Packing for a mexican vacation way different points to different people. Some room light, carry-on only travelers and also some space “bring the kitchen sink” type of travelers! No matter what kind of traveler girlfriend are, the is vital to know the rules of what you can and also cannot bring to Mexico.

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Customs Process: What to intend at the custom-mades inspection allude in Cozumel

After you have actually been v Immigration and gathered all of your baggage, continue to the custom-mades inspection point and place all of your luggage and personal items ~ above the conveyor belt to be x-rayed.Present her declaration form* come the custom-mades agent.You have the right to introduce right into national territory, without payment the taxes, the goods that renders up your personal luggage, and also that whose value does not exceed the franchise come which you room entitled.If friend exceed the franchise, you should pay a global rate of 16% of the complete value that the excess merchandise, with the style Payment of international Trade contributions (excess franchise). Pay through a credit transaction or debit card.

Press the web traffic light switch when you are instructed. If you get the environment-friendly light girlfriend may departure the customs area. If you gain the red light her baggage will be inspected. Follow the instructions noted by the customizeds official.

*NOTE: you can finish your declaration type online the job of travel:

Merchandise girlfriend are permitted to lug to Mexico

Personal baggage

Passengers are permitted to bring, complimentary of duty, goods in their an individual luggage when entering the country. Asking the personalizeds officers because that the list of merchandise permitted or visit the SAT customizeds web site.

Duty-free allowance

Duty-free allowance is a tax exemption granted through the Mexican federal government to a national or international passenger for details merchandise he is bringing in Mexico.

Passengers beginning Mexico by waiting or a naval port might import as much as $500.00 USD. Each member the the family is entitled and also can be built up if castle travel with each other in the same means.You have the right to prove the worth of the merchandise the is component of the franchise through invoices or sales receipts.In the lack of these, the personalizeds personnel may identify the value of the merchandise.

Your personal luggage may consist of the following without paying taxes:

Goods for personal use, such together clothing, footwear and hygiene and also beauty products, provided they are continuous with the expression of the trip, including a bridal outfit, infant items, such as a chair, portable crib, stroller, walker, among others, consisting of their accessories.Two photographic or video clip recording cameras;photographic material;three portable devices for cabinet phones or various other wireless networks;a team of global positioning (gps);an digital agenda;a portable computer equipment well-known as laptop, notebook, omnibook or similar;a portable copier or printer;a burner and also a portable projector, through its accessories.Two an individual sports teams, 4 fishing rods, 3 gliders through or there is no sail and their accessories, trophies or recognitions, as long as they can be transported commonly and also normally through the passenger.A portable machine for the recording or reproduction the sound or mixed;or 2 digital image and sound recording or reproduction and a portable dvd player;a collection of portable speakers, and their accessories.Five laser discs, 10 dvd discs, 30 compact discs, three software program packages and five storage tools for any type of electronic equipment.Books, magazines and printed documents.Five toys, consisting of collectibles, and a video game console, and also five video clip games.A an equipment to measure up blood pressure and one to measure up glucose or mixed and also its reagents, and medications for an individual use (in the instance of psychotropic substances, the prescription must be shown).Boxes, pouches, trunks and suitcases or any kind of other item vital for the carry of luggage.A binocular and also a telescope.Two musical instruments and their accessories.A tent and other camping gear.A set of hand tools through its case, which may incorporate a drill, pliers, keys, sockets, screwdrivers, strength cables, among others.Passengers end 18 year of age, a preferably of 10 package of cigarettes, 25 cigars or 200 grams the tobacco;up to 3 liters of alcohol addict beverages and six liters the wine. (Note e-cigarettes room prohibited in Mexico efficient 19 February 2020.)Older adults and people through disabilities, items that as result of their features replace or minimize their limitations, such together walkers, wheelchairs, crutches, canes, amongst others.

