A common question when crocheters travel is, “Can I lug crochet hooks on a plane?” The prize is yes, although there’s much more to it.

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Available in: us A (2mm), B (2.5mm), C (3mm), D (3.25mm), E (3mm), 3.75mm, F (4mm), G (4.5mm), H (5mm), i (5.5mm) and also J(6mm).


Good because that stitches request loading. The obelisk is long sufficient for them


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London Kaye Hook Set


An unusual architecture where the handle is twisted but it has produced for comfort. This are an excellent for huge bulky yarns and projects such a hats, scarves and also afghans, pets beds and also mats.

The collection includes:

Small – 9 MM (Green)Medium – 11.5 MM (Pink)Large – 20 MM (Blue)


The lightweight plastic feeling comfortable to holdEasy come crochet v bulky yarnsDoesn’t tire out your wrist once using over extended periods that time


Some users found a rough nub ~ above the tiny hookYarn does no glide together easily
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Lion Brand Plastic Hooks


Helpful take trip Tips because that Crocheters

Travel rules and also permissible items space subject to change – while this perform is accurate for now, brand-new rules deserve to go increase anytime. Constantly check the needs of the country and also airlines prior to you fly.

Here’s a handy tip: think about taking a padded mailing envelope and also sheet the stamps v you once you travel. Therefore on the odd chance your hooks space going to be confiscated, you can mail your package home to yourself!

There space a few tips you can use come ensure you have straightforward trip with your crochet.

Think around how lot time you’ll be able to crochet throughout your trip. Taking your latest crocheted afghan is probably not the best choice.

Prepare for little projects like hats and take the yarn needed which must only it is in a couple of balls. It help to have a zip up bag for all your supplies.

Know your pattern and have a backup of it. You can not have wifi. If your pattern is online, download the pdf or publish out a physical copy come take through you.

It’s also best to have a couple of rows of your task started by the time you with the airport.

The transport security administration agents are less likely come throw out your crochet hook if they watch you’re working on something and aren’t simply harboring spicy objects.

It’s ideal to only carry something you don’t mind losing. Don’t lug your favorite collection of hooks. It’s not worth it.

Final Thoughts

Do her research prior to you walk on your trip. Going with Airport security deserve to be stressful, make it easy on yourself so there’ll be no issues.

At the end of the day, friend can’t control what security will permit you fly with. Yet with these travel tips and tricks, you have actually a pretty an excellent chance of enjoy it a trip full of crafting and also relaxing.

It’s best to follow the rules and have no dramas. Sitting at the airports for hrs on end and also the flight time can be draining.

If you’re able come take your crochet hooks on the plane, that will certainly certainly aid pass the time. If not allowed, take it a an excellent book or her e-reader or listen to an audiobook.

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I’d love come hear your experiences as soon as traveling v your crochet hooks. Leaving a comment listed below or call me here.