What is a Loc-Aid Service?

Yes, that true, and yes, you have to be involved - anyone v your mobile number deserve to track your location via your phone.

In fact, you can discover offers all over the net proclaiming tracking services. Everything fromLoc-Aid, the ‘Big Guns’ of place as a service that has actually their finger in the cookie jars the every major carrier in the US including Sprint, AT&T, T-Mobile, and more, toLife360, a Loc-Aid offspring giving their solutions to keep family members connected, to questionable ‘catch your cheating spouse’ apps.

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You might not have also have heard of Loc-Aid, however their existence is miscellaneous you must pay fist to. Why? because it way you can be tracked without your consent, and also you may never know.



How perform I safeguard Myself From general practitioners Tracking?


First point you must do is no let her phone the end of your possession and/or understand where that is at all times. If someone have the right to physically accessibility your phone, they can install any number of malicious general practitioners tracking apps. 

The next most vital thing you should do is make use of a Faraday cage product when her phone is no in use. Putting your phone right into a Faraday sleeve instantly cuts off all signals to and from your phone, do tracking an impossibility so lengthy as it"s inside the sleeve.

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Now, of course over there is quiet a caveat on ar tracking with services likeLoc-Aid. Their terms of business agreements call for ‘permission-based tracking’. In stimulate to take part in mobile tracking native someone choose your employer, you would have to respond affirmatively to the text post Loc-Aid would send you before it tracked her location and also delivered the data to your tracker.




Using a company likeLife360, your family would again have to opt-in and also give permission come the tracking, or you would certainly opt-in on instead of of your minor child.

But, let’s dig deeper right into the much more unsavory next of publicly accessible tracking services: ‘catch your cheating spouse’ apps. With these apps, the efficacy the the tracking is based ~ above the user’s accessibility to the maker they desire to track. If her spouse, far-ranging other, co-worker, stalker, etc. Were to gain access to your phone for also a few minutes, even Loc-Aid’s software can be offered maliciously versus you.

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Note:installing tracking software in a spouse, far-ranging other, or unsuspecting person’s device is no legal in the US, and you might find yourself facing hefty commonwealth fines and also imprisonment because that doing it.

Still, there space hackers and identity thieves out there who will do it anyway. This is what malicious hacking looks favor on your smartphone:


How to block gps tracking through a silent Pocket:



Do yourself and buy a quiet Pocket, full Faraday cage product now. What"s a couple of dollars together opposed to privacy, security, and peace the mind?