You are permitted to carry the adhering to food items right into Mexico

Note: quantities for your personal use and consumption

Shelled almondsHazelnuts there is no shellRoasted coffeePelleted cerealsSpices (vanilla, cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, mace, amoms, cardamoms, anise, coriander, fennel,ginger, saffron, turmeric, thyme, just leaves, curry, etc.)Dried fruits (seedless)Cereal, oilseed and also legume floursMedicinal herbs (exclusively dried)Dehydrated vegetablesCashew, walnut, cashew or cashew nuts without shellsDried pistachios (salted)Dehydrated tobacco. Compliance v the Secretariat does not exempt from adhering to other authorities

NOTE: This perform is illustrative, yet not limiting

What needs to it is in declared

You must declare all the posts that are various from those that yourluggage or all the write-ups that you lug with you with a value greater than $500 USD.

Cash declaration

Carrying over $10,000 USD cash as soon as departing native or arriving to Mexico is legal. However, failing to declare it is a violation come the mexico Laws and punishable by administrative penalties when the full amount exceeds $10,000 USD, and by imprisonment once it above $30,000 USD.If you space carrying end $10,000 USD cash or its equivalent in other currencies, domestic or foreign cheques, travelers’ cheques, payment assignment or any type of other bearer negotiable instruments, or a combination thereof, when departing from or showing up to Mexico, you are obliged to declare it come the Mexican personalizeds office by filling out the adhering to forms:

Customs Declaration for Incoming passengers upon arrival or Cash Declaration because that Outgoing passengers upon departure.Declaration because that incoming or outgoing cash and also bearer negotiable instruments.

Note: You deserve to fill the end the online custom-mades Declaration or Declaration because that incoming or outgoing cash and also bearer negotiable instruments at before arriving to Mexico. These Declarations shall be handed to a custom-mades officer at the allude of leave or arrival, together required.

Narcotic drugsElectronic cigarettesUsed apparel that is not part of your an individual luggageSome over-the-counter medicines generally used in the united States, consisting of inhalers and some allergy and sinus medications. Specifically, assets that save stimulants (medicines the contain pseudoephedrine, such together Actifed, Sudafed, and also Vicks inhalers) or codeine are prohibited. Firearm, certain types of knives, ammunitionImages of any kind that represent youngsters in a denigrating or ridiculous way, in attitudes of incitement to violence or destructionEarth or soilPots or posts with content of vegetable or unknown originPropagative product (seeds, bulbs, cuttings, buds, cuttings, etc.)Flowers, plants, seedlings In Vitro, vegetables and fresh fruitsGrains (corn, beans, rice, quinoa, wheat, sesame, sunflower, beans, lentils, etc.)Fresh chestnutsFresh cheesesHomemade or artisan assets are no allowedFresh meat of any type of kindProducts the swine origin and also their derivatives originating in nations with the existence of african Swine Fever, together as: ham, sausages, bacon, pork rinds, sweets through pork, raw pork, dried meat, exhilaration cutlets, precooked sausages, pasta through pork, BBQ ribs, pork flour, lard, prompt soup with pork, bacon toothpaste, salami, mortadella, ham sandwich, chorizo, etc.Balanced food for any varieties (except because that dogs and cats)Balanced food because that dogs and cats v beef, sheep and goat meatSandwiches, sandwiches, cakes, sandwiches, hamburgers, pizzas, etc., with meat and also dairy contents without packaging full, no one sanitary seal the the proficient authorityFree-range chickenLive fish or turtlesLive, raw and also dried crustaceansTotoaba, new or cooled (fish)Frozen Totoaba (fish)Predators of any sizeUntanned leather productsHunting trophies (mounted, fresh, salty, others)Any animal species (except cats and dogs) regulatedInsecticide (Isodrin or Aldrin, Heptaclor or Drinox, Endrin or Mendrin or Nendrin or Hexadrin, Leptophos)Poppy seeds (Narcotic)Flour that poppy seeds (Narcotic)Seeds and also spores the marijuana (Cannabis indica), also though when they are combined with various other seedsMarijuana (Cannabis indica)Juice and also extracts of opium, all set to smokeExtracts and also juice acquired from marijuana (Cannabis indica)Mucilage and condensed products derived indigenous the marijuana (Cannabis indica)Thallium sulfateHeroin, base or hydrochloride the diacetylmorphineMedication ready with marijuana (Cannabis indica)Medication all set with acetylmorphine or the its salts or derivatives

