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At Disney Addicts, we gain a many questions about bringing drinks and food on board your Disney Cruise. Very first thing, Disney Cruise line does not have actually an “all you can drink” alcohol beverage package. They execute offer alcoholic drinks, bottled water, and bottles the beer ~ above board, however you should pay for them individually, or you have the right to buy a alcohol or beer parcel (see details below). So if you want to conserve a tiny money or have actually something specific, friend can carry on your own.

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Disney Cruise line Alcohol Policy

If you room 21 years or older you can carry a maximum of 2 bottles of unopened wine or champagne (no larger than 750 ml) or 6 beers (no larger than 12 ounces) on plank at the start of the voyage and at each harbor of call. These beverages have to be pack in your carry-on (not checked) bags. All alcohol brought onboard need to be in an initial unopened container. Partially supplied bottles and those in which the seal has been damaged will be destroyed and no compensation will be offered.

Any alcohol packed in checked luggage will certainly be removed and stored till the finish of the cruise. Along with any wine or champagne in overfill of 2 party or beer in overabundance of 6 beers will certainly be stored till the finish of the cruise. You need to retrieve any type of stored alcohol at the end of the cruise. If not, they will be destroyed and no compensation will be offered.
You can not bring on liquors and also spirits (gin, vodka, etc. Consisting of powdered alcohol). This items will certainly be stored until the finish of the cruise. If you purchase liquors in a port to enjoy as soon as you acquire home, you check them in with cruise staff as soon as you get earlier on board and pick lock up in ~ the finish of the cruise.If you want to drink the alcohol or champagne that you lugged on plank in among the dining rooms you will be charged a corking fee of $25.00 per bottle. Alcohol the you bring on board might not be spend in any kind of lounge or windy area. Drink the in her stateroom.

Wine and Beer Packages

You can purchase separation, personal, instance glasses that wine, bottles of wine, champagne and sparkling wines or glass/bottle of beer. Disney additionally has a range of packages you deserve to purchase, no necessarily in ~ a discount.BeerThere space 2 beer packages available on board: 6 pack of domestic or imported beers. You obtain 6 chill beers because that the price that 5 matches if you bought lock individually. For example, you can purchase a 6 fill of Heineken beers for $33.75. Prices perform not encompass 15% gratuity for beer packages. For this reason a savings indigenous what is ~ above board, but not because that what you could buy them because that at home.
Also, on the first couple of work of the cruise, there will certainly be tables collection up transparent the ship where you can buy a 6 fill of beer in a collectible soft-sided cooler.Disney does have actually a Beer Mug Package for $15.25 (gratuity and tax no included). You obtain a Disney Cruise Line-branded beer mug to bring to any type of onboard bar and also get a 20 oz. Refill that beer for the price the a 16 oz. Size! there is no require to carry the mug about the entire cruise. Friend will get a token you can trade for a mug at any time. You offer the token to her server and get a mug the beer, and when you’re done you can offer them the mug and ask for the token back. At the end of the cruise, just stop by any kind of bar to get a quite clean mug to take home.


Disney provides 3, 4, 5, & 7 party of alcohol packages. They have a classic wine package or premium. Girlfriend will save up come 25% as soon as purchasing among their wine packages instead of purchase the same wine bottles separately. Pick a party from the wine perform selected by their onboard sommeliers to pair through your food each night. The wine of your an option will be offered at her table. For this reason if you room a wine drinker this could be a an excellent option because that you.If you nothing finish all of your alcohol you have the right to take it house with you. Friend are allowed to bring up come 2 bottles of wine turn off the ship. Friend can likewise drink more than one bottle per evening. And if you don’t complete a party in one night you deserve to take it earlier to her stateroom with you or her server team have the right to rotate it come your following Dining Experience.

Disney Cruise line Beverage Policy

You can bring on sealed bottles or can be ~ of non-alcoholic beverages like water and soda. These have to be in your lug on bag and also must be able to fit through an x-ray machine (remember you have to lug it all! carry a roller bag to conserve your ago and arms!). A 6 load of Dasani water ~ above board prices $10. If girlfriend are remaining on concierge level top top the Dream or Fantasy, bottled water is noted in the lounge there is no cost.Also, in addition to the beer, there will be tables set up transparent the ship whereby you deserve to buy package of water in a collectible soft-sided cooler.

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You can not carry on ice cream chests or coolers, except for coolers no larger than 12″ x 12″ x 12″ (like a soft-sided cooler), together carry-on luggage just for storing medications, infant food or items concerned dietary constraints only. Breast milk must be in carry-on luggage only.If you are a coffee drinker, over there are equipments that offer drip coffee and also there room milk and creamer available, yet if you prefer specialty coffees, those espresso drinks cost extra, generally about the same price as on land. If you space a constant coffee drinker, be certain to acquire a coffee card. Every time friend buy a latte, cappuccino, etc. Lock will note the card. Your 6th one is free! If you nothing fill your card throughout the cruise, hold onto the you have the right to use it on a future cruise, also on a different Disney ship!

Disney Cruise heat Food Policy

You can pack nonperishable snack foodstuffs in sealed, initial packaging (yes to crackers, no to bananas). All items should either be consumed prior to returning to your house port or remain unopened.Do not bring homemade, precooked or perishable foods or open food containers. You additionally can not bring electrical appliances such together rice cookers, warm plates, coffee makers, blenders, bottle sterilizers, and also bottle warmers. Disney does have a restricted number of approved party warmers and also bottle sterilizers obtainable upon request through Guest Services. In addition, you have the right to have hot water ceded to her stateroom at any kind of time indigenous room service.

Disney Cruise Line presents & Amenities

If you want to include on any kind of of the beer, wine, or packages to your following cruise you can pre-order online v their Gifts and also Amenities page: https://disneycruise.disney.go.com/gifts-and-amenities/In addition to beer, wine, and also water, you can additionally preorder cakes and also other specialty gifts. Selections deserve to vary based on your port and also itinerary, so girlfriend will need to see what is easily accessible ahead the time.Effective Friday, march 15, 2019, all Disney Cruise Line Gifts and Amenities, consisting of onboard credits, food & wine, spa, and also pre-purchased merchandise or beverages, will follow the order deadlines below: 

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