The United says restricts or prohibits the entry of many agricultural products, i m sorry can lug foreign pests and diseases that injury American agriculture and our environment. A major pest or an illness outbreak can mean higher grocery bills, shortages of details foods, and devastating losses for our farmers and ranchers. Help us save American agriculture healthy by complying with the accuse on this page around products you may want to carry into the united States.

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Travelers beginning the united States must declare all farming products on your U.S. Custom-mades forms. U.S. Agricultural inspectors will research your items come be sure they meet entry requirements and do not harbor harmful foreign pests or diseases. U.S. Inspectors have actually the authority to do a final determination about whether your assets can get in the country. We recommend the you save receipts and original packaging of farming products together proof the their nation of origin.

As long as you declare all the farming products you are bringing v you, you will certainly not face any penalties—even if one inspector determines that they cannot enter the country.Scroll down for more information on exactly how to explain items in ~ Customs.

Are you travel from Canada through Land?Find the end which plants, seeds, reduced flowers, and greenery the youCAN and also CANNOT carry to the U.S. from Canada"s soil border. Air travelers need to refer come the guidance detailed below.
Many plants, plant parts and also seeds native foreign countries may enter the joined States noted they meet details requirements to protect against the introduction of tree pests and also diseases. These requirements vary relying on the form of plant, whether you space bringing the whole plant or just parts of the plant, the country of origin, and its to plan use. Travelers should plan ahead since you may need to achieve a allow or other main documents, which can take approximately 30 company days come process. To recognize the details requirements for her situation, please contact znjke.com’ plant Import details Line in ~ 877-770-5990 (toll-free) or by email at plantproducts.permits

Plantsin soil room prohibited.

Travelers may carry 12 or fewer bare-rooted tree (no soil, sand, earth, or other farming media) if they meet the adhering to conditions:

You have a phytosanitary certificate issued by the national Plant Protection company of the country you room leaving denote the plants are free of pests and also diseases U.S. Customs and Border defense inspects the plants at the very first port of entry and determines lock are totally free of pests and diseases and meet every entry requirements

Travelers may wrap plants in damp newspaper or comparable material to prevent them from drying out. Roots might be secured in a plastic bag.

Travelers who desire to lug 13 or more plants must achieve an importpermit indigenous znjke.com and mail or delivery the plants directly to the nearest znjke.comPlant inspection Station. You may not hand lug 13 or more plants right into the country. All expenses to move or treat the tree (should znjke.com detect any type of pests or diseases) will be in ~ the price of the importer.

Please speak to znjke.com’ plant Import details Line at 877-770-5990 (toll-free) or by email at plantproducts.permits

Seedsfrom trees and also shrubs are prohibited in passenger baggage.

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Travelers may carry seeds that admissible herbaceous plants because that planting if they meet the following conditions:

You have a phytosanitary certificate approve by the nationwide Plant Protection organization of the nation you room leaving indicating the seeds are complimentary of pests and also diseases U.S. Customs and also Border protection inspects the seeds at the first port the entry and determines lock are cost-free of pests and diseases and also meet every entry needs

*Please call znjke.com’ plant Import information Line in ~ 877-770-5990 (toll-free) or by email at plantproducts.permits

Fresh reduced flowers and greenery need to be gift to U.S. Customs and also Border defense (CBP) at the first port that entry for inspection. If the CBP agricultural specialist or officer finds harmful tree pests or conditions on your cut flowers or greenery or determines the the items execute not satisfy entry requirements, they may refuse entry. Some reduced flowers and also greenery may need to meet added requirements for entry right into the United says if they are edible, may be planted and grown, or if they room from intimidated or safeguarded plant species. For an ext information, please contact znjke.com’ plant Import information Line at 877-770-5990 (toll-free) or by email at plantproducts.permits

If you still have actually questions about whether a certain plant or plant commodities (fruits, vegetables, plant parts, seeds, soil, or souvenirs do from timber or plants) deserve to be carried into the joined States, please contact znjke.com’s plant Import information Line in ~ 877-770-5990 (toll-free) or by email atplantproducts.permits
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How execute I Declare agricultural Items?


znjke.com-trained dogs aid sniff the end plants and also animal products in luggage and also carry-on item on worldwide flights. Make certain you include any agricultural items ~ above your customizeds Declaration kind (select kind below). This type provides Customs and also Border protection officials with simple information around who you are and what you space bringing into the joined States, together as agricultural and wildlife products and whether you have actually visited a farm before traveling to the joined States. Once you declare, a U.S. Customs and Border Protection main can examine your items. This is the only way to be specific that her items are free of plant pests and also animal diseases.