Advice for keeping your sanity ~ above a long-haul flight with small kids

I won’t profess to be the world’s finest crafty mum, despite ideal efforts; or a excellent cook. And also I always forget stuff.

But when it pertains to sitting on one aircraft and also entertaining your children for 7 plus hrs at a time, i am going come play my flying long-haul v kidstrump card

So here’s the actual deal. You are more than most likely going to be flying economic climate class because you can not justify spending an ext or making use of your hard-earned constant flyer clues on world whose foot don’t extend beyond the finish of the seat.

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Now stop assume friend haven’t heeded any kind of of my previous advice. You flying during the day, you don’t have a preventive seat between you and you’re paris a cheapy airline that’s no handing the end kid’s packs. It’s still no the finish of the people (though seriously, read mine strategies).


If you’ve obtained this far you’ve no doubt check out plenty of articles currently on what you can do to entertain your kids on a plane. Currently I’m below to take the candy-coating away and tell friend the truth. Not all toys make for good plane entertainment.

This short article is part of our Toddler travel advice series and our paris with kids series

Here are 5 things NOT to load for her toddlers– despite any type of myths girlfriend may have heard come the contrary!

1. Play-doh


I can’t was standing this shit difficult under mine fingernails in ~ home, why on earth would I want to clean it increase on a plane? If it doesn’t end up grounding to her chair or ground right into the carpet you deserve to be sure it’s been inserted into a child’s ear, clumps of it shoved downt-shirts, every various other food scrap and also bit the fluff floating about your living room will connect itself because that dear life and whatever is left is gift inconspicuously eaten by the baby.

Until your boy is around six and also can manage these urges, forget it.

Update – we could just have actually a new alternative to Play-doh – check the end Skwooshi – a no so messy alternate (no assures on the baby no trying come eat it however it says non-toxic….)

2. Individually covering gifts


Come on!! room you having actually a laugh? after packing, cleaning the house before you go, checking flights, oh and doing every that day-to-day mum stuff choose feeding, cleaning and also entertaining your offspring you’re really going come sit one evening before you paris out and wrap small presents from the dissension shop, one because that each hour of the flight?

I have three children; ns flying for 16 hours. I am no sitting to wrap 48 cute and also glorious small bundles of joy to then sit in a sea that my very own wrapping document filth (and clock the infant eat it).

O.K., if you have actually one child and also your flight is much less than three hrs long i will offer this cute little idea part merit; Long-haulers and those v multiple children, don’t problem you’re not throwing your opportunities of mom of the year here.

Keep. It. Simple.


Instead… perform grab a pair of new dollar shop items per child however keep these in your bag until you’re prepared to disclose something new. If they discover it in your own aircraft bag it will be anywhere the airplane terminal floor prior to you’ve even boarded the flight.

Toddler toys for Airplane: What"s in my toddler"s aircraft bag?

3. Teensy weensy toys

Make no failure if you carry anything smaller sized than about the size of a tennis ball, girlfriend will discover yourself through your head wedged down between the seats an ext times 보다 a pregnant woman needs to pee.


My boy favourite playthings at the moment are “Trashies”, adorably ugly when they are not finding their method into one orifice or one more of the baby, yet a finish nightmare when they fall down the earlier of the couch, and also he to know if simply one is missing, that knows…

Spare you yourself the search and rescue mission; toddlers need chunky items without little parts.

You’ll uncover our favourite recommended toddler-sized playthings here

4. Cheap crappy headphones


We all understand that one iPad or similar electronic device is the can be fried distraction and also entertainer ~ above a airplane (park your morals on electronics right now, long-haul flying is the large league below people).

Even a rather young child deserve to be captivated by your magic for short spurts, however nobody wants to hear to Peppa Pig snorting and also giggling her way through a jigsaw puzzle because that 3 hours straight. So headphones room essential.

Young children particularly are likely to baulk in ~ the idea in ~ first. This will no doubt mean a little of rough handling with the headset, ripping it off, sit on it, throwing it. These are one article in her entertainment arsenal that isworth spending an ext cash on.

I can’t confess come having found a brand that lasts more than a few flights, however the cheaper they are, the quicker into the flight they will break and you will be left stranded there is no a an excellent in-flight to chat system.

You’ll discover the ideal brands that headphones that we carry out recommend because that toddlers here!

5. The bag itself

Ok, I recognize some civilization love Trunki, and also hey, ns think they’re cute as well – in concept. Have you ever before tried picking one of these bad boys up when it’s full of toys? have actually you ever seen a boy opening one of these in the center of the plane lounge? Don’t be mistaken. Certain kidslove sit on them and also pulling them along. For 3 minutes.

Golden preeminence people, if friend can’t be sure your toddler is going to carry it because that the complete length the the journey, if they cannot lift the themselves, if castle cannot open it themselves there is no the materials spilling everywhere, then why have actually you provided it to them? now is not the moment for “teaching independence”; the the toddler years – it’s survival of the fittest.

Ride-on Suitcases work best for preschoolers no toddlers – our complete ride-on luggage review & references here.

Sure bring playthings and tasks for entertain your children but expropriate you will be responsible for whatever in it and also in every likelihood finish up transferring it in ~ some allude until they room old enough to take obligation for this all-important piece of luggage because that themselves.

This, folks, is what finished up keep going to that adorable Trunki. For 4 flights.

It’s not all poor news parents – there room some item that are absolute winners in kid’s carry-ons!

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In situation your insanity strikes – pin for later!!

Do you have any type of pet peeves on the aircraft – what room your need to NOT pack items, how did you learn the hard way?

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Matt says:
We’re off on a trip next week come the UK from Australia and also I’m pretty sure we’re going to be break at least two of the above. My wife swears by pat dough because that our 19 month old, I’ve controlled to discover some usual ground whereby we make our very own in the thermomix and also dispose of various bits follow me the way. Hopefully conserving too countless dramas through separating colours and keeping the dry. Dislike the ingredient myself, however hey, what girlfriend gonna do.

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Came house a pair of months back to discover an orange trunk ns sitting in the living room. WTF is that ns spout. Together it turns out, the small prince runs roughly the house pushing it or shunting it with a likewise sized cutting board the tank engine. So maybe not together a negative idea because that the expedition as a toy during long transits. Best component is that it deserve to fit under our mountain Buggy nano pram (with the aid of a carabiner) so moving it shouldn’t be on the cards (he says at this suggest in time)

Really enjoying her blog, thanks and also keep that up.

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Hahaha! browsing for principles for our toddler because that our holiday next week and came throughout this, give thanks to you for giving me a giggle