i just had black mulch (35 yards of it) placed down ~ above my home for the very first time. Strangely sufficient the following day my 13 year old son came home from school sneezing like mad. Her sleep was a faucet and medications choose Sudafed and also Clainex syrup did not help. She ongoing to sneeze and be severly congested the totality evening. She stayed residence from school the next day from absence of sleep and feeling miserable. Carry out you think the mold in the mulch did this to her. Is over there anything rather in the black mulch (the dyes) that can be responsible for making her so sick,She had never gift with any kind of allergies before this.Thank You.This conversation is related to Severe allergy possibly affected by mulch?.

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mine guess is it's the mulch itself. Just like you have the right to be allergic to tree pollen sometimes the bark or wood chips indigenous that very same tree will create the exact same allergic reaction. Ns say this just from an individual experience; i am not a doctor. I just know the things like cedar chips or pine chips (often provided for little animal cage bedding) and mulch and also sometimes even fresh pieces of wood brought home from the hardware store give me severe cough and breathing problems. Mine guess is the the oils from the wood space evaporating right into the air and also are simply as irritating as the pollen. Some world use wood like cedar as air fresheners because that that very reason. However, i can't have any of that all over near me, and certainly not in a confined an are like a house.

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