Pillows can make travelers much more comfortable during flights, particularly long flights.

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But do airlines take into consideration your pillow come be part of her luggage allowance?

If you lug on a suitcase, and a pillow, deserve to you tho board through a purse?

This article will effort to lug some clarity but I will warn girlfriend in development it’s not straightforward topic to get a definitive answer on due to the fact that it relies which transport you space flying with.

Can you take it a pillow on a plane?

Let’s cover this basic point first…

The TSA who space responsible because that maintaining trip security doesn’t have any issue through pillows. Pillows are allowed on airplanes and they are not watched as any security risk. So we have the right to say the TSA doesn’t worry around pillow fights breaking out in the skies.


As far as security are concerned, you can lug a pillow on a plane, in carry-on bags or you deserve to pack the in checked luggage. However your airline will identify if you can board transporting a pillow.

When Flying, walk A Pillow have to Be Packed?

The concern is walk a pillow should be inside her carry-on bag or personal item, or deserve to you simply bring a pillow on a aircraft in your hand in addition to her luggage allocation?

The answer come some extent depends ~ above the size of the pillow at least according to Delta:


I suspect how airlines will treat this can depend if they room a full-service airline choose Delta or a low-cost airline choose Spirit or Frontier.

Low-cost airline are always trying to recoup margins by hitting world with luggage penalties. A pillow lugged by hand might be a target.

I go find response from Frontier customer solutions on Twitter.


For Frontier, a take trip neck pillow that is worn throughout boarding counts as attire and is not counted together a an individual item.

However, a bigger pillow that is in a bag or lugged when boarding will count together a personal item.

Travel Neck Pillow

A neck pillow worn around your neck throughout boarding would be most likely be seen as clothes rather than luggage.

Some gate agents can just neglect it if they check out you v a take trip pillow in her hand. If friend can, it’s probably finest practice to fill your neck pillow within your personal item bag or your bring on and remove it as soon as you have actually boarded the plane.

Full-Size Pillow

I’m quite sure if you stuffed a bigger pillow under her sweater the door agent wouldn’t an obstacle you. You’d just look prefer you had a beer ship or to be pregnant.

But not everyone is a renegade that likes come beat the system, so right here is my take it on the rules.

The federal Aviation management (FAA) regulates aviation safety.

As far as castle are involved it’s unsafe to have any baggage unstowed during takeoff and also landing. This is because baggage have the right to block the aisles and impede an emergency evacuation.

Each economy passenger has two locations to keep baggage, the overhead bin and the under-seat space. Therefore it adheres to that lock are allowed two items of luggage.

Each passenger is normally (not always) permitted one carry-on the goes in the overhead bin and one personal item that need to fit under the seat.

This means for economic situation fares friend can’t take a carry-on suitcase, handbag, and also carry a pillow top top in your hand. That would certainly be 3 pieces.

Likewise a briefcase, carry-on, and pillow would be 3 items.

If you space carrying a pillow in her hand it’s baggage and counts as a personal item or bring on.

You require to fill your travel pillow inside among your bags.

Does a pillow also fit under the chair of an airplane?

A standard dimension pillow native a bed is 26 x 20 x 7 inches.

There is no standardized personal item limit, but many airline list 18 x 14 x 8 as the an individual item size. Therefore a full-size pillow would be too big to count together a personal item. You should always at least pack her pillow in a plastic bag in instance you space asked to placed it under the seat.

Of course, you can use a smaller bag and also stuff the pillow inside so that is smaller sized than the limits.

Compression pack cubes are good for this type of thing. They will squash a full-size pillow under to something that is quickly packable.

Does a pillow count together a personal item?

Let’s ask the airlines!


Jason asked Alaska if that could bring a pillow in addition to his carry on and personal item:


Alaska stated it was fine as lengthy as it to be stowed during takeoff and also landing.

American Airlines

Brad had actually an concern boarding one American airlines flight because his full-sized pillow was not packed inside his carry-on or an individual item.


American client support stated that he demands to pack his pillow inside among his bags once boarding the plane.


Marcelo inquiry if a pillow count as component of his lug on allowance and the answer from Delta was interesting:


Delta case that a passenger can only have actually 2 items in their hands once boarding aircraft. If you space carrying a pillow in one hand and a carry-on bag in the other hand then the pillow will certainly count as a an individual item.

Your pillow will have to be smaller than the airline’s an individual item borders to be thought about a valid an individual item.


Frontier said Nicole that she would be able to bring her coccyx cushion and also it wouldn’t count as a an individual item.


But then they make Lindi’s daughter pay to inspect her backpack due to the fact that her pillow counted together her personal item.


So it seems that the rules space a little vague.


I to be unable to discover JetBlue’s policy regarding pillows.

SouthwestI couldn’t find an answer on Southwest either.

Spirit Airlines

Tommy got charged by soul for pass a pillow and also a bag.


Low-cost airlines choose Spirit try to make money through having an extremely restrictive luggage policies and also then charging customers as soon as they don’t adhere to the limits. The doesn’t surprised me that a pillow is no a freebie ~ above Spirit.

The Verdict

To summary the info above…

Clothing or attire is not regulated, so little travel neck pillows space really simply a special scarf right? therefore wear your travel neck pillow as you space boarding and it won’t count together a an individual item.

Baggage is regulated and also strictly speaking, huge pillows are considered to be part of your luggage.

Your pillow will certainly be allowed as a personal item if it can fit under the seat in front.

Most bed pillows wouldn’t fit unless compressed. So pack your pillow in a bag so that it fits under the seat and also it will certainly count together a an individual item.

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If you’ve supplied your pillow together a personal item you can’t also bring a handbag, or laptop bag. Normally each passenger is only permitted one an individual item.

So if you already have an additional item favor a purse, briefcase, or laptop bag, then compress your pillow and also pack that inside her carry-on.