I will take a trip from south America come Europe (with waiting France, Colombia-Panama-France-Romania if this info is useful) and also I desire to bring some seeds from there.

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Obviously, I"m no talking around drugs or illegal things yet some vibrant maize seeds would be great, choose these people or various other vegetables.

Is it enabled to execute it or it"s forbidden?


The rules laid down by the EU are easily accessible in


To summarise one importer must have a phytosanitary certificate to import plants or tree products. However it go state the there is an exemption for

small amounts of plants, tree products, foods or animal feed the their owner or receiver will use for non-industrial, non-commercial objectives or consume throughout transport;

So as long as the OP is no going to use the seed in a organization it appears no certificate is needed.

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If your location is one EU country, it"s worth looking in ~ the UK rules for plant material (including seeds), i m sorry are declared here. Together the UK is (for now) tho in the EU, these are EU-wide rules.

Under "Personal Allowance" it states that you have the right to only bring in seeds in your personal baggage from various other EU countries plus Switzerland, Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Syria, Tunisia and also Turkey.

The matching French rules are here. My French is much from fluent yet as would be expected the French rule look at the very least superficially pretty comparable to the UK ones.

Coming from south America, if you want to be sure of continuing to be within the letter of the regulation I would play that safe and not bring any plant material.

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To repeat: YOU must DECLARE IT and also HAVE the EXAMINED

Please check out the entire Answer carefully, ns am in not saying OP smuggle or break the legislation in any way. Ns am additionally not going to administer references to every country"s customs and farming rules.

It is no the case that tree materially is unconditionally forbidden, however, this is something that Customs and farming Officials at your destination will need to determine.

Meaning, friend can bring plant products to the border, however upon come YOU have to DECLARE IT and also HAVE that EXAMINED.

If you declare it and also it"s no allowed, it will merely be confiscated and also destroyed (provided it"s no a danger or otherwise illegal substance). If you are captured smuggling it, it"s a far-ranging fine at the least.

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answer Dec 21 "18 in ~ 16:25

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