It can be quite tempting come bring ago a plant, some seeds or a cut from a tree you fall in love through while away on holidays to thrive in your very own garden. Yet are you enabled to take it plants top top a plane?

TSA rules permit passengers to lug plants top top a plane in either carry on bags or checked bags. Part airlines may not permit them and those the do firmly insist that if the tree is carried separately together a an individual item, and also not in your lug on bag, climate it one of two people fits in an overhead bin or under the seat in front. Customs rules might prohibit tree on worldwide flights.

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We have actually thoroughly researched this to ensure we answer every inquiry that might pop into your mind related to carrying tree on a plane.

Can you take it plants with airport security?

The deliver Security administration (TSA) provides it feasible for most plants come pass through airport security. They will have to be screened, either separately if you room carrying them, or in your carry on bag if small enough because that that.

It have to go without speak that just plants that room legal can be carried, so obviously girlfriend cannot take it a cannabis plant for example.

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The adhering to is a query to the fantastic #AskTSA company on Twitter from a passenger concerning carrying a tree on a aircraft and through airport security:


Taking plants abroad from the US

Just as the united state does, many foreign countries additionally have restrictions on what plants or plant material you deserve to take into their nation with you. Girlfriend will need to inspect online or v an embassy for details rules.

General rule relating to flying abroad with plants

You should inspect the rules because that the nation you are traveling indigenous or to yet there room a couple of general rules which are:

12 or much less plants space generally permitted that also meet the other rulesAll plants and also plant material will need to be declared and inspected top top arrivalDried seeds can normally be carried but tree and also shrub seeds room not normally enabled from overseasBare rooted plants can typically be lugged (as floor is generally restricted)Cuttings space normally permitted (but castle must have actually no pests top top them)


Bringing tree on a residential flight is not a trouble as much as airport defense is concerned and also you comply with the regulation of the airline that you will certainly be traveling with.

If being lugged separately and not in your lug on, then the tree should be able to fit right into the overhead compartment or in ~ the seat in front.