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Our goal is to provide the highest quality of care for our patients and also to aid keep them safe while they room in our care. In order to do so, we have actually guidelines roughly what can and cannot be lugged for a patient’s stay. Numerous of these guidelines room in solution to mental wellness laws and regulations, and every one of our guidelines seek to protect the security of our patients.

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What to Bring

Please bring five to seven days of suitable clothing and no an ext than one suitcase. We sell laundry framework on site. (See listed below for examples of clothing.)Insurance card and at the very least one picture ID.List that prescribed medication(s) or medicine bottles. These will certainly be locked and also only dispensed by stimulate of treating MD.Name(s) and also telephone number(s) the primary care physician, psychiatrist, psychologist and/or therapist.Legal papers identifying custody for adolescent patients who legal guardian is not their biological parent, or their biological parents are separated or divorced.Be sure to uncover out what your patient password is and pass the details on come family, friends and mental health experts that you want to call or visit you. Lock will need to know your patient code in stimulate to contact you once you have been admitted.

Clothing Guidelines

We desire to make certain your remain is as safe and also comfortable together possible. Our dress password is supplied to preserve a therapeutic atmosphere. We also ask your visitors follow the dress code. The adhering to items concerned dress room prohibited:

Tank tops/halter tops/bare midriffShort shorts/skirtsUndershirts worn together shirtsBare feetHat, caps, or any kind of other head coveringHigh heels or stole toed shoesClothing referencing drug use, profanity, violence or disrespect because that others or any kind of sexual contentCosmetics and cosmetic tools

Your pants need to cover her undergarments. Pair of shoes or slippers need to be worn outside of patient rooms. And, sleepwear have to be worn at bedtime only. The staff reserves the ideal to instruct patients on unreasonable dress.

Contraband items List

This list does not encompass all items that room contraband (prohibited). Items that our employee believes come be possibly dangerous may additionally be included.

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Weapons including guns, brass knuckles, and also martial arts paraphernaliaIllicit or street drugs and drug paraphernaliaAurora eastern prohibits any type of tobacco products. Aurora West enables cigarettes. Both hospitals prohibit any type of tobacco related paraphernalia.Food and beverages from exterior of the hospital, consisting of alcoholic beveragesAny fluid containing alcohol (regardless of %) Belts, drawstrings, suspenders, shoelaces, overalls or coverallsAerosol and also non-aerosol spray cansGlass including bottles, vases and drinking glassesDisposable razors of any kind (Staff will supply disposable razors that will be stored.)Mirrors of any kind of kindSharp or edged objects consisting of knives, scissors, knit needles, ignorance tacks, frames, nails documents or clippersMetal combs, including hair picks, rattail combs, etc.All medications including organic supplements, vitamin or over-the counter medicationsSewing needles, security pins and also straight pinsWire or plastic cloak hangersAny digital entertainment device including TVs, radios, electric appliances, handheld gaming devices, PDAs, MP3 players, computers, cabinet phones, etc.Movies and also magazines of any kind of kindStuffed animalsPersonal linens and/or pillowsHard shoes, such as steel toes or worker boots, and also high heelsHats and also other kind of head equipment (hand bands) or head covering, consisting of hoodiesHand bags, pursesPlastic bagsPersonal treatment items through strings or sharp edges such together tooth picks, dentist floss, Q-tips, tampons, etc.Curling irons, level irons or other personal care assets that warmth upAny potential fire hazard such as candles, lighters or matchesNo cash (money)Jewelry of any type of kind various other than a flat, round, well fitted wedding bandLuggage of any type of kind (If you bring a suitcase, duffel bag, etc. Through your belongings to check in, we will save them in a secure location for you.)Toxic chemicals including bleach, white out, pond polish remover, nail polish, markers, etc.Ink pens or pencils through erasers and/or metal tipsSpiral books, consisting of notebooks


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Patient and also Family Testimonials

Aurora is an excellent facility through a committed staff that really seem come care around the well-being of your patients, and groups and also programs, which are exceptionally therapeutic and healing. Say thanks to you every for help me with what has actually been one extremely complicated time in my life. Aurora is great facility every one of the staff deserve unique recognition due to the fact that they helped me to desire to pursue happiness. I am really grateful come this ar for not judging me and also helping me so much. all of the staff deserve special recognition check out what other patients space saying around us…