence nonprofit company that supports thousands of local pet welfare groups throughout the country. In tandem with Love, through in-store adoption events, we’ve helped discover homes for much more than 6.5 million animals.