Consult the following websites for lists of controlled substances in Mexico: the “Lista Amarilla,” “Lista Verde,” and “Lista Roja) and

NOTE: This list is illustrative, however not limiting

A donation is a foreign an excellent that is exempted from taxation payment. The products are taken into consideration as a donation, once they come native abroad and also the donor must additionally be native abroad. The recipients should be publicly entities, such as Ministries, State and also Municipal Governments and non-profit organization authorized by the Tax management Service (SAT) to get donations.In bespeak to prevent wrongdoing, the is necessary to observe the developed guidelines. Or example, if the goods donated room intended because that sale or any kind of other commercial purpose, they would be fallout’s in responsibilities, and tax evasion.To lug out the donation, the application kind must it is in submitted. This file is called “Declaration of goods donated to the federal Treasury” and “Annex 1, perform of goods subject to donation,” which can be derived for complimentary at Mexico´s Embassies and Consulates.It is vital to bear in mind, what sort of goods are taken into consideration as a donation, because that example, to give away used apparel or shoes to family members living in Mexico, perform not fall into this category.

Donations you are enabled to lug to Mexico:

School-type trucks to use in the education and learning sectorGarbage collectors vehicles equipped with compactor or roll of systemCars sweepersFire enginesAmbulances or mobile clinics to administer medical or radiological equipment servicesTruck crane-cage for street bright maintenanceTrucks for desilting the sewage systemVehicles, machinery and equipment for polite protectionEquipment and medical instruments and also laboratory (in good condition)Wheelchairs and orthopedic equipmentGlassesVarious prosthesesNew garments or shoesToysMusical instrumentsSport goodsNew computer system equipment come public education institutionsUsed computer equipment for major and secondary public education

Donations you are NOT permitted to carry to Mexico:

When the donor and recipient space the same personUsed clothing and also shoesCanned food and bottled water who expiration day is longer than 3 months indigenous the date of entry into the countryMedicines who expiration date is better than one year indigenous the date of your entry into the country

Mexicancustomswillallow friend to introduce domesticpets(cats ordogs) come Mexico, detailed that you have actually the exactly zoo-sanitary paperwork in order and the animal(s) show up in an excellent health on arrival. You deserve to import, without payment taxes, increase to 3 pets or companion animals that you bring with you.

Submit a an excellent Health Certificate. The certificate is only valid for 15 days. Have the original and 1 copy. The great Health Certificate must have the following elements:Issued by an main veterinary physician; letterhead document with the skilled license number printedName and address of the exporter (in the country of origin) and the importer (destination deal with in Mexico)Rabies vaccine application date and also its validity (animals under 3 months old room exempt).That throughout the inspection prior to your trip, the animal(s) were discovered clinically healthy.The animal(s) have actually been internally and externally dewormed, within the 6 previous months and are cost-free of ectoparasites.If girlfriend don’t fulfill the over elements, girlfriend must contact a Veterinary medical professional (of your selection and ~ above your very own in Mexico), that will issue a health certificate and apply the corresponding treatment.Your animal(s) must enter in a carrier or container, clean with no bedding, no equipment (toys, treats, etc.), otherwise, these will be removed and also destroyed. The carrier or container will receive a preventative spray treatment by the official personnel that the SADER-SENASICA; that is collar and leash are ok.You can incorporate enough pet food because that the day.If you send your pet as documented cargo, verify the demands of the airline and consider the need of using the solutions of a customizeds agent because that its relax in Customs.

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Importing weapons, ammunition, cartridges, explosives and also related chemistry substances to Mexico requires the appropriate permits. Failure to attain such permit may be deemed as an offense and may even be punishable by imprisonment.Please refer to the rules and regulations to import weapons uncovered in the sat Customs and the nationwide Defense Secretariat web sites:

This information provided in this post is for guidance purposes only.